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Written by Bruce Dickson, Health Intuitivegut-brain-head-brain+bg-hi-res

Each of the seven Holistic Brain Balance booklets has a page HERE.  They document Energy Medicine innovations which appeared primarily between 1985-2015 among small circles of healers, self-healers and clients.  

Holistic Brain Balance (HBB) honors Brain Gym and Brain Balance centers but is not professionally connected with either.   HBB further incorporates newer gut brain and head brain research and methods, the wisdom of each person’s TWO nervous systems.

The goal of my Health Intuitive client support sessions is always greater self-connection, greater whole-brainedness and more Inner Sunshine.

I consult, but do not treat, on a wide range of physical and non-physical complaints and issues.  Each client session is very likely to generate client “homework,” experiments clients can do at home, or ignore, as they prefer.

For optimal benefits, Holistic Brain Balance performs all experiments in the context of ‘God is your Partner.’ This is where the greatest safety, psychic-protection and Higher Guidance is found.

The more we address and handle invisible-unconscious energies, the deeper we work in the unconscious, the more practical “safety first,” the Law of Spiderman and the Law of Gentleness for Healers become.

Lack of adequate and sufficient connectivity is a reliable definition of psychic imbalance. Broken or missing connections can exist within our self, between two people, with the world and between us and our own divinity—however conceived.

“Connectivity” is a key characteristic of our etheric body, the major “organ” of our waking psyche and immune system.  In adults, our waking, thinking Chooser Self dances with our Immune System Self and this can be measured and increased.  Disturbed or missing connections at this level tend to be invisible-unconscious; yet, perceptible in speech, behavior and performance (expression).

Fortunately with each client’s explicit permission, surrogate-testing, Muscle Testing 3.0 is cheap, easy and reliable—within the domain of single individuals.  Anyone using these methods outside the context of ‘God is my Partner,’ is not doing Holistic Brain Balance.

HBB activity is bound by the restrictions of First Order Goethean Science:

– Each person heals somewhat uniquely;

– Each person perceives somewhat uniquely; therefore,

– Each person uses tools somewhat uniquely. Therefore the validity of data collection and outcomes of treatment is primarily restricted to the domain of single individuals.

Antecedents to Holistic Brain Balance:

– The pre-BrainGym muscle-testing work of Paul Dennison (1970?-1985?),

– Bertrand Babinet’s Babinetics, 1985-1997(?), see also his Empowering the Heart (2016)

– The “God is my Partner” ecumenical context of Doctorate in Spiritual Science (PTS).

Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia, 2nd Ed. (2010) the public start of immunology breakthroughs and Dr. Marco Ruggiero innovations

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