Introduction to all seven HBB booklets

holistic-brain-balance-logoHolistic Brain Balance is a therapeutic art and science of exploring, measuring, tracking and balancing activity in our many intelligent internal parts.  The endgame?  For Balance On All Levels, Physical, Imaginal, Emotional, Mental, and Mythological.  The more these levels can be under the guidance and direction of Self, the better life is.

Another way to put this is internal Coherency, Integration and Alignment, is the new “CIA.” Beyond “competence” is more self-connection, whole-brainedness, more Inner Sunshine and feeling more loved on the inside.

Written by Bruce Dickson, Health Intuitive.  Initial gift session available by phone-Skype.

The domain of Holistic Brain Balance (HBB) is primarily Goethean First Order Science, the domain of subjective and cell-level-intelligence, where results are true and valid primarily for one person at a time.  why?  Each person heals somewhat uniquely.  See The Three Sciences article for more.

While therapeutic direction must be customized person by person, many Unconscious Patterns do exist possible and are useful for navigating more generally.

Several aspects of Second Order Science–hard science–enter HBB.  They include the Gut brain, gut biome, Head brain and brain biome, balancing and increasing neurotransmitter production, polyvagal analysis and exercises; and, evaluating supplementation for individuals.

Topics I try to stay away from, as too advanced and untimely include the etheric body, and schemes of invisible bodies in and around the physical-material body.    The categories of Physical, Imaginal, Emotional, Mental, and Mythological, each a “body” in our psyche, seems more than sufficient for all the purposes of clients.  I also stay away from genetic explanations of behavior.  I prefer to honor and strengthen individual choice aligned with the highest God and greatest Loving.

What replaces genes in HBB?  Connection.  Lack of adequate and sufficient connectivity,  is what is mostly absent in Brain Balance disturbances and performative issues.  Why complicate things for clients?

Brain Balance Centers, started by Dr. Melillo, are distinct and separate from Holistic Brain Balance. Dr. Melillo’s centers I’m sure do useful work.  I highly recommend chapters 5 and 8 of the first edition of his first book. 

For optimal benefits, Holistic Brain Balance performs all experiments in the context of ‘God is my Partner.’ This is where the greatest safety, psychic-protection and Higher Guidance is found. The more we address and handle invisible-unconscious energies, the deeper we work in the unconscious, the more “safety first,” the Law of Spiderman and the Law of Gentleness for Healers must be observed.

HBB is safest when practiced within the context of ‘God is my Partner.’ Anyone using these methods outside this context, is not doing Holistic Brain Balance.

Antecedents of Holistic Brain Balance

– The pre-BrainGym work of Paul and Gail Dennison (1970?-1985?),
– Bertrand Babinet’s Babinetics, roughly 1985-1997,
– The publicly sharable context of Doctorate in Spiritual Science (PTS).
– The updated topic of amino acid supplementation to remedy “false moods.”
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