Brain balance self-evaluation questions from Karen Kan, MD

How to Know if You’re Brain IM-balanced by Karen Kan, MD

Karen-Kan-cropped-204x300Sadly, most people have one or more im-balances between brain hemispheres. To determine brain balance.  Approximately 95% percent of new patients have one or more of the symptoms below.

You can take this simple test too. To practice it on others, I recommend to first practice on 50-100 “volunteer guinea pigs” to learn how it works and become confident and competent in your measuring skill.

Videos on my YouTube channel show you how I check my own brain balance as well as that of others.–8X-YWplgY

Not comfortable with self-testing your own brain balance? Simply check the symptom list below. The absence of most of these symptoms suggests your brain is pretty well balanced.

If you are in process with many of these symptoms, it is likely brain balancing will benefit your brain and cognitive behavior.

Which of these are true for you now?

___ You are challenged to sleep through the night without waking.

___ You trip or bump into things by accident more than your co-workers.

___ You have dyslexia or right/left disorientation with numbers/letters.

___ Focusing your attention challenges you, mild ADD/ADHD attention deficit disorder.

___ You are addicted to drugs, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or wheat.

___ You don’t remember your dreams.

___ You feel stressed, panicky or on-edge much of the time.

___ Chronic pain seems impossible to cure or escape.

___ You have tried all sorts of therapies and nothing seems to work.

___ You feel better from professional treatment but results don’t last.

___ Chronic tiredness or brain fog come around often for unexplained reasons.

___ You tend to be sad, edgy, irritable or quick to anger more than you think is normal.

___ Negative thoughts and negative self-talk persist with almost a life of their own.

___ Your mood swings unaccountably.

___ Making decisions and remembering things challenges you.

___ You feel chaotic and disorganized much of the time and wonder why.

___ You feel overwhelmed, lost or unmotivated and wonder why.

___ You get migraines easily, especially when the weather changes.

___ You feel physically sick when significant shifts in earth energy occur such as electromagnetic storms, earthquakes, hurricanes etc.

This ends Karen’s article. Contact her or watch her videos about balances achieved with acupuncture patches.

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