Clearer concept of right~left hemisphere difference & male~female preferences

Rein in Your Brain (2013) by Janeane Reagan, objectively frames and describes the balance between preferences (habits) and individual choice between brain hemispheres and between stereotypes of men and women.

Male-Female-Brains200Janeane:  While the left brain style has generally been associated with the masculine and the right with the feminine, both men and women show strong characteristics common to either side.

A driver or rider [of horses], male or female, who has a strong left hemispheric dominance, the side of our brain liking logic and order, may approach a task, such as planning a route thru an obstacle or jump course, or packing up for a show, quite differently from someone who is more right-brain dominant.

[Hemispheric preference] may also be a factor in what an individual finds appealing about [for example] equestrian sports.

For the left brain person, what may appeal most is the:
– Mechanics and technology of the carriages,

– Timing challenges on a cross-country course,

– Reining pattern or jumping course, or

– Precision of dressage.

In contrast the rider or driver with a more right brain style may be attracted to very different aspects:

– The relationship with the horse,

– The artistry of the dressage,

– The flow of an obstacle or pattern.

While each of these two riders may be equally competitive, they may each find themselves challenged by different aspects of equestrian discipline [unappealing to their own preferences.]

For instance, in the driving disciplines, the right brain driver may have great rapport with the horse(s) and have patience with the work needed to develop the dressage frame in them; yet, they find the details like carriage maintenance tedious.

The left brain driver may be equally challenged when it comes to working thru a problem with a horse, perhaps approaching living, breathing creatures as if they are high performance cars, which should be fixable and logically predictable.

“Lefty” may spend more time and attention on getting exactly the right equipment, the best clinicians, or putting together a great organizational approach for handling equipment and packing for an event.

One style is not better than the other. When strong strong opposites are members of the same team, these differences in style can lead to mis-understanding and sometimes major conflicts. Recognizing the value of both styles and finding where each is best applied, makes a team stronger and more successful.

[Paraphrase: Across large population groups, left~right hemisphere dominance can be viewed as a continuous range between extremes with most of the population under a normal bell curve, most people using both sides in some proportion.]

Male-female brain function differences have been hotly debated in the past few decades. Most of the current understanding indicates fewer clear differences than imagined.

[Paraphrase: What is often overlooked is the ‘Moving target’ aspect of such questions. In 1982, males outscored females on math tests 12 to 1. In 1998, the ratio dropped to 3 to 1; the gap continues to close. This movement supports the idea of a large fraction of male~female differences being cultural artifacts, not brain facts.]

Rein in Your Brain (2013) By Janeane Reagan found in

Copies of the book from

PS: In Holistic Brain Balance terms, the above preferences arise from our etheric body. Preferences more forward in right brain dominant people are more allied with our etheric body. Preferences more forward in left brain dominant people are more allied with our astral body. This then becomes a key to understanding and evaluating in another topic, the “war within” in immune disorders.

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