Cross-synergy in whole-brainedness and MBTI

When opposites unite, that’s cross-synergy. In MBTI this is elegantly represented as XXXX. This also capsulizes whole-brainedness.

Written by Bruce Dickson, Health Intuitive. Initial gift session available by phone-Skype.

cross~synergy maypole-dance-325Mr. Google is not much help on “cross-synergy” in human psyches.  Let’s start at the beginning.

Cross-synergy, the idea of a synergistic union of opposites, has been an abstract ideal for millennia. In other words, two antagonists are more effective working together towards the same goal than working against each other for different goals.

Right~left brain hemisphere uncapped a lot of interest in ‘opposites working together’ but few methods yet in the 1970s.

You would think cross-synergy would be a big topic in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, given all those five elements charts with sets of meridians opposed to each other, 180 degrees apart. Surprisingly Mr. Google has zero pages for “Cross-synergy” “traditional chinese medicine” and “Cross-synergy” acupuncture.

Pop culture is where cross-synergy is visible first and foremost. First in ancient mythology, then in comic books, later in movies is the trope of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Therefore villainous Magneto can work with heroic X-Men to defeat a foe threatening both of them.

XXXX:  Whole-brainedness in MBTI

Four skydivers holding hands in ring against clouds

Q: How does this play out in the domain of one person?

A: Healthy cross-synergy is discussed in two places, in the MBTI idea of XXXX and in head quadrants in the idea of ‘strongest brain quadrant is often opposed to your weakest brain quadrant’ the strong one compensating for the weak one.

MBTI uses four “toggle switches,” four pairs of opposite personal preferences. Each of us values one of each pair more than its opposite. Each of us balances between four sets of opposed preferences. Each of us balances between:
– Preferring Closure or preferring sPontaniety,
– Preferring Thinking or Feeling as our rational mode
– Preferring Introversion or Extraversion as starting place for our expression
– Preferring imagery which is ideational and intuitive; or, preferring imagery which is tangible and sensory in terms of our five mammal senses.

MBTI says almost no one is balanced 50-50 between these; every individual prefers one or the other in each set above.
I forget where this “rule” was modified with the idea if an individual has or closely approximates a 50-50 balance between any one of those pairs, an “X” represents this.

It’s quite common with highly educated triple-brain person to find one set of opposed preferences where they are close to 50-50.
MBTI or HealingToolbox or maybe John Lopker came up with the idea of XXXX in MBTI as an elegant abbreviation for all four “toggle switches” balanced at 50 on a scale of 100, XXXX as all four sets of preferences balanced and equally accessible to the individual.
In MBTI terms we can say we are all evolving towards XXXX, addressing our blocks and obstacles to what keeps us out of balance in our personality preferences.

The negative meaning of “X” is to cross out. The positive meaning of “X” is cross-synergy.

Around 1985 I attended an Insight training workshop at an LAX hotel facilitated by John and Marsha Thompson. This was a group of 300 people. Each of the four corners of the room was designated as one of the four personality temperaments popular in the 1980s. The group was told to sort itself, according to personal preference, into one of the four corners of the room. Now each corner of the room had only those people self-identifying as strongest in one of four temperaments.

One result was how different each corner of the room felt subjectively.

John-Roger was present but not facilitating. Russ Bishop asked J-R to walk out and stand with the temperament group he most resonated with. This request was clearly spontaneous, not rehearsed.

After standing in the middle between all four temperaments and giving it some thought, J-R said, “This is where I belong, right here, in the middle.” John-Roger’s preferences at this time appeared to be nicely balanced between each and every pair of personal polarities. This suggests again the possible reality of XXXX.

What’s the benefit of working towards XXXX?

hands-joined-values-teamwork-belonging-200pReducing unnecessary and stressful drama in your life.

When management starts listening to labor, and vice versa, polarities of all kinds begin to moderate. Win-win opportunities magically appear. This was a big part of the American Labor Movement at some point in its history.

Drama promotes inequality. When cross-synergy is bettered, hierarchy flattens out and inequality subsides.

Q: If this is so beneficial in social situations, why doesn’t it happen more?

A: Because it re-distributes power massively. Conflict between rigid hierarchical business establishments and the leveling forces of some kind, has been a frequent plot device in American movies since the 1930s: The brash young man deflates and runs rings around a rigid boss and his stuffy yes-men. Worse he wants to marry the boss’s daughter, which would flatten the hierarchy and re-distribute power still more.

To promote healthy-cross synergy, we look for tension between opposed opposites. Address the area of greatest tension first.
Maypole dance metaphor for whole-brainedness

cat-fiddle-100pxFour or more people, with ribbons, dancing together around a central maypole dance, weaving the ribbons.
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