Inner Family hand-holding, Real-Simple Energy Exercise

Are your inner archetypes of Father, Mother, Child, Wise, accepting Grandparent connecting?   Can they hold hands?

Written by Bruce Dickson, Health Intuitive.  Initial gift session available by phone-Skype.

real simple en ex inner-family-gut-images325
Inner Family in gut using Inner Court archetypes

In Holistic Brain Balance we acknowledge both gut and head brain. Within each of these, we acknowledge four quadrants. Each of these has a simple, familiar archetype everyone can relate with: Father, Mother, Child, Wise, accepting Grandparent.

Exactly similar to Paul and Gail Dennison’s Brain Gym, these visualization exercises improve connectivity if you practice. You are overcoming internal separations every time you practice.  Maybe this exercise can be added to Brain Gym.

Beginners do best with characterizing the four quadrants using Babinetics Inner Family.

In the gut, can you imagine Child and Mother holding hands?

hands-holdingIn the gut, can you imagine Father and Grandparent holding hands?

How about Child and Father?

Can Mother and Grandparent hold hands?

Finally, we have the diagonals. Can Mother and Father hold hands diagonally?

Can Child and Grandparent hold hands diagonally?

Q: What does it means if they CAN hold hands?

A: It means they connect, can work together as teammates, as equal contributors.

Q: And if they CANNOT hold hands?

A: It means stress is interfering with their connection. To work together optimally as teammates, the stress has to be acknowledged, addressed and resolved, so they can connect more.

holding-hands-close-upIf you do this with several people, you’ll find variations among the pairs visualized:

– Only holding one hand, not both,

– Both reach out hands but fingers do not touch or only touch,

– One reaches out hands, the other does not.

More than one separation? The most fruitful line of inquiry is usually to address the biggest separation first. If you focus on and resolve the biggest separation today, tomorrow all relationships will tend to be improved at least some.

Holding hands between our head quadrants

Graphic1How many pairs of these can you imagine holding hands?

To Learn More:  Much more is known about the character-archetype of each quadrant.  Much more is known about stress between any pair separated.  

Most of this is in the books Inner Court and NEW Energy Anatomy.  

The knowledge-base of couples counseling and Parent-Child counseling is entirely applicable to disturbed relationships between pairs of archetypes.

cat-fiddle-100pxInitial gift phone-Skype sessions between 8 AM and 9:00 PM PST.
Phone 626-627-0296Skype: SelfHealingCoach


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