Review, Disconnected Kids by Dr. Robert Melillo (brain balance)

disconnected-kids-book-258pxShort version:  Chap 8 is 50 pages of assessment exercises. Chap 9 is 30 pages of explicit directions to exercises you can do at home or in office.  These two chapters are worth the full price.

Written by Bruce Dickson, Health Intuitive.  Initial gift session available by phone-Skype.

A remarkable achievement. I wish we had this in the 1980s.

New copies HERE.
Best price for used copies at
Chap 8 is 50 pages of assessment exercises.
Chap 9 is 30 pages of explicit directions to exercises you can do at home or with clients.
If you want the most thoro neurological assessment ever, a combining of many earlier attempts, this is your book.

If you want to see most, not all, of the remedial exercises to do to correct brain IMbalance, this is your book.

These two chapters of Dr. Robert Melillo’s book are worth the full price. This info was very rare and/or expensive to come by in all earlier decades and up to now.

Chapters 8 and 9 are better and more complete than anything I’ve seen before as a Waldorf-trained teacher and Health Intuitive for 30 years. Dr. Melillo’s assessments and exercises appear fully compatible with both Brain Gym and Waldorf Extra Lesson.

If you need a brain balance coach using these exercises, they are here:

I’ve been working with this material since the 1980s. Give me a call if I can assist.

Disconnected Kids in light of Holistic Brain Balance

Dr. Melillo’s fine achievement is the best book possible to write as of its publication–if only a two-brain hemisphere model is employed.

Beyond Dr. Melillo’s fine book is using the context of whole-brainedness; including, four head quadrants. The same topics covered from the perspective of whole-brainedness, all four head quadrants working as a team, is the subject of the seven Holistic Brain Balance booklets. 

In Melillo’s closing chapter, he characterizes two brain deficit scenarios: kids before puberty with a left brain deficit and kids before puberty with a right brain deficit. These two sections are exceptionally well-written. However, where he underscores old two-hemisphere physiology model, he falls into the same limited model in use since the 1970s and definitively discredited in the early 2000s by MRI scanning.

Beyond the seven HBB booklets, other significant missing keys can be found in:

– Ned Herrmann’s work, now run by his daughter

– Katherine Benziger’s work

– Bertrand Babinet’s work most visible here

Messages from the Body, the mental-emotional meaning of physical pains

Touch for Health

The above topics are articulated with Brain Balance at this site and in the booklet series beginning with Brain Quadrants: New Directions in Holistic Brain Balance Vol. 1 due early 2016.

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