Review of Messages from the Body, buy direct from the author here

An encyclopedia of the meaning of pain, anywhere in the human body. Really. Michael Lincoln’s best book. Buy HERE.  Paper & eBook.

Written by Bruce Dickson, Intuitive Healing Coach.  Initial gift session available by phone-Skype.bk-messages-from-the-body

Review of Messages from the Body (The Body’s Desk Reference) Revised 2006 edition (694 pages Spiral-bound).  eBook for $39.  Paper for $109.  Imperfect samples sometimes available for $70.  A smaller Top Fifty version recently released.

Building on psychosomatic medicine, between 1996 and 2010, holistic practitioners produced astounding, classic literature.  Eight peer-reviewed reference books exist where you can simply look up what hurts and match it to guesses mental-emotional disturbances.  Keep testing and checking until you find a description that “hits the nail on the head” for your symptom.  Unbelievably Michael Lincoln has another dozen books of teh same size, in related areas.  Messages From the Body is his most famous book, the best single reference I’ve ever seen for:

– body symbolism
– psychosomatic medicine
– therapeutic metaphors for body conditions.

michael-j-lincolnThe 23 reviews on Amazon ae all very high. Healing Toolbox review is posted there too.  I dare say, unanimity exists this is an indispensable classic for counselors and Energy Detectives. Buy here at a price better than Amazon.  As with some famously practical books, no used copies are avaialble.  Ignore the first editon for $200.  Only the 2nd edition is recommended.  EBook version available HERE.

How to use Messages from the Body

– Look up your painful body part in the index,
– Find the pages, read thru his hard-hitting guesses,
– Muscle test your way thru his guesses to find which issue matches your circumstance, if any.

Those able to self-muscle-test will be able to navigate thru the multiple mental-emotional causes suggested for pains and illnesses. Simply test each possible cause he mentions until you “hit the nail on the head” for you or your client.
In my experience, his speculation on causative disturbances range from “possible” thru “useful,” to “right on.”

This book is a Godsend for self-healers. While the book suggests no solutions or specific therapeutic directions, Healing Toolbox users will have self-forgiveness available to moderate, reduce and often eliminate conditions no longer necessary.

I don’t need to remind Healing Toolbox fans how a large percent of physical problems track back to non-physical mental-emotional causes, approximately 90%. These can be cleared–if you have patience, expertise and the luxury of time. Working with ‘God is my Partner’ speeds up this process.

Michael’s books are difficult to review so I’ll call on some assistnace. The following is revised, reorganized and expanded from a capsule review by Mary Thompson in YOGI TIMES from Nov. 2006.

“Michael Lincoln, Ph.D., Director of a drug and recovery counseling clinic in Oregon, gives the reader a rare glimpse into the workings of the sub- and unconscious. His book aspires to be a “translation” of individual physical pains, anywhere in the body, into their mental-emotional meanings. Greater awareness of causative mental-emotional negativity behind physical imbalance, is the purpose of this book. Scientific literature, clinical experience, life learning, inner knowing and other-dimensional sources are all cited as source material for this text.”

The book is not meant to be read thru start to end. This is strictly a reference book, not a summer beach towel read. It’s strictly for practitioners and serious self-healers.
Persons able to self-test with any kind of self-testing method will enjoy being able to narrow down the multiple “translations” of most symptoms and apply them to specific individuals. Although the book is expensive and not widely distributed, holistic practitioners will find it invaluable for assisting clients to examine the underlying causes of their physical challenges.

This is a “fierce” book in about the best way you can imagine a healing book can be. Broad in scope, deep in intent. Lincoln’s book has a well-deserved blue language caution. He does not mince words and frequently uses street talk and some swear words to make his point as directly as possible. Despite his impolite language neither I nor other reviewers have found fault in his accuracy, even if his language induces cringes from time to time and would be inappropriate in polite conversation with clients.

Lincoln’s directness and precision when describing the underlying causes of symptoms is unmatched in other books of this type. He is NOT looking for a kinder, gentler way of looking at the hurts in one’s past. His pointed observations require openness, self-honesty and courage to read. It will be up to practitioners to lead their clients to see the ideas here as worthwhile challenges to consider; and if accurate, to face and address.

How Messages from the Body is organized

After introductory material on the meaning of body types; and so on, to assist the reader in getting the most from this text; and, details about the author’s life experience enabling him to write as he has, the book launches into an alphabetical listing of symptoms from “abdominal cramps” to “yellow fever.” Each symptom has one or more accompanying mental-emotional habit pattern connected with the physical symptom, suggesting how it may have come into manifestation.

Lincoln doggedly articulates family-of-origin, family-systems and developmental stage thinking. This added depth is virtually unheard of in books in psychotherapy. His accuracy in terms of family-of-origin, family-systems and developmental stage thinking is startlingly perceptive and accurate as well.

Indexing remains a problem in the 2006 edition. A second index is needed for this 700 page reference. The alphabetical one is present; now we need a homeopathic index, the head down, by body parts. I’d be happy to assist with this task, if invited.  If you get stuck, give me a call.

Cheaper books cross-referencing issues and illnesses

The lesser recommended books in this field are shorter, less comprehensive and less authoritative.   The lay-person’s self-help version is Your Body Speaks Your Mind, 2nd ed, by Deb Shapiro.  This is still good enuf to assist your self and friends.  Deb is a researcher where Michael is more of a psychotherapist and mystic.

If you get stuck, please give me a call.  If you enjoyed this, please use social media icons below to share this where useful.

Our Immune System Self sends us, many messages by way of our body. Because the intelligence of our Immune System Self approximates to a three year old; often the message is missed or misinterpreted by Consicous Waking Self.

Reading your own body’s messages

If you can read the messages from your own body, I honor and celebrate this. I think more and more individuals are interested in learning-practicing this.

Interpreting messages from our own body effectively calls us to another level of mastery.  The promise of original Psychosomatic Medicine (1955-1965) has been fulfilled in thru Energy Medicine coupled with self-muscle-testing.  Employing ‘God as your Partner’ amost doubles the accuracy of reading Messages from the Body.

Muscle testing, any of 20 or more methods, is the modern way for Conscious Waking Self to communicate with our Immune System Self.  Among other benefits, muscle testing supports verifying and validating what we receive thru our inner impressions and intuitions.  Before that, dowsing was used.  Before that, there was only subjective self-sensitivity, intuition and clairvoyant gifts from birth.  Muscle testing is ten times easier than using clairvoyant perception for most tasks.

Some professional-grade software-driven health scan programs may also be useful. At the moment, training in muscle testing approaches is much more fun and social. If a software-driven health scan program develops an authentic, sustainable local community around its use, this could change. So far much more community develops around muscle testing methods; for example,

What if I can’t read the messages from my own body?

Having trouble hearing your messages? With your express permission, I and others at my skill level and beyond, can listen in and translate what’s being said.

From my side of things, it’s a bit different.  We get most results if I remain as intermediary between your Immune System Self, your own Higher Guidance and you, the Conscious Waking Self. Together we ‘connect the dots between your illnesses and your issues,’ identify the “issues in the tissues.” After you do your part in forgiving the negativity, we match your remaining physical symptoms with 30 years of alternative health solutions.  Various “homework” is often highly beneficial.

Employing a Health Intuitive to read messages from your body

Myself and practitioners in my circle are all skilled at translating physical concerns into language you can understand, relate with and act upon. I estimate about 90 practitioners worldwide are doing this as a living. This suggests another 300 students are likely to be studying the art of Health Intuition under a brand-method-system workable for them.

If you know additional practitioners skilled at this, I’d love to be introduced to them. Contact me at HealingToolbox att I’d be happy to learn a few thousand full time practitioners and even more students now exist.

Want more relief? Have you tried self-forgiveness?

Slow-Motion Forgiveness is a way to instruct your cells to throw off burdens no longer necessary to carry; and, burdens of others no longer worth carrying. All of this for your highest good, greatest learning and the highest good for all concerned

After Grace and/or you consciously release negativity no long growth-producing for you, your cells rebound, they bounce back to doing what they know best, optimal function, producing optimal health for you.

As a former Waldorf teacher, I also check for any “homework” beneficial for you to do between sessions.  Each person heals somewhat uniquely. Let’s get you unstuck and back on track towards your goals, dreams and passions. That’s what I call the Hero’s Journey of Healing.

Michael Lincoln did us all a wonderful service in his Messages from the Body, 2nd ed 2006. In 700 pages he aggregated and expanded on all the known guesses of mental-emotional issues behind physical pains-disturbances, from ingrown toenails to gunshot wounds. The book is HERE

Is this a book for lay persons? Can I read on the beach this summer?

No, Messages from the Body is primarily a professional reference book. It’s available to anyone who can invest $110 in it. A shorter version of just major chronic diseases is also published for $50.

Health Intuition is the art of supporting clients to read the messages coming form their own body, how their issues get lodged in their tissues and how to connect the dots between unresolved issues and physical concerns.

This was the promise of original Psychosomatic Medicine (1955-1965). This promise was only fulfilled around 1990 after muscle testing, NLP, awareness of gut-cerebral brain axis and ecumenical spirituality all converged in several professional-grade Energy Medicine systems. The most famous brands are BodyTalk and Theta Healing. See To Learn More below for a more complete list and links

To Learn More:
List of professional-grade Energy Medicine methods employing muscle testing and ecumenical spirituality in some form

– Peace Theological Seminary Masters and Doctorate programs (MSS, DSS) The safest and most program I am personally aware of.

– Bertrand is still around.

– Forensic Healing

– Healing from the Body Level Up

– Net Mind-Body

– Holographic Repatterning-Resonance Repatterning

– BodyTalk

– Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT, better known in England)

– Psych-K and Theta Healing, useful to consider together ,


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