Skill Ladder of Self-Connection methods-techniques-arts

Everyone aspiring to greater self-awareness and intuition does little self-connection experiments of their own choosing.  A clear Skill ladder of methods exists, something for everyone at every level.  Each experiment you do is one more step forward on your Hero’s Journey.

Written by Bruce Dickson, Health Intuitive.  Initial gift session available by phone-Skype


Note ~ This is also the Skill Ladder of Energy Medicine methods-techniques-arts

A ladder metaphor makes it easier to navigate to your interests, ability and talents. A Ladder suggests everyone who wants to, can find experiments comfortable for their current skill level. Climb up or down; find your own level of comfort, your own level of comfortable challenge.

Q:  What’s the best method of self-connection?

A:  The method workable for YOU today.  Take your pick.  Simply do one more little experiment.  Fnd what works for you; then, learn how many times a week you enjoy doing it.  Track your progress so you learn from it. 

The range of self-connection methods, techniques, arts runs from exercising bodily, sensory awareness, all the way to soul transcendence. One of more methods on this ladder are suitable for anyone wishing to find safe, comfortable home experiments to do. 

The Self-Connection Skill Ladder can also be called an Energy Medicine Skill Ladder. 

Q:  What’s a skill ladder?

A:  A simple arrangement of methods by difficulty; on the bottom, least skill needed to get initial results; most skill needed to get initial results on top.  

A Self-connection Skill Ladder also makes more clear which methods are more or less challenging than your current method of self-connection. Already skilled at EFT and wondering what’s next for you? Use the Skill Ladder to navigate to what seems do-able for you next.  

Polarity of lower and higher rungs

Lower rungs emphasize awareness of, sensitivity in and through, your physical body and senses. Experiments with tangibles we can feel, hear, see, smell, taste and touch are most useful here.

Higher rungs emphasize sensitivity and responsiveness to invisible energy. The lower rungs train us to perceive invisible energy more and more.

Higher skills on the ladder incorporate lower skills variably. From muscle testing on up, the lower skills remain essential reference points for talking about real things unseen.

Towards the top, energy invisible to the eye, increasingly becomes the subject in itself. Higher rungs require increasing perception of invisible energy in your self, around you and in clients, if you see clients. Sensing energy becomes more than “incidental.” Sensing energy becomes the subject itself.

Climb on the Skill Ladder to where you feel comfortable; do just one more experiment.

If you see skills missing from the skill ladder you think should be added, please check the expanded list for Energy Medicine Skill Ladder first before emailing me.

Some notes, from low to high

Sensory awareness is represented by Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing (Focusing Inst.)
and/or a closely related mode, Emotional Medicine Rx

These two modes make a science and a practice out of sensory awareness. This lies at the foundation of all Goethean Holistic Science observations.

Q: Are all these modalities above equally safe to practice?

A: No. Each higher level requires clearer and clearer personal boundaries, increasing psychic-self-protection, personal and professional ethics.

As each healer practices uniquely, each healer and self-healer self-protects their etheric centers and child within uniquely. “Psychic-self-protection” is crucial for our immune-system-self to feel safe and trusting.

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