Wake up right and left brains with contrasting sensory imagery, full script

A script and template for a fun, imaginative guided visualization of an unusual kind.  Each of our two brain hemispheres is systematically stimulated.  How?  By suggesting contrasting sensory images, on alternate sides of the brain.

Written by Bruce Dickson, Health Intuitive.  Initial gift session available by phone-Skype.

This exercise is not yet done at BB centers–but it could be. Contact me if you wish conversation.

As with some valuable early fringe healing methods, Sugestopedia has been distorted beyond recognition and its original benefits obliterated, the classic case of baby thrown out with the bathwater. The script below is transcribed from an antique cassette tape my mother had from the 1960s.

My mother was into Suggestopedia (US English) or Suggestopædia (UK English).  It’s a teaching method developed by the Bulgarian psychotherapist Georgi Lozanov. It is used mostly to learn foreign languages. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suggestopedia

The original inspiration was a fun, imaginative contemplative activity that systematically activates both brain hemispheres by suggesting contrasting sensory images, on alternate sides of the brain. It really does work to wake people up. I’ve done this with two small live groups; they like it.

Note ~ a much more advanced idea is worth mentioning. The script could be revised to wake up all four brain quadrants. This may also work. If done in a loving and supporting context, with no forcing, it suggests a way to experience the four brain quadrants when the Inner Court is abstract for many clients.

This online ERIC Suggestopedia article may or may not be useful; I have not read it all. http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED384244.pdf

Everyone here will have heard the kingdom of heaven is within. Let’s do something to become more aware of our inner aliveness.

Did you know each side of your brain can do something different?

Logistics of this is they get comfortable and can close their eyes. Snoring alert.

All these images to produce contrasting sensory images in your miknd. See how flexible and receptive you can be.

Cerveau fortRight Left

Caress a baby’s skin climb cold hard rocks
Hold a warm fresh baked muffin hold a snowball.

listen to classical music listen to a jazz concert
someone is singing a lullaby hear a fire engine

Taste a juicy apple taste hot buttered toast
taste of a lemon taste of Swiss chocolate.

Smell a rose smell the scent of coffee
women’s perfume smell the ocean down among the rocks

Now a longer story:

And now imagine you are in the Canadian Rockies. You walk. You are surrounded by fresh white snow. Walking now amongst trees, the forest is very cold, yet you are warmly clothed. You have on a coat, gloves, good boots, a hat, scarf and ear muffs–so only your face is cold. Feel the cold on your face. You have a hot water bottle on your stomach to keep warm beneath your coat. The hot water bottle touches your belly keeping you comfortably warm. As you feel the hot water bottle, it becomes just warm enuf for you.

Your face is cold and your belly is warm.

Experience warmth in your belly and let it remove any and all anxiety. You are there in the Rocky Mountains walking around in this cold, very comfortable.

Put a stick of peppermint gum into your mouth. In your mouth taste peppermint gum. Your face is cold. Your stomach is warm, and you hear the crunching of the snow under your boots—all of this while you are walking.

Ahead of you, about HALFWAY up the mountain, see a small house with smoke coming out of the chimney. You faintly smell the good smell of burning pine logs and you like the smell.

RECAP: Face is cold, belly is warm, arms and legs are swinging, snow is crunching, faint smell of pine smoke, peppermint gum in your mouth.

Notice that you’re on a hill and that the house is above you on the hill. You have to walk uphill through the snow to get to the house. It’s cold and you want to get to the house. So you’re moving your arms and legs to trudge through the snow to get to the house. This is good exercise!

RECAP: Your face is cold, belly is warm, the taste of peppermint in your mouth. You hear the sound of the crunching snow, smell the smoke, far away.

You feel good about getting inside soon, out of the cold. You’re so happy, you begin singing You Are My Sunshine – My only sunshine.
You make me happy When skies are gray.
You’ll never know, dear, How much I love you.
Please don’t take my sunshine away

All this together.
RECAP: Your face is cold, belly is warm, taste of peppermint in your mouth. hear the sound of crunching snow, faint smell of smoke, singing a song.

Enjoy all these things together, being fully alive and alive in all your senses.

You have the feeling you’re breathing with ALL of your body. Your cells are receiving new oxygen as you swing your arms and legs trudging uphill through the snow, singing “You are my sunshine.” There’s no anxiety here. Your heart beats peacefully and regularly and all of this is easy for you.

Ah! Now you come to the front door of the little house. You open the door and let yourself in. No one is home. You are here to meet someone coming soon.

You take off your hat, gloves and scarf, anything else you want. Sit down in a comfortable chair in front of fire. When you right side out the window you hear that howl of the winter wind on the left side in front of you see a warm crackling fireplace. Notice the red and orange flames in the fireplace. On your right the howling winter wind; on your left, crackling cheery fireplace.

You’re waiting for your good friend to arrive. Who is this friend? This is the person who so far in your life has been the most effective in assisting you to interact spirit in such a way that you can feel your own heart. Perhaps your already know who this person is. Perhaps this person will be a surprise. You are eager to meet this person. You’re specially eager to meet them if you don’t know who it will be.

You hear footsteps and singing coming up the hill. You turn to your right and look out the window. Because the house is on a plateau half way up the mountain, you can’t see who is coming yet. You can hear them crunching the snow and singing as they walk up the hill towards the plateau where the cabin is. You wait patiently. Soon the door opens. The wind blows in snow and in walks your intermediary, the person who assist you to interact with spirit. Don’t be too surprised at who it is. Allow this to be whoever shows up. Notice their age. If it’s a version of you who shows up don’t be surprised. Whoever it is, let them be there and notice the light around their body. After all they’re only an intermediary to spirit. Don’t mistake the messenger for the message. The message is spirit.

Your intermediary comes in from the right takes off his or her winter gear and you notice whether they dress colorfully or more conservatively they hang up all their winter gear and said in a chair opposite you. You feel like old friends even if you’ve never met before consciously. This is someone you want to spend time with.

As you listen to what they have to say, their first words are, I have a message for you. I’m going to be quiet while they deliver to you a message unique to you for this time in your life. This message may be conveyed telepathically and may not have a word level. Go for the essence of the message not the verbal content. Listen–with you heart.

Both of you are ready to resume your journey up the mountain. You both get up. You share a hug at. You both put on your hat, scarf and gloves and get ready to go outside again. There’s work to do. Surprisingly you are watching both yourself and your intermediary leave the cabin while you stay inside. You and your Intermediary leave through the door but walk around the other side the cabin to walk further up the mountain together. Inside the cabin you look out the left window up the hill and watch yourself and your spiritual intermediary walking together up the hill. The further away they walk, the more the two figures merge into one figure–and this is a beautiful feeling.

Written by Bruce Dickson, Halth Intuitive.  Initial gift session available on request.

cat-fiddle-100pxInitial gift phone-Skype sessions between 8 AM and 9:00 PM PST.
Phone 626-627-0296Skype: SelfHealingCoach


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