Comparing charge in each hemisphere

strong-brainBy Bruce Dickson, Health Intuitive

The simplest brain balance yet conceived may be simply testing the charge of each hemisphere; then, compare the two numbers, the simplest experiment imaginable.

Guessing can work. Arm-length Self Muscle Testing is recommended. Any holistic professional who can muscle test can do this for you, if useful.

In order to compare two things, you need a scale. 1-10, ten being optimal for you will work. More sensitive is 50/100 is optimal for each side. 50/100 is optimal for each H.  51/100 is towards too hot.  49/100 is towards too cool.

This employs the Law of Goldilocks:  the porridge I prefer is not too hot, not too cold; it’s just right.

Measure the charge of each brain hemisphere separately.  See how close they are to equal charge on each side.

By “charge” I mean ethericity, bio-electricity.  Most people will think of this as e-lectricity.  Electricity works as a close metaphor-analogue to the more accurate idea of ethericity (bio-electricity).

Q: How many people are close to 50-50?

A: Not sure. I could use some “guinea pigs” for research. If you call me in PST timezone, with your permission, I can test, report results and get you headed towards more balance. Not ethical to test without providing benefit if a disturbance is found.

My guess is not many people are close to 50-50. The four quadrant brain research of Ned Herrmann and Katherine Benziger clearly suggests a pattern of ‘how our brains grow,’ we ‘grow out’ from one quadrant, to include another, then a third and finally work on getting all four balanced with each other.

A balance of 50-50 between left~right; AND, a balance of 50-50 between front~back in the head is a rough description of whole-brainedness.  Most people are NOT whole-brained. If you have done your personal growth homework; including, your meditative work, and are more whole-brained, I celebrate this.

Q: Are many people WAY off balance right~left?

A: Not sure. A wonderful research topic. Way back when, I began having five times as much charge in the left than in the right hemisphere. Now I’m down to a 2/1 contrast. So I’m still working on this.

What we know is people can be massively imbalanced in their right~left charges; yet, still appear normal and functional from the view of an outside observer.

Naturally the more denial you exercise, the more imbalance you can put up with and live with.

Q: What for people who are way out of balance right~left?

A: Compassion. Don’t bring it up unless you start with compassion and empathy.

Another apparent pattern emerging is everyone tested so far has less charge in their right-hemisphere. Since I and some of practitioner friends all have this, not sure how to interpret this yet. Can you be right brain dominant and still have lower-less charge in right hemisphere? At least useful questions are arising.

What questions do you have?

Author and Health Intuitive Bruce Dickson is a wounded healer who completed a Heroes Journey this lifetime. He shares the Elixirs of Life he found, with those interested at






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