Teeth-jaw problems as war between our warm pole and cold pole

Teeth-jaw problems as war between our warm pole and cold pole

What does the Divine Feminine do all day long?  She gives birth.  Thru the daytime of Creation, She huddles with her midwives and gives birth [over and over again, PACME] ~ Meister Eckhart (paraphrase)

How is the Divine Feminine expressed in our bodies? Metaphorically as sparks of blooming and blossoming. This happens mentally in inspiration and Aha!. Metabolically Bruce speculates “birth” happens primarily in the liver and perhaps gall bladder.

Birth at the metabolic level, including cell division, is naturally much more aligned with our gut brain than with our head brain.

John-Roger says negativity is contraction. A good speculation is teeth grinding occurs when the cold pole contracts away from the warm pole.

We have familiar language for this. The warm pole wants to be the boss; the cold pole wants to be the boss, but both cannot be the boss at the same time. The educated you are, the more likely it is the cold pole contracts away from warm pole.

A good research topic is, is the converse also true, can teeth grinding also occur when the warm pole contracts away from the cold pole?

If you are an older soul, it can be common to have had lifetimes when you studied as a monk, nun and ascetic, perhaps all three.

A lot of the book-learning and instruction was Old Testament, about some form of separation, various ideas and methods for suppressing and repressing the birthing, organic, blooming and blossoming impulses of the gut brain.

Head brain often becomes more educated than gut brain and forgets-loses the big lesson-wisdom of gut brain, compassion.

Without compassion, head brain easily ends up being at war with gut brain. This is not an entirely new idea, war between the “cold pole: of our body and the “warm pole” of our body.

I think this is not so much right vs left nor YANG vs. yin. I think this is much more like the pattern of stroke “victims”: enteric nervous system vs. cerebral nervous system. In stroke, one desires and has ambition to “win” over the other. One want sot be the boss, the top dog. In actual stroke, one nervous system finally does win control few the entire body–with all the attending physical consequences.

In the land of the cerebral-dominants, we grind our teeth to suppress-repress the birth impulses and creativity of our gut brain, the warm pole of our metabolism. We lack compassion for the needs of our own birth-oriented forces.

In Holistic Brain Balance, we remedy this, by starting with safety and trust.

Does head feel safe to tolerate the birth impulses of gut as these arise into awareness?

If head does not feel safe, not easy to also trust. Safety first, then trust.

Then check if gut itself feels safe with its own birth expressions.

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Find author Bruce Dickson at https://HolisticBrainBalance.wordpress.com He writes on Best Practices in Energy Medicine (30 books) http://www.amazon.com/Bruce-Dickson-MSS/e/B007SNVG46
Another blog: http://blog.GoetheanScience.net


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