Teeth grinding as a War Within between our body’s warm and cold poles

hot-cold-flames-lowThis article could also be titled, “Teeth grinding as War Within between “rigid” and “dissolving” forces.” It will help to keep both sets of poles in mind.

As well, this article could be titled, “More flexible thinking about the two poles of the waking human organism.”

Externally, from a distance, the human organism appears to be unified and of a whole physically.

The more energetic our perspective is, the more we incorporate invisible energy into our view of humans, the more we perceive energetically waking adults are sustained by an inward duality, by both a warm pole and cold pole. Each continuously and invariably influences the other. This is our animating duality.

Wonderful as Anthroposophic Medicine is, this topic is taken furthest and deepest in the topic of The Three Selves, simply the clearest model of the whole person, two volumes on this available. Bridging Anthroposophic Medicine and The Three Selves has so far not been fruitful but is expected 50-100 years hence.

The hard-wired duality within humans is reconciled and mediated by the capacity of our etheric body for rhythm. Not strictly “a rhythmic system you will see it termed as such. Our etheric capacity for rhythm takes manifold forms. Many of these have the role of connecting warm and cold poles to exchange energy and the unique metabolic products of each.

In Steiner’s model of the three-fold organism, used in Anthroposophic Medicine, the upper pole is termed the nerve-sense pole. The lower pole is termed the metabolic-limb pole.

To keep “warm pole” and “cold pole” simple and grounded, imagine how room temperature water is midway between ice and steam. Drinking water demonstrates balance between rigid ice and and dissolving steam, between ice which can receive very little of another substance; and, water which easily dissolves salt crystals, sugar crystals and so on. Ice is water identified with capacity for rigid form. Water is identified with form-dissolving capacity.

The nerve-sense system, concentrated mainly in the head, facilitates consciousness and perception. Many cells of our brain and nerve tissues cannot regenerate. This sacrifice in metabolic capacity allows for the influx of sensory and other sensory percepts.

Our head, from the neck-up so to speak, remains free to receive and make choices based on sensory impressions (percepts).

Our gut brain, from the diaphragm-down, remains free to continually birth new cells (for virtually the entire body), take in nourishment sort for beneficial nutrients, release teh waste.

Why this duality?

Waking awareness is only one end of a seesaw a teeter-totter. The other end is metabolic activity. As one pole becomes stronger, the other must weaken and vice versa.

How to make both stronger? To do this requires wisdom and practice, wisdom to know where the middle, moderate path exists betweeen many extremes, practice to walk that course and make it your own. Both poles can be strengthened if you practice walking a middle path and expanding each pole primarily in a patient and gradual manner.

The human head is the body’s catabolic (breaking down), or cold, pole. In the frequency of thinking, analysis is an obvious expression of “breaking down.” In the lower frequency of metabolism, digestion and assimilation express this etheric capacity.

The character of our cold pole is most distinctive from our neck-up. The character of our warm pole is most distinctive from our diaphragm muscles down; including our organs of digestion and elimination. Between these two poles, in terms of cold~warm, our heart and lungs are a middle zone.

Below our diaphragm muscle, in our organs of digestion and elimination., our cells need to regenerate and reproduce more frequently than from our neck-up. Imagine any physical sport and you quickly see out head, from the neck-up is least involved in physical performance.

Consider the need of our lower body, diaphragm down, to make new cells, the birth new cells, thousands, perhaps millions every day. For this it needs warmth and non-interference from “breaking-down thinking” (catabolism)

Consider the need of our thinking-feeling, diaphragm-up, to wakefully receive sensory impressions, to navigate according to these percepts; and, to manipulate symbols in language and body language, perhaps a couple thousand words each day. For this it needs coolness and respite from the “agitation” and “noise” of “building-up-thinking” (anabolism).

Steiner’s late 1800s ideas of our two poles contrasting as thought and will were replaced int eh USA, in the 1980s with a Western version of the Hawaiian model of the Three Selves.

The warm pole corresponds with the lowest of our Three Selves. The cold pole corresponds with the middle of our Three Selves, Conscious Waking Self, our thinking-feeling self. The third self, our High Self is outside and above the contrasts of this lower pair.

The more modern language of the Three Selves facilitates discussion of the inner child, child within; and, all aspects of inner cooperation, both its successes and its failures. See the two books on the Three Selves, the Habit Body book and Holistic Neurology book.

War Within as competition for dominance between cold pole and warm pole

In infancy and early childhood, our warm pole predominates over our cold pole.

After puberty, our cold pole predominates over our warm pole.

At least–this was the Angelic Plan.

It’s easy imagine variations on this Plan and even conflicts.

One of the more serious conflicts is if both poles, the living etheric forces at each pole, compete for dominance in adult subjects.

In extreme form, this is the pattern of stroke victims, where one pole succeeds in “defeating” the other pole and “wins” control–with all the attendant fallout of the range of stroke symptoms.

Teeth grinding as part of stroke pattern

A milder form of this conflict is teeth grinding at night. Let’s also be alert to the possibility of TMJ jaw tension and tightness during the day.

1900s psychology had only very primitive ideas about teeth grinding, which can be caricatured this way: “I’m not grinding my teeth at night. Someone else is grinding my teeth at night, not me.”

This mythology is aligned with the general abscence of any acknowledgement or role for the Child Within in 1800s and 1900s psychology, outside of small circles devoted to Humanistic Psychology 1.0 and to muscle testing, including dowsing.

Bruce speculates the milder War Within evidenced in teeth grinding is often set in motion by faulty cultural and especially faulty religious teaching. In these “Old Testaments” one pole, usually the cold pole is judged, evaluated, believed to be superior and “more spiritual” than the warm pole. Many variations on this theme. The speculation exists these faulty teachings commonly exist on other planets inhabited by sentient creatures. No specific examples are yet identified.

When individuals are indoctrinated again their own warm pole, against their own etheric forces of life, flow and birthing, they identify with the cold pole and identify the warm pole as bad, wrong, immoral, subservient, seductive, unworthy–take your choice.

How is this animosity processed in us? It is processed in the massateur muscle, the gateway muscle for how much metabolic (kinesthetic, feeling) information flows up from the warm pole to the cold pole.

During the day our jaws were tight; at night, we ground our teeth to keep warm feelings from overwhelming our cool pole.

Teeth grinding solutions

Teeth grinding sufferers will understand how deeply unconscious teeth grinding behavior is. The causative factors are deep and have virtually no language at all. The memory and habit patterns driving the behavior can be accessed by experienced muscle testers skilled in accessing the unconscious; and/or, clairvoyants-intuitives skilled in perceiving unconscious activity.

One very promising therapeutic direction is along these lines:

1) “Does my capacity for birthing the new feel safe to me now?”

2) “Do I trust the products and outcomes of allowing my birthing capacity to express itself?”

Note how (2) is highly contingent on (1).

In Holistic Brain Balance anyone who wants to, can ask for their own Higher Guidance in Soul and Above (Traveler) to fill surround, protect and guide them for various experiments. Simply put, asking each quadrant of both poles if it feels safe with the other. Find the weakest area. Perhaps ask how safe on which levels PACME?

Further research needed

A good research topic is, is the converse also true? Can teeth grinding also occur when the warm pole contracts away from the cold pole?

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Find author and Health Intuitive Bruce Dickson at https://HolisticBrainBalance.wordpress.com He writes on Best Practices in Energy Medicine (30 books) http://www.amazon.com/Bruce-Dickson-MSS/e/B007SNVG46
Another blog: http://blog.GoetheanScience.net


Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., H.M.C., HEALTH Vs. DISEASE: A Matter Of Rhythm, 2016 by Joseph Ben Hil-Meyer Research, Inc.,
http://naturalhealthscience.com/article_Natures-Therapies_140214.php This is an unusually clear summary of Anthroposophic Medicine

Through the Golden Forest by Leif Wårenskjold http://www.waldorflibrary.org/images/stories/articles/WJP8_leif.pdf


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