Your small intestine is already “muscle testing” 24 hours a day

Your small intestine villi are already “muscle testing” 24 hours a day

Can’t muscle test? Too late, you have been muscle testing since you were in the womb. Why? How? Read on.villi-16k

In order to take individual nutrients directly into your blood stream, they must be tested to evaluate if they are (1) safe to take into your blood stream (2) compatible with what your body is building (anabolic activity).

WHY you are already muscle resting

Do you know conscious which nutrients are safe to take directly into your blood stream? No, you don’t. Conscious Waking Self does not know this. It is very poorly equipped to make these evaluations.

Need evidence? Look around at all the people smoking, eating white flour and white sugar. The intelligence of what is safe to take into their blood stream is clearly NOT conscious.

Where does this intelligence exist? In our small intestine.

HOW you are already muscle testing

Your small intestine is a big part your gut brain, the brain at the other end of your body. Your small intestine tests this way:

“Is this nutrient floating by me safe and beneficial for me to take directly into my blood stream now?

If the nutrient IS safe and beneficial, it is taken directly into the blood stream.

If the nutrient is NOT safe or NOT beneficial now–I let it pass on by.

This is one intelligence of our cells, of our Immune System Self.

This imagination brings us into the heart of what our small intestine villi are doing 24/7.

Q: What is my gut brain thinking?

A: Among other things, it’s deciding which nutrients to take into your blood stream and which to allow to pass by. Most of this happens in your small intestine.

HOW does it test? Inside your small intestine, on the inside, are little villi, little fingers. Each little villi senses nutrients as they flow by. It checks each amino acid peptide flowing by, each piece of chlorophyll, and decides, “Is this nutrient SAFE and BENEFICIAL for me now, or NOT SAFE or NOT BENEFICIAL for me now?”

If your villi cannot think clearly, if they take in too many things from your GI tract into your blood stream, you get allergic reactions, one cause of “leaky gut syndrome.”

If small intestine cannot think clearly and takes in too few nutrients, you assimilate less food, you starve to death in a few days, no matter how much food you eat.

So if you are reading this and you are healthy, based on results, your small intestine IS TESTING and doing a good job of it. I’m grateful for what mine is doing. How about you?

So internal self-TESTING is part of why you are here today, as a physical body.

“Safe and beneficial for me now,”

“NOT safe and beneficial for me now”

These are all our immune system ever tests for.

How small intestine relates to muscle testing

This amplifying phenomena is made most clear in dowsing, all methods, where we use the smooth muscles in our arm and wrist to lever our bones, to magnify tiny motions, to make them perceptible. In this way ALL self-muscle-testing methods merely magnify, like a megaphone, the “still small voice” of our “hidden” internal, lower frequency, intelligences.

This is why food, diet, health and sleep are your best and safest areas to practice on. You’ll find this said commonly in dowsing training for the same reasons we say it here.

Self Muscle Testing is simply doing consciously–what your immune system is already doing all day long, far below the frequency range of Conscious Self.

All we do in muscle-testing is make more obvious, activity already occurring in your immune system, until it finally registers on our poor, isolated conscious-waking mind. Muscle testing is only ever making bigger and more obvious what you are already doing on the micro level.

Our small intestine is asking its questions deep in Theta and Delta frequency. All we are doing in self-testing is recognizing and realizing this question at a higher frequency, and in the language of, waking-conscious mind. As below, so above.

Asking questions, testing and retesting is the essence of the scientific method of Second Order Science. It’s just as valuable here as anywhere else. All muscle testing primarily occurs in the domain of one person, a principle of First Order Science.

Self-testing is you inviting your gut brain, from the neck-down, to give its response to target phenomena.

Muscle testing only ever makes bigger and more obvious, on the macro level, what you can already do on the micro level. Practice will connect your basic self and waking self more strongly as partners.

Building a language bridge between gut brain and head brain

Resolving the organic and metabolic origins of muscle testing is only half the battle.

The other half is translating what our villi are doing into accurate speech and language representations.

What challenges us here is eliminating unnecessary and inappropriate abstractions of all kinds. All verbal-thought language is an abstraction compared to our organic and metabolic functions and intelligence.

Avoid “Yes” and “no” as muscle testing questions

Our villi are not testing “yes” and “no” and never will. “Yes” and “no” is a language abstraction. It’s not real. It’s only a language bridge to ideas we create and manipulate from our neck-up.

If you wish a second opinion from your lower helper self, from the neck-down, the most accurate language is:

– Is this safe and beneficial for me now?

– Is this NOT safe and beneficial for me now?

Q: Are you saying Yes~No can’t work?

A: It CAN work. But only if the practitioner and probably the client too, understand “yes~no” is shorthand for “Is this nutrient SAFE and BENEFICIAL for me now, or NOT SAFE or BENEFICIAL for me now?” We do NOT have this: “Yes” and “no.” Yes~No is 100% an abstraction, valid only from the neck up.

Q: I see people muscle testing all the time using the language of yes~no.

A: Yes, me too, a sad spectacle. The more abstract you make your language for what your immune-system-self is doing, the longer it takes you to connect and commune with your Child Within, on its terms.

Avoid “strong” and “weak” as muscle testing questions

These abstractions are strongly tied this way “strong = good” “weak = bad.” Stay away.

“True for me now,” or “Not true for me now” discussion

Q: How about “True for me now,” or “Not true for me now”

A: Better, but not so hot. The abstraction “true vs false” is still strongly connoted.

Think: Does my small intestine, at the chemical level, think “true~false”? I think not.

Does our etheric body have this intelligence, comparing the nutrient to its ideal ketheric template of the living body? Maybe.

I can imagine somewhere in my gut-brain-mind is connection with the archetypal template for my optimal healthy, whole body. Could my small intestine villi ask themselves with each nutrient passing bay, “Is this nutrient TRUE to my template now?”, or “NOT true for my template now?” Maybe.

More research needed here. Only since about 2013 has the chemical lock and key process occurring at the chemical level been uncovered and brought to light, in medical animations on Youtube.

You can see when appropriate chemical locks and keys converge, there is a kind of “truth” to this. How in touch with this truth are you? If not very much, stick with “safe and beneficial now” or “Not safe or not beneficial to me now.”

After a YEAR OR TWO OF PRACTICE with the above, you might experiment with:

– Is this TRUE for me now?

– Is this NOT TRUE for me now?

If we strive for the fewest and least abstract thinking, this supports us connecting with our Immune System Self.

Meta-content of muscle-testing

One of the big reasons muscle testing has been in the Dark Ages 1965-2016 is the meta-content.

What are we doing in muscle testing for physical disturbances? We are agreeing-assuming it’s safe to make an unconscious process more conscious, to raise an unconscious process up into the “full light of day” and model it with language so we can manipulate it like a tool.

In muscle testing we attempt to do in the “full light of day” what was formerly completely hidden “in the dark,” and out of sight.

Where else do we do this in daily life, in medical practice, even in most psychology?

We do it NOWHERE else. Only in meditation, yoga and other methods of deliberate self-connection do we do anything even remotely similar.

Consequently, tho arm-pull-down demos have been public since the 1960s, they are only primarily of interest to persons who are already ready, willing, able and wanting more and closer connection with their own sub- and unconscious. In 2017, the few people this describes are still mostly a fracton of holistic practitioners and healers. Tiny market.

Q: Is this why self-sensitivity, self-trust and willingness to heal are the main blocks to successful muscle tests, not “switching”?

A: Yes. For the average person, methods which open Pandora’s Box of what’s amiss in their sub- and unconscious is NOT a benefit at this time. Perhaps in 100 years more people will have the courage and curiosity to open and look inside the Pandora’s Box of their own psyche.

– – – –

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