NCIS (original) as Inner Family

The original NCIS starring Mark Harmon enjoys one of the clearest Inner Family motifs.

The successes and failures of this “family” are visible in virtually every episode since the pilot (try your public library).

How much is this “family” a result of deliberate casting and writing? Hard to say. NCIS is also one of the best-written shows on TV. Many shows revolve around character development, sometimes entire episodes. However, “family” aspects, just below the surface can never be strong enuf to sustain a TV show 14 seasons.

How conscious is the “family” aspects among producers and writers? I assume some are much more conscious of these aspects than others.

Guess what? Over one million pages in Google for: fan-fiction stories of ncis team family

FATHER – Leroy Jethro Gibbs “Gibbs” (Mark Harmon)

FATHER – Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) is even more “Stern Father.” Gibbs is more “Silent Father” and “Fair Father”

CHILD – Abbey Sciuto (Pauley Paulette),

CHILD – (Dr.) Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen)

LANCELOT – Tony Dinozo (Michael Weatherly),

LANCELOT – Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama)

LANCELOT – Clayton Reeves (MI6) (Duane Henry)

MOTHER – Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander),

GUINEVER – Ziva David (Cota de Pablo),

DAUGHTER – Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham)

MERLIN – Dr. Donald Mallard “Ducky” (David McCallum)

MERLIN in his mindless aspect Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (Robert Wagner)

The above seem self-explanatory to me. Any comments or questions?


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