Sphenoid bone ~ Winged Victory statue


winged-victory-nike_of_samothrace_sphenoid-131kOsteopaths and cranial-sacral people have been saying for at least 30 years the head bones move and breathe.

My experience is the movement is very subtle and real.  When I add my understanding of the etheric body to this topic, I uncover a bigger picture useful to me.

What if caring Osteopathy and cranial-sacral treatments secondarily adjust the physical location of head bones.  What if the primary action is attending to memories of  head bone disturbances?  If memories of unresolved accidents and injuries exist, they are held in our etheric body, in the invisible counterparts of our head bones; beyond this, in the memories of the etheric head in the fractal quadrants.

What if much of whatOsteopathy and cranial-sacral practitioners feel as “movement” is primarily release in the etheric head as unresolved disturbed memories are addressed and re-harmonized?  What if physical bones only move a fraction of the intensity of etheric structures coming back into healthy alignment?  What if Osteopaths and cranial-sacral people primarily adjust our etheric head, languaging this 100% as adjusting only the physical?

When I worked on my sphenoid bone again, I noticed old memories of birth trauma and birth defects clearing.  The physical head can take a beating coming thru the birth canal; it can be mis-shaped.  Our etheric head remembers these “insults.”  Loving attention to our head bones tends to release these stuck memories.  Then sphenoid can connect again with heart center.

Let’s also not make the error our etheric head bones are idnetical with our physical head bones.  Not so.  Our astral-mental blueprint (like an animated 3D character’s grid model) is higher in frequency.  Our etheric head pertains more to how healthy flows of energy do–and do not–move in healthy ways, our vitality.

Our etheric structures radically simpler in form than either our physical or astral-mental bones.  In the etheric forms, all intense physical detail drops out.  All you are left with in flows.  We know this etheric landscape primarily as acupuncture meridians.

What if the simplified etheric sphenoid structure is more like the winged heart? The wings flapping gently?

Our physical bones may move 1:1 with our physical breathing.  I suspect the energetic movement of our etheric body and etheric head and spine is many times more than the actual physical movement of head bones in resting human beings.

What if the etheric sphenoid has the gesture of the Winged Victory of Samothrace?  What if its wings connect with the heart center and flap gently towards and away from 10 and 2 o’clock, according to inhale and exhale?

= = = =

Author Bruce Dickson is a Health Intuitive and writes on Best Practices in Energy Medicine and holistic Brain Balance topics.



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