yin~YANG of our four brain quadrants

Within personality typing systems, the most common grouping is a four-fold division; as in Ned Herrmann’s “four thinking styles” and “four animals” of David Keirsey and many imitators.

Looking back on four-fold personality typing systems from 2017, a theoretical deficiency is apparent to me.

Accurate personality typology based on the natural differences and divisions of our etheric body is so new, few people, even few students of personality typology, have much language; let alone, good language. So it will help to build up to the topic.

Our psyche is multiply-intelligent, a layering of 12 or more distinct intelligences, layered and integrated analogously to computer and smartphone architecture: many sub-routines, each with a specialized function, all working together harmoniously to present what appears to be a unified system; what George W. Bush perceived as his “Decider in Chief.”

Since Bertrand Babinet in 1985, what’s breaking thru in personality typology, is accepting four-foldness as natural in our psyche. Why? Four-foldness is the natural, unvarnished, un-interpreted appearance-presentation of our etheric body.

Four-fold characterization of our unconscious is accurate

5% to 10% of our waking psyche is free choice. Soul is choice. This small fraction is NOT four-fold.

The other 95% to 90% of our sub- and unconscious, our “out of conscious” psyche, is four-fold on its face. Not in language necessarily, Theosophical metaphysics did us a dis-service in characterizing our etheric body as one whole; analogous to, how our physical, emotional and mental body are each one-whole.

The biggest “headline news,” on its clairvoyant face, is our etheric body presents as four-fold. ‘Sub- and unconscious,” taken together are a synonym for “etheric body.”

Where four-fold personality systems prior to Bertrand went off-track was not integrating the underlying yin~YANG structure our four-fold etheric body rest upon.

This lack explains the theoretically deficient (chaos) of four-fold personality typing systems. This weakness explains their decline after the 1980s-1990s.

Below the four divisions, yin~YANG

yin~YANG in our etheric body is the four-fold foundation our etheric quadrants are built on.
Yes, now we are making useful distinctions of multiple intelligences in our etheric body, in our sub- and unconscious. The facts, clinical experience, keeps pointing this direction.
Lacking acknowledgement of yin~YANG in our etheric body, we get the well-known four-fold personality systems:

– Ned Hermann’s four color system, four thinking styles,

– The various Four Animal styles, personality typing; for example, Keirsey’s four: Animal: Owl, Beaver, Dolphin, Fox.

If you have explored animal totems as personality types at all, you know different animals can be assigned to the exact same personality preferences.

The good news? Animal totems for four or more Personality preferences is a wonderful, introductory teaching method, akin to teaching the alphabet to first graders by associating each letter with an animal.

The bad news? In the 1980s-1990s, this is where Personality Typology, as a study, absent the theoretical stability of the etheric body and yin~YANG, met its downfall. Personality Typology training for business became very profitable. Many trainers tried to get in on this by simply coming up with their own set of four animals to represent the four main categories of Personality preferences. The field of Personality Typology became a crazy zoo–literally.

When any animal you like can be assigned to any set of Personality preferences, we’ve lost the thread of theoretical integrity.

Below the four divisions is yin~YANG

What stabilizes the four quadrants is not any correct specific animal totem.
What stabilizes the four quadrants is the underlying yin~YANG structure of four quadrants.

Guess what else? The yin~YANG structure of the four quadrants in the head is DIFFERENT from the yin~YANG structure of four quadrants in the gut.

yin-yang1 gut-brain


yin-yang4 head InCt


yin-yang3 gut-brain InFam.jpg


yin-yang4 head InCt


Good news~bad news about the above

The Good news about the above is:
– Discerning Multiple Intelligences 2.0 can get off to a healthy start, viewing intelligences as either yin or YANG first; later, as numbers, letters, animals, colors, etc.

– It creates many natural bridges with acupuncture, TCM and meridian therapies. Personality numbers, letters, animals, colors have connected-overlapped with meridians and TCM mostly not at all,

– The above system is slightly LESS complex than the 12 meridians and two vessels of meridian therapies. Therefore accessible to more people and a wider range of disciplines,

– A great deal, perhaps a majority of clinical cases can be addressed using only the above intermediate intro, our four-fold etheric-body-intelligences. This is what Bertrand demonstrated, how much could be done with just four quads in the gut; and later, adding four quads in the head. For the next 100 years, this is as complex as the topic needs to be for 99% of students. Only the advanced 1% will have interest in or use for the more complex fractal nature of memories in our head.

The bad news

A quadrant system of the gut alone, let alone gut and head, is way beyond where conventional psychology is today. Quadrant systems in our etheric body is so far ahead of its time as to be “invisible,”

In conventional psychology, doctor-pharma-hospital medicine and healing, capacity for healing has been stymied by the inflexible, very limited dogma of Conscious, subconscious, unconscious. These three are real, authentic levels of intelligence. But to hold them in your hand and claim like the blind man, “this is the whole elephant!” is why psychology is not evolving and keeping up with women’s growth and interests especially.

The good news about the bad news is, a four-quadrant-approach is a kind of Etheric Body 101. Exploring further this way, we come to many authentic wisdoms about the Divine Feminine, the Web of Creation, the Void Which Binds and expanded healing potential inherent in these ideas; compared to, 18th, 19th and 20th abstractions about talk therapy.

Comments and corrections invited. Conversation welcomed.

To Learn More

1) Chart of totem animals (et al) for four quadrants http://www.businessballs.com/personalitystylesmodels.htm

2) “Personality Types and Their Animals” https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/37084396903297583/
Please Understand me II (too) free online in PDF

Bruce Dickson is a Health Intuitive and writes on Best Practices in Energy Medicine and holistic Brain Balance topics.
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