Intelligence as ‘number of potential responses’ (Multiple Intelligences 2.0)

What if measuring intelligence was as simply a function of how many possible responses you or I can bring to a life situation?

Multiple-IntelligencesIsn’t this what elementary school IQ tests try to get at?

The idea suggests individuals having more, and more varied, possible responses to a specific life situation, have more “intelligence” than individuals possessing fewer responses to a life situation. Sometimes “intelligence” is languaged as ‘access to more internal problem solving strategies and tactics.’

In self-healing and Holistic Brain Balance, we’re primarily concerned with First Order Science, the Domain of Single Individuals, one person, one client, at a time.

One key proposition of First Order Science is within one single person’s psyche, multiple intelligences exist, can be known, located and addressed.

For those unfamiliar, a summary of Multiple Intelligences 2.0:

– All and every energy is intelligent–even if we don’t have English for how it’s intelligent yet,

– Each unique energy frequency has unique intelligence,

– Each energy’s intelligence circumscribes its functionality in our body (visibly) and in our psyche (invisibly),

– Each newborn starts with a narrow range of intelligent frequencies-functions. Age 0-7 the range of a child’s intelligence widens greatly. An adult, waking human has perhaps thousands of unique energy frequencies inside them, each intelligent–whether we have English for how it’s intelligent yet or not,

– Intelligences within adult ranges, can be overlap, mix, work cooperatively and collaboratively, as possible and permitted. Effective teamwork at all frequency levels is a healthy goal,

– Adults can visit our Multiple Intelligences in meditation; or, other self-connection methods; where, time and space is created to discern any of our inner parts who are disturbed and require our loving attention,

– For self-healing, individuals can exercise whatever Tools That Heal they have in their HealingToolbox. Alternatively, individuals can employ a more skilled practitioner; ideally, with ‘God as our Partner’ in both of these cases.

Benefit of the “response” piece for self-healing

The response piece alerts us to more useful detail we can perceive, in the changing landscape of our psyche, as an individual descends deeper.

The further down we go in our own psyche, the fewer responses to life each frequency-level has inherently.

The lower we go in our own consciousness, towards Delta, the more we enter the realm of our UNconscious. It’s still awake, on its own terms. However, compared to Conscious Waking Self, from the neck-up, our UNconscious is “asleep.”

Q: Does this mean “awake” and “asleep” are simply relative terms, comparing more or fewer intelligent responses to life?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you give me an example of what’s at the bottom of my unconscious intelligences?

A: Bones. Bone marrow. Blood cells. Each of these has intelligence. We can talk to each of these. To do so, Conscious Waking Self has to “get down on one knee” as you would with any three-year-old you wished to connect with. Once down on one knee, what do you do? You have to speak in childlike terms and about childlike subjects they can relate with and respond to.

Why do we talk nonsensical baby-talk to newborns? Why do we talk with an expanded, yet still limited vocabulary, with a three-year-old? Because their ability to respond to life is WAY more limited than adult repertoires for responding to life. Newborns and three-year-olds have fewer interests, fewer possible responses to what life brings them. I suspect our deepest UNconscious frequencies are limited to only two responses to life: either they are:

A) Contented, able to exercise their intelligence as programmed (make new cells, destroy worn-out cells, filter blood, etc); or

B) They are disturbed and if moderately so, in fear.

If the above holds true, it means our deepest UNconscious is limited to binary thinking: contented or disturbed-fearful.

Our psyche reflects the history of computer programming 1980-2005

If you know anything about computer programming, you know it began with ones and zeroes (binary code, on~off switches).

More detail: A “bit” is short for “binary digit.” A bit is a placeholder where either a one or zero can be, no other choices, no other responses possible.

A byte is the next larger unit of computer programming. A byte is eight “bits” put together into one “mouthful” of info.

Earliest computers could handle only one mouthful at a time (8-bit computing).

Gradually over 40 years artificial memory increased so machines could handle more and more bytes in each mouthful. Many consumer electronics now process 128 bytes in one mouthful of processing.

As we go deeper and deeper in the UNconscious, we travel backwards thru this history of computer programming. We travel from 128-bit processing back down towards one-bit processing, more and more limited responses to life.

Q: No “bits” in my psyche. How can I tell if I’m far down in my psyche or not?

A: The deeper you go, the less language your unconscious parts have. This is why the Hulk talks in childlike phrases. Hulk is an artistic representation of–mostly teenage–UNconscious anger and angst. King Kong (1933) was originally an artistic representation of the common people’s UNconscious outrage at what the 1% elites had done to the 99% in the Stock market Crash of 1929 causing the Great Depression. King Kong expressed the anger underlying the depression.

this article has no conclusion or ending. It’s simply another research report on basic research into Goethean Holistic Psychology. Comments, criticism, additions welcome.

To Learn More

Intelligence as ‘number of potential responses’ above, is a more nuanced, more up-close look at our Habit Body. Full discussion of this is in Your Habit Body; An Owner?s Manual: Gut-brain Axis 2.0

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Author, Health Intuitive, Bruce Dickson online:

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