Unconscious Patterns in our etheric head, five diagrams

These are not definitions.  These are characterizations.  These may support clarity in those interested.  Comments and corrections welcome.           = = = = Author, Health Intuitive, Bruce Dickson online: http://www.Amazon.com/Bruce-Dickson-MSS/e/B007SNVG46 https://HolisticBrainBalance.wordpress.com http://blog.GoetheanScience.net http://blog.goetheanscience.net//?s=three+sciences https://Plus.Google.com/+BruceDickson-healing-toolbox

Psychokinesiology: Doorway to the Unconscious Mind book review

The book includes NINETY PAGES OF CHARTS.  These are well-thought-out and will interest practitioners, especially Applied Kinesiology users. Psychokinesiology intends to facilitate for practitioners and self-healers, how clear, strong therapeutic direction, can be perceived employing muscle-testing, in clinical-counseling situations. Everything is discussed in clear, left brain clinical terms. The book has a clinical-chiropractic orientation. Dr….

Psychological Distance as Unconscious Pattern

Why can we see other people’s issues more clearly than we see our own? Have you noticed this? Why is this? We’re always looking at our own action and behavior in the outer world, thru our own aura, our own subjective “filters.” When perceiving our own actions and behaviors, thru our own filters, we lack…

An Inner Sunshine Game to remedy unconscious depression

  Do you at some time, in your morning routine, feel depressed for no conscious reason? Here’s an experiment you can do at home. I call ‘depressed for no reason’ ‘unconscious depression.’ For those aware of Energy Medicine, depression is (under-charged) thinking-feeling, below the threshold of Conscious Waking Self. Q: How can I be depressed…

The Guinevere Blog

Latest items on top ~ Q:  Will Guinever coming back more along the lines of 1990s “goddess” energy? A:  No.  The healthy Divine Feminine archetype is coming back along the lines of, thru the forms of: music with more authentic Feeling (NOT headbanger music), Live celebratory Festivals (minus the drugs and booze) Heartfelt direct experience…