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Q:  Will Guinever coming back more along the lines of 1990s “goddess” energy?

A:  No.  The healthy Divine Feminine archetype is coming back along the lines of, thru the forms of:

  • music with more authentic Feeling (NOT headbanger music),
  • Live celebratory Festivals (minus the drugs and booze)
  • Heartfelt direct experience in Emotional Intelligence playshops


Later along the lines of:

  • intentional community
  • Sufi Dancing (Dances of Universal Peace but with updated vision-mission-product directions),
  • group meditation, especially if aligned with Soul and Above
  • group singing and sing-alongs (NOT mostly mantras and bhajans.  These point back to old Lemuria),
  • healthy dance (minus drugs, booze and other dangers, as much as possible)
  • body-based therapies.

More live, in-person, energy can come thru these above than can ever come thru Wall Street trading or empire-building of any kind.  This is how healthy Divine Feminine energy can “compete” with the old, existing culture of Boys Clubs.

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The current state of brain IM-balance most Westerners have today is Guinevere is weak and King Arthur-Lancelot-Merlin as a Boy’s Club are strong.  G is weak, the Boy’s Club is strong.

“Boy’s Club” has a particular meaning in holistic Brain Balance. Outwardly we experience it as:

  • The (young boy’s club, “No Gurls allowed!”
  • The Old Boy’s Club, male hiring networks, cults and fraternities
  • The Mafia, negative clubs with power and material gain goals only.  As Marshall Rosenberg points out, many of the most public mafias today are corporations and some nation-state governments.

Main discussion of how the three more male quadrants of our etheric brain cooperate, collaborate and conspire against G is in Inner Family + Inner Court; The Four Archetypes of Our Gut and Head

What if Guinever was stronger than the Boys club?  Right brain was stronger in ancient Matriarchal cultures, not so much Guinever per se.

In our post-2012 world, right-brain intelligences are being redeemed and revived, led by Guinevere specifically.  Lancelot is along for the ride.

Q:  How could G compete effectively with the existing, entrenched strength fo the Boys club?

A:  she has access to the Divine Ocean of Love and Mercy in Soul and Above.  The other three do not.  This is how–when and if conditions are ripe–one woman can blow away a room full of men.  We are seeing a version of this in 2017, how a few women can bring down a dozen or two powerful men by pooling their sexual harassment complaints.  “Yay!” I say.

-=+ -=+ -=+

As I heal, it’s more and more clear how Guinevere is depressed-repressed in most people.  This situation has worsened in some ways, especially for women under age 30, since the cell phone took over culture.  In Korea they call their current generation of teens and young adults, the “heads-down generation.”  This now applies to every country where smartphone activity has replaced face-to-face and eye-to-eye interaction.

bk-igen-coverWhy?  Guinevere thrives on connection, interpersonal connection is her “meat;” maintaining an preserving connection between people is her main extraverted activity-talent-passion (yes, this is a Vishnu quality).  What I called “the age of maximum separation” in the late 1980s, was worsened since 2001.  For more on this unhappy trend, especially for young women, see the new book, iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy–and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood–and What That Means for the Rest of Us (August 2017).  If you Google for podcast with the author, you can easily grasp her gist.


-=+ -=+ -=+

Another angle for understanding Guinevere and how she has evolved to her current low public status in 2017 is to think about when the Feminine dominated the Masculine, in ancient times.  As some readers will know, prior to the Patriarchal Age on Earth, a Matriarchal Age existed.  This occurred primarily before Sumeria and the building of buildings using Lego-like clay bricks.

Buildings with Lego-like clay bricks accelerated left-brain, linear-sequential, language-oriented and number-oriented Masculine thinking.  This paraphrases and perhaps expands on Rudolf Steiner ideas about history.  A good fraction of his view of ‘history put right’ can be found in the still-readable book, Cosmic Memory.

Q:  How was culture organized prior to language, number and Masculine values?

A:  It was organized around right-brain Feeling.  It was much less stressful; however, instead of science, they only had superstition.  There was was less cultural movement–in any direction.  There was more repeating of blood traditions.

Q:  Was Matriarchal culture BETTER than later Masculine culture?

A:  Not really.  It was only earlier.  What it had going for it was honoring individual feeling, rhythm and musicality.  It also posited less rigid boundaries between the Outer Game of Life and the Inner Game of Life, less rigid boundaries between waking day and dreamtime.  Other than that it had all the severe material limitations ofindigenous primitive, hunter-gatherer and early farming cultures.   Think:  no indoor plumbing, no hot and cold running water.

A gently moving upwards spiral is the way to view the transition form earlier Matriarchy to Later Patriarchy AND NOW the melding of the two into Whole-brain culture.

mule-people-ValerianThe best, most accurate pop-culture representation ever of a what a balanced left-right whole-brain culture could be like is the Mule people in the 2017 Luc Besson sci-film, Valerian and the City of a 1000 Planets (highly recommended by me, ignore the critics on this one too).

-=+ -=+ -=+

Undines ~ It appears the newer, fresher, round of healthy Feminine culture will have as its icon the Undines.




The above idea paraphrases Marko Pogacnik (“Pognetz” I think).  I’ve read three of his books now.  Building on and expanding from where Findhorn and especially ROC left the topic of Nature Spirts and elemental beings, Marko is the most insightful, active and prolific successor on topics of direct communication with Nature Spirits and human-devic cooperation.

Marko advocates the Nature Kingdom to the human kingdom.  He is as close to anyone today of whom you might say, “If Rudolf Steiner were alive today, this is how he would be what he would be promoting.”

My three books by him each have 50-100 dog-earred pages, where he shares insights and exercises of interest to individuals on a path of personal-spiritual growth.  Th easiest book to get started with on is probably the second edition of Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings: Working with the Intelligence in Nature Revised, updated, expanded Edition (2010).

Somewhere in Turned Upside Down he describes clairvoyant observation of Undines, water spirits at work-play.  Seen clairvoyantly, the Undines are the only nature spirits 100% approximating beautiful female human forms.  The other categories of elementals have face-like features, human-like aspects and star-like aspects to their body forms but in no way approach the Undines as idealized depictions of human female forms.

What do the undines do in water?  I’m unable to find the page number for this:  According to Marko’s observations, they exercise orgasmic potency (my phrase).  They take in and build up etheric charge inside themselves. When they cannot receive and contain any more energy, they release energy orgasmicly into the body of water they inhabit, infusing it with more etheric vitality.

On page 187, Marko talks about how it is the Undines who are pointing the way forward for humanity, not the air elementals.  So we have multiple images and ideas going at once here.  The coming age of Aquarius is an air sign yet Aquarius is the water-bearer.

Where digital technology reflects more the air side of Aquarius and the masculine aspects of Aquarian thinking, in time, as Guinever reasserts her right place as an equal with the Male Mafia, the divine Feminine aspects and the human Feminine aspects will overshadow weaker, mere male techno-mentalizing.

I’ve hestitated to publish on the above earlier because I’m aware of how magnetic it will be be to people as an imagined fantastic New Age path.  I myself am aligned with a Light and Sound group., where our intention and goal is to perceive inner sound and inner light, aligned with Soul and Above–while being of service to ourself and to others here in the 3D world.  I’m are Marko’s books, so far lay out an other path somewhat diverged from my focus.  Still, if we compare a Light and Sound path and Marko’s path of study, communication and collaboration with Nature Spirits on one side and put 1950s-1980s corporate, consumer culture on the other side; then, the paths of Light and Sound and Marko’s Nature Spirits are more similar than different, at present.



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