An Inner Sunshine Game to remedy unconscious depression


flower-sunshineDo you at some time, in your morning routine, feel depressed for no conscious reason? Here’s an experiment you can do at home.

I call ‘depressed for no reason’ ‘unconscious depression.’

For those aware of Energy Medicine, depression is (under-charged) thinking-feeling, below the threshold of Conscious Waking Self.

Q: How can I be depressed without consciously thinking or feeling?

A: Easy. Try clearing your mind of conscious thoughts and feelings, even for 20 seconds. If you still feel depressed–and don’t know why–that’s unconscious depression, depression below the threshold of conscious awareness.

A remedy for unconscious depression

All you need to do this technique is to employ your creative imagination. It can even be done while walking outside, which is my preference.

Think about your left hip. For the technical minded, you can also consider your left kidney, adrenal and ovary, if you have one). Ask your left hip if it will play the Inner Sunshine Game with you.

If you get a positive response, good. If you get no response at all, you can assume this is a “yes” for today.

Ask you left hip, “On a scale of 100, how much inner sunshine do you have now?”
Accept whatever response occurs. Feel. Listen. No right or wrong answers. Honesty counts. Self-honesty helps.

If you perceive a “yes” or ‘no response,’ then go forward and set up a scale. I like the scale of 1-100, 100 being optimal for me today.

Your “100” does not have to be the same as my 100. Your 100 is optimal, somewhat unique to you; and, only for today. What 100 represents for you can change tomorrow.

Then count starting from “one” or “one per-cent” 1%. If useful, imagine a staircase with 100 steps. See how high left hip can “walk” towards 100.

Whatever you get, however many steps towards 100 left hip can count, write down your number in a journal or on a piece of paper. You will use this as a reminder to check in on yourself tomorrow.

The next day, try again, count again. Does left hip feel safe, trusting and supported to count a few steps higher towards 100? Are you tolerant and patient enuf to celebrate even one step higher? Check again the third day.

Q: How many days do I check and count?

A: How willing are you to heal? How much patience, tolerance and acceptance do you have for your inner three-year-old? How much skill and Emotional Intelligence do you have to connect with and make a three-year-old feel safe, trusting and supported?

Practice counts, just like in parenting. Thinking outside you own old familiar boundaries helps, just as in romancing your partner.

Q: How many days will this experiment take?

A: How much Inner Sunshine do you want? How much inner trauma-drama are you willing to give up to make room for Inner Sunshine? Take your time. For those interested, keep going, keep tracking keep checking, keep measuring. Change your scale when you need to.

If you go 32 or more consecutive days in a row, you tend to outlast old habits and institute a new habit, more aligned with who you are now.

Q: Why do I have to use numbers?

A: I don’t tell anyone what to do. If you have feelings, felt sense, body sensations–these are primarily right brain activity. This is good–keep right brain going. If you use numbers, you additionally engage your left brain.

Don’t you want both sides of your brain working together, as teammates? Right brain–feelings. Left brain–numbers. Whole-brain is better than either right-only or left-only.

You literally have more intelligence working when you can match a thought with a feeling and feelings with a thought. More complex unconscious patterns exist; yet, are not always needed.

Q: What if I refuse to use numbers?

A: Fine. If you avoid using numbers, perceiving and cognizing a snapshot of your inner state is still possible. However perceiving and cognizing your progress will be challenging. Without numbers or some other method, you will only be able to compare NOW with NOW then trying to perceive and remember the difference between NOW yesterday and NOW today. Maybe you can do it. If you find a reliable method, let me know. I can learn.

Any questions?

= = = =
Author, Health Intuitive, Bruce Dickson online:

Spiritual Geography PACME 101 In your hands, handy version



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