Psychological Distance as Unconscious Pattern

Why can we see other people’s issues more clearly than we see our own?

Have you noticed this? Why is this?open-your-mind-illo

We’re always looking at our own action and behavior in the outer world, thru our own aura, our own subjective “filters.”
Looking at our own actions and behaviors, we lack “psychological distance.”

When we view others’ actions and behaviors, “psychological distance” allows us to see the workability and likely consequences more clearly.

In fewer words, who we think we are, interferes with how we evaluate our own life (subjectivity cancels “psychological distance”).

When we look at others, we see their actions directly (not thru their subjective filter; we achieve “psychological distance”).

Q: Where is my filter of “who I think I am”?

A: Look for this in your strong or weak self-esteem and self-concept. This is the art and science of the Conception Vessel and Governing vessel in TCM and Energy Medicine.

Q: How does this filter work to modify or distort my clear perceiving?

A: Qualities we most identify with, we hold closest in to us, closest in towards our spine. When we look at the outer world, we are looking thru these invisible psychic “filters.”

“Self-esteem” and “self-concept” are the English phrases for these most-closely-held filters of “who I think I am.”

What is subjectivity?

Two-thirds of our psyche, our sub- and unconscious, is highly subjective, conditioned by our past choices and yesterday’s habits, estimated by Bruce Lipton to be 95%.

How does this two-thirds of our psyche organize itself? The English words we use for this are self-esteem and self concept. The lower two-thirds of our psyche clings to whatever strengths and weaknesses we have in these two as “me.”
These “me” identifications are held close to the spine. Subjectivity is the phenomena of perceiving everything outside us thru these “filters,” for better and worse.

The converse of psychological distance

Something like the opposite of healthy “psychological distance” is also common in the human psyche.

What does an individual do with things in conflict with “who I think I am” (in conflict with self-esteem and self concept)?
Our sub- and unconscious intelligences dismiss our choices, actions, behaviors, habits personal qualities, things in conflict with “who I think I am,” to the outskirts of our aura, as far away from our spine as it can push them.

The further “out” and “away” these things are, the easier it seems–subjectively–to avoid and deny these as “me,” as “mine.”

An exact analogy to this phenomena exists in playing a game of cards with friends. Cards we like or see future potential for, we hold onto; perhaps we even, “hold them close to our chest” or “close to our heart.”

Cards we deem useless, unworthy of our time and attention, or detrimental to the cards in our hand we like, we discard out and away into the slush pile of discards.

What happens to our discards in the pile? Based on cards in their hand, other players can view our discard very differently than we did. Why? They view our discard thru the subjective filter of what’s in their hand, the cards (qualities) they are currently identified with.

If you like the above metaphor, the same dynamic exists transposed to the human aura. It comes into play when we are with one or more other persons.

Other people, looking at us from the outside, see our actions, choices and behaviors minus our subjective bias and slant.
What part of our aura is easiest to perceive? The outermost layers. What’s in the outermost layers of our aura? Among other things, the cast-off parts of ourself, in conflict with our self-esteem and self-concept.

So when we ask a friend’s opinion about my choice “X,” our friend can see our choice X in TWO lights, their love for us (empathy, compassion for our struggle); and, in light of our cast-off parts we avoid and are in doubt and denial about.

In fewer words, our faults are physically closer and more perceptible to our friends to perceive than for us to perceive. Diabolical, isn’t it?

Q: How do we use this to our advantage?

A: “Tell the truth sooner,” is a good start. Get out of the self-denial business. “Get all the feedback you can.” Why? Because the lower two-thirds of our psyche is “naked” to our friends, even if it’s obscure and dark to ourself.

Q: Why are things set up this way?

A: The Angels set up and arranged the 3D experience as a classroom for perceiving; then, upgrading or releasing, old habits no longer workable for us, on any level PACME. In fewer words: Earth is a classroom for souls.

If you accept this idea, gradually you join those others who say “yes” to personal-spiritual growth and service to self and to others. That’s how I align.

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