Psychokinesiology: Doorway to the Unconscious Mind book review

tmpThe book includes NINETY PAGES OF CHARTS.  These are well-thought-out and will interest practitioners, especially Applied Kinesiology users.

Psychokinesiology intends to facilitate for practitioners and self-healers, how clear, strong therapeutic direction, can be perceived employing muscle-testing, in clinical-counseling situations. Everything is discussed in clear, left brain clinical terms. The book has a clinical-chiropractic orientation. Dr. Holub makes clear the enduring practical strengths of muscle-testing for mental-emotional self-healing and client support. No New Age woo-woo here.

The charts and at least some discussion will interest practitioners and self-healers using DSS, Psych-K, Theta Healing or other modalities for clearing unresolved-disturbed unconscious beliefs.

The further comments below have to do with how Dr. Holub’s admirable book represents a snapshot of muscle-testing in the late 1990s, showing the strengths and weaknesses practitioners were exploring at the time.

Perhaps no holistic mode has evolved more quickly or further, than muscle-testing and self-testing (muscle-testing 2.0) in the period 1965-2015. In any fast-moving basic research area, every few years, earlier research is incorporated into, reframed and expanded on.
What have we learned in recent years which throws new light on Psychokinesiology as a method? Muscle-testing practitioners have learned:

1) Even when experimental method is clearly conveyed verbally or well-written, relatively few lay persons can pick up and use such a system and achieve results. Of the maybe 12 such systems originating the the 1990s; to my knowledge, only PTS-DSS, Net Mind-Body and BodyTalk remain thriving.

Why? Muscle-testing enthusiasts have learned the pre-requisite skills to be consistently successful with Psychokinesiology are significant. In inviting people to muscle test and self test, without knowing it, we were asking them often to skip steps in their own journey of self-connection (with their inner child); and, to skip steps on their journey of self-mastery. Not everyone is ready, willing, able and wanting to begin walking their own Heroes Journey. My experience suggests almost every muscle-testing enthusiast, without exception, is someone continuing their Heroes Journey, from earlier this life; or, picking up where they left off in earlier lives.

This suggests why in 2017 the largest fraction of students of such modes are primarily chiropractic students and similar persons in search for therapeutic and/or esoteric methods-techniques.

Q: Why are lay persons so challenged to do what is so clearly laid out in Dr. Holub’s book?

A: It’s not just his book; it’s all books in this field; including, Touch for Health, 2nd Ed. Only 10% or less of the general public seems to possess adequate and sufficient self-connection, the pre-requisite for successful-effective self-testing. In turn, successful self-testing is the pre-requisite for testing other people successfully. To work as an expert on another person, you can’t rely on only what a test of physical muscle strength tells you. You have to have connection with their inner phenomena. Then the muscle test validates, confirms and measures what is stuck or what is shifting in the client’s Inner Game of Life.

Q: What else supports people working up to practice of Psychokinesiology or any muscle testing mode?

A: In my experience, the biggest support for people by far, is having an ecumenical spiritual framework of love and protection around your experimental actions.

In self-testing, muscle-testing, we’re working with energies; even, releasing negative energies. These suckers are all invisible. Let’s ask for, and have, all the positive spiritual protection we can get each and every session.

Q: Why is this needed?

A: The Angels and the Christ can only assist where they are explicitly invited. If you don’t ask, They can’t help.

Q: What else can help beginning students of muscle testing?

A: Practice dowsing as a method of self-connection. If you can dowse with a pendulum, you can muscle test. Later you’ll feel more capable of tackling Psychokinesiology.
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Author, Health Intuitive, Bruce Dickson online:


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