Locus of control – People Pattern


People who develop healthy internal locus of control believe they are responsible for their own choices and their own successes.  They perceive they themselves are “pulling their own strings.”

Those with an external locus of control believe external forces, like luck, determine their outcomes.  They perceive “others” are “pulling the strings” on their life; be it, mother, father, government, conspiracy, laziness, anger, etc.

Newborns experience locus of control, the capacity of personal agency, OUTSIDE them selves. Newborns have no choice but to rely on the goodwill of outside agency in external caregivers. Newborns do not yet realize their complaining about the service they are receiving–called crying–has a powerful effect on external caregivers.

The very young child, around age 3, has a very strong sense of how caregivers can be manipulated in areas of food and bathroom. They are beginning to learn the personal agency they posses inside themselves via speech.

The Angelic Plan is for adults to progress thru spiraling education processes, on many levels, to gradually internalize and cognize their own capacity of personal agency. The goal here is to support souls in the human experience to be able to set purpose and direction for their own lives, on an on-going basis.

“Locus of control” can also be languaged as where an individual perceives personal agency coming from.

Adults who do NOT progress to an internal locus of control are confused about personal agency and where it lies. They are more prone to procrastinate or believe external leaders have significant influence over their own life.

Disturbances to successful internal locus of control is highly connected with the pattern of projection, where personal agency, locus of control can be projected out of the individual onto external civic and political leaders, celebrities, and mythological figures such as super heroes.

Finally, disturbed adults, believing personal agency still lies outside themselves, as was true in infancy, often believe external, non-perceivable forces, like luck, determine outcomes in life.
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Author, Health Intuitive, Bruce Dickson online:


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