Our unconscious is like an Irish cow

I was watching an old PBS documentary on Ireland.

cow irishIn olden times, as in other countries, wealth in Ireland was measured in cows. In the video, for the documentary, cows are being moved from one small island to another to graze the way this was done hundreds of years ago. The cows are moved one by one on a small ferry boat. Only one cow per trip. The boat is only big enuf to ferry one cow at a time. Several men make this happen with ropes by being gentle and firm with the cow. They force the cow into a snug floating wooden box so the boat does not tip the boat over.

This is how it was done hundreds of years ago and again today for the documentary.

Guess what? The cow hates this. It does not want to get on the small ferry boat. Even tho several kind men non-violently support the cow by taking it to better grazing land, the cow does not want to go.

Imagine the cow, used to solid ground, being pulled and pushed onto a small tippy boat. “Hunh?! This isn’t the solid ground I’m used to!”

When I saw the scene, I saw it out-picturing my unconscious and the unconscious of everyone.

Our deep unconscious does not like change. It is not looking for change. Change is not on its To Do list for today. Our unconscious cow-consciousness wants to do tomorrow what it did yesterday. Period.

To put words in the mouth of our cow-consciousness, it wants to feel safe; it wants to trust you; and, it wants to trust the process you are urging it to participate in.

When my unconscious, your unconscious, anyone’s unconscious feels less than safe, less than trusting of you; or, the new process or habit you wish to begin, it balks, shies away, tries to run away, just like that cow invited to ride a small ferry boat cooped up so it doesn’t fall off into the water.

Our unconscious “cow” does not have the intelligence to think, “Hey, I hate boats but if there is more green, green grass on the new island, I’m okay with a boat trip because the grass here is all chewed down.”

Only our Conscious Waking Self has the intelligence to grasp MULTIPLE THINGS ARE TRUE AT THE SAME TIME:

– Running out of grass on the old island,

– Gosh, I hate boat trips and being confined to the box,

– More grass on the new island,

– I guess the risk is worth it. I’ll risk it.

There are no cows thinking this way. Our unconscious can NOT think this way. Cows is only NOW. Cows live to peaceably flow in its comfort zones. The sign on its door says “DO NOT DISTURB.” It is happy recycling its comfortable zones over and over endlessly. It’s not asking for any change.

Guess what? This is the intelligence we want for basic body functions of cell-formation, blood circulation, breathing and food digestion. Cow-consciousness, cow-intelligence is entirely appropriate and functional for this level of inner activity.

If I hold a gun to your head and tell you I’m going to shoot you dead, unless you start breathing in a new-different way and keep it up–you ware going to feel panicked.

If we wish to initiate a positive change in our Cow-consciousness, our job as Conscious Waking Selves, is to go down on one knee and talk to our less-flexible Cow-consciousness like a three year old, in terms a three year old can understand and work with. About what? About how the change we wish is safe, how it can trust us and how it can trust the new process.

This is self-empathy. This is self-connection.


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