Self-esteem-Self-concept Pyramid

Q: Why do each of us as individuals switch from one way of learning to another during the advent of human sexual maturity, between ages 12 and 16?

A: Because in-utero to puberty is our time to develop and mature our gut-enteric nervous system. The plan is for our physical body functions to mature at puberty. Like an annual flower forming fruit and seed, a late stage of physical maturation is the formation of sex organs for reproduction.

After our sex organs mature, development does not stop. Our etheric body keeps progressing, stabilizing and mastering higher frequency vibrations. Outwardly this looks like the progress, development and maturation of our rational Thinking-Feeling; physiologically, development of our cerebral-spinal nervous system.

What is the mental-emotional analogue to the above? The mental-emotional analogue in-utero to puberty is developing and maturing Self-esteem, in the front and lower in our body. Ideally, it’s matured at puberty.

The mental-emotional analogue to physiological our cerebral-spinal nervous system is developing and maturing Self-concept, in the back and higher in our body. The Plan is for this to be complete by age 21.

Self-esteem + Self-concept = Self-confidence

Healthy Self-esteem + Healthy Self-concept = Healthy Self-confidence. That was The Plan.

Reflection in our acupuncture meridians

Self-esteem = Conception Vessel (Self-esteem)
Self-concept = Governing Vessel (Self-concept). Live with this for two weeks to learn if any of this rings true for you.

dg-pyramid esteem concept choice


From in-utero on, our etheric body evolves our psyche. If we wish to perceive this with our left brain, we can analogize it to a pyramid, building from the bottom up.

The Self-esteem of our body elemental is given first opportunity to be nourished, fed and to mature. We invest all the attention available into self-esteem for the physical biography each of us must endure.

The Inner Family in our gut, on the front of our body, connects with, our self-esteem meridian (conception vessel, “sea of yin”) on the front of our body. In infancy and in the young child, survival issues are paramount. Self-esteem is part of surviving emotionally.
When the child matures towards sexual maturity, hopefully no earlier than 12, there is a foundation of healthy Self-esteem, to add on top of it, capacity for healthy Self-concept.

From birth to seven, our job is developing healthy Self-esteem in our Conception Vessel.
After sexual maturity, we have a new job of developing healthy Self-concept in our Governing Vessel.

After age 28, as adults, we have opportunity to heal, maintain, grow both Self-esteem and Self-concept. The combination of these two, self-esteem and self-concept, we call Self-confidence.

Before puberty, the four archetypes in the four quadrants of our gut-brain rule our psyche; and, rule the four in the head. After puberty, the four in the head rule the four in the in the gut.

Loving, forgiveness and Compassion are always workable in our psyche.


Excerpted from the booklet Human Learning Style Reverses at Puberty
How Developing Self-esteem Precedes Self-concept–and Why

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Author, Health Intuitive, Bruce Dickson online:
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