From Day One to Day Two in Energy Medicine

The Age of Quick Release Modalities is only just beginning.

Day One of the Age of Quick Release Modalities was guilty, multiple times, in multiple modalities, of “showing off.”

Richard’s early version of Matrix Energetics was the most obvious offender here. Showing off what Matrix could do in the most dramatic ways available, was Richard’s style in the early days. I’m not close enuf with Matrix in last five years to say if they still sell by showing-off.  Maybe Richard and Melissa Joy have evolved.  Maybe you can fill me in on what I’ve missed.

Day One of Energy Medicine is behind us now, we are past “proof of concept.” There’s no point to showing off.  Those who were ready to accept the significance and future potential of Quick Release Modes got it.  Those not open–will likely never listen.

kinesiologyzone memeIn the Conservative backlash of 2008-2018, my focus in Best Practices in Energy Medicine is, “What is Day Two of Quick Release Modes and how do we get there?”

The future of Energy Medicine is the coming huge shift in the economics of healthcare: Holistic practs taking over responsibility for 85% of future health and wellness care.  10% remains with doctors-pharma-hospitals for accidents-injuries and acute care.  The remaining 5% is more holistic end-of-life care.

My considered sense is, Day Two of this history involves all Quick Release modes re-tooling their focus away from the modality-technique per se and towards client empowerment, self-empowerment and client-self-connection.  These are the top goals of Day Two as I view things.

To the degree Matrix, TFT and Theta Healing, etc possibly still use “showing off” mode to sell-market, I believe this takes us backwards, not forwards.

What does Energy Medicine in Day Two look like? How does it sell and market?

I recently spent time with

in Ireland.  This is the client-centered, wellness-centered foundation I think Day Two efforts benefit from building to support their preferred Quick Release technique.

Q: Isn’t this what Touch for Health did? Why didn’t it work?

A: I love T4H; I consider it, dowsing and NLP the parents of virtually all other Energy Medicine techniques. However T4H always led in its selling and marketing with the technique of arm-pull-down. Client wellness and prevention was always in the background.

I’m not sure T4H could have been successful using the KinesiologyZone approach in the 1970s. Probably not. But we 40 years later. The KinesiologyZone approach looks much more like Day Two than T4H’s 1970s approach.

Day Three will be wrapping quick release techniques in adequate and sufficient psychic self-protection. This can only be done–is easiest to do–with an ecumenical spiritual framework. Peace Theological Seminary Masters and Doctorate in Spiritual Science has been pioneering this since 1998. See 

Your comments and questions always welcome.
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