Our Habit Body, another intro – 470 words

habit-body-minionHabits are conditioned energy, given substance by repetition.

The waking adult psyche is comprised of multiple energies. Each energy in our psyche–except free choice–can be conditioned into habitual behavior:

Lower Etheric energy (meridians, immune system)
Emotional energy
Mental energy
Mythological energy.

Q: How much of my waking psyche is composed of habits?

A: Bruce Lipton likes the 95% number. John-Roger likes the 90% number. Take your pick.

The topic of living as much as possible in the 5% to 10% of our waking psyche which is free choice, is taken up in other titles in this series, notably in Balance on All Levels PACME+Soul. This book attempts to expand known concepts of habits into and towards a useful Goethean Psychology.

Q: Why are my bad habits so persistent?

A: We are not using the 5% to 10% of us which is free choice as effectively as we could be.

We misunderstand our own psyche. Western culture has been biased towards only waking mental intelligences and has turned a blind eye to very large fractions of the multiple intelligences available to human beings.

See also the Most Significant Joke in the World about the drunk under the streetlamp at night.

Our habits–good, bad, indifferent–persits in exactly the same way the conditoned behavior of fruit flies persists.

I recall a podcast of Dr. Christine Northrop where mentions a fruit flies experiement. I am unable to find this experiment again online.

In the experiment young flies were put into a large, wide mouth glass jar. The lid is no more than a clear sheet of glass. Fruit flies have a short life cycle measured in days. After one week of eating and flying around inside teh jar, the lid, the clear sheet of glass is removed.

What happens? Do the the fruit flies suddenly leave the jar? No, only one or two out of 50 flies will ever fly outside their old, established flying patterns.

Please note this is NOT “instincts,” this is clearly “habits” invisible energy and behavior conditioned to repeat, given substance by repetition.

Now apply this to human beings. This is how traditions get repeated generation to generation. If you worship only the form of these traditions, you only worship the form, not yet the essence.

This is how traumas can become ingrained in us.

To clear these “bad habits,” we have to–in consciousness–go down on one knee, lower our frequency until we find rapport with disturbed lower-frequency levels of intellifgence. We learn what they are doing; we ask them how’s that’s working for them. If they are willing to reform and upgrade, we suggest new behaviors and new role models likely to be more workable at their level.

This summarizes a very large fraction of all successful counseling and therapy across many modes.
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