Why feet represent understanding in body symbology

“Feet” as “understanding” has been a wisdom in body symbology for a few hundred years.  Yesterday a deeper way to understand this connection came to me.

A friend of mine is an accomplished Native American born with great healing gifts and clairvoyance.  His observation is when he sees ghosts of human beings here on Earth, they have no feet.  He says other clairvoyants see similarly.  He even goes so far to say if you see feet on a ghost, in a movie-film-TV ghost, this is not an accurate representation.

This suggests our physical feet connect with ‘having a physical body.  For an authentic manifesting ghost, its lowest frequency body is astral and/or etheric. What need does it have for feet? For human beings, our lowest frequency body is flesh and blood, our “meat body.” Feet are very practical here, like them or not.

Healthy feet, clarity in our physical feet and in the acupuncture meridians running up and down each foot, suggests–for today–our understanding extends all the way down to the physical level.

Pain, disturbance, distortion in our physical feet or in its acupuncture meridians, suggests our understanding fails to extend all the way down into the physical level.

In other words, as immortal-eternal souls, our home is in Soul and Above. Our feet mark and measure our manifested understanding of how Creation works, on all levels, PACME.

Here’s hoping your feet are well and happy.
= = = =
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