NVC as care-voyance with cats, dogs and babies

cat-meowI had a conversation with a cat the other day I’d like to tell you about.

This is a neighbor’s cat who I see outside when walking. He was friendly before and was friendly again, so I could pet him.

This cat is quite old and run down, the way cats look shortly before they pass over. As I was petting him, he said, “MEOOWWRR! … MEOOWWRR! … MEOOWWRR!”

It occurred to me if I put words to this, the words would be, “I HAVE GREAT NEEDS … I HAVE GREAT NEEDS.”

An elderly cat needs to visit the vet, make his diet less acidic, receive vitamins, etc. Of course he had no words to muddy communicating his needs.
Cats may be the simplest animals to understand thru the noises they make. They don’t get much beyond, “I HAVE NEEDS.”

Barking dogs are more complex in my experience. Especially if the dog is cooped up behind a fence and especially if the dog does not get out much from his enclosure, “Woof, woof,” means, “I don’t know whether I want to play with you or tear you to shreds. I NEED someone to play and take me for a walk; but, but
I’m so angry about being cooped up, I might bite you.”

So I often hear usually these two things in a dog back. I don’t hear these from cats but most cats are not cooped up behind fences

Now we consider human babies. My experience is a human baby, of six months to 15 months, can attempt to express up to three needs simultaneously. Choose three from the following: “My body feels uncomfortable. I don’t like this! I don’t know what I need but help me! DO something! I’m scared.”

I’m thinking NVC trainers may support co-learners by:

– Spelling out how cats, dogs, babies express their needs,
– How feelings are simply an overlay to needs,
– How words are simply an overlay to feelings.

I’m thinking this supports co-learners to break their own hypnosis how only words are real and only words count and only words are communication.
Comments anyone?


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