What if cancer cells are most afraid of love?

grumpy-cat-640x426What if cancer was primarily about love and nurturing?

What if what cancer cells are afraid of something?

What if what cancer cells are most afraid of is “LOVE,” self-connection, self-empathy?

What if many people are sick due to lack of these?

I’m no fan of David Hawkins nor of his books. I do like his perspective on this topic.

Hawkins said when he sees a new client, he can already perceive the cause of the client’s illness. David says if his client does not talk about love, if they speak only of pain, resentment, frustration, David starts looking at how the client’s mental-emotional baggage connects with their body.

If a client perceives and talks about only pain and frustration–what if people get sick because of this focus?

How are sick people and negative thoughts connected?

David was fond of putting everything on a scale of vibrational frequency. He said in the 1980s, people with an over all frequency above 200, these people do not get sick. He said on a scale of 1,000, his sick patients have a vibration frequency of 200 or less.

If such a scale is valid in Spirit, what holds our frequency high or low is what we focus on over and over, our habits of attention. We each cultivate these somewhat uniquely.

The original Chinese post mentions but does not cite a Japanese cellist who got cancer. He tried fighting the disease, but he felt worse and worse. He changed his mind and decided to love all the cancer cells in his body.

He progressed to reframing the intense pain of cancer as an “alarm bell,” reminding him to perceive and express whatever blessings he could be grateful for around him. In this way, over some weeks, he changed his attitude towards his physical pain. Eventually, as he re-gained strength, he decided to love his whole life, including everyone and everything.

After about a year, he was surprised how all his cancerous cells had disappeared. Later, he became a known therapist in Japan.

My advice? No matter what injury you suffered, one purpose can be healing for you, make all choices today intending to make this a day without any harm to yourself or to others.

Extensively adapted from http://www.chinaisgood.com/wn/102/zcndbzcmhnd.html


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