All learning occurs thru forming habits

bkfrcvr-forgiveness-hbb04-300px“Humans learn by forming habits”

This is from Richard Bandler, one of the original two innovators of NLP.

“Learning” is a nominalization, an abstracting of a simple process. Nothing new is ever “learned” except that we do new behaviors, and by repeating them, take them into memory. The more we repeat a new behavior over time, the deeper in memory it is “learned.”

Therefore, “learning” is teh repeating of behavior to form what we call “habits.”
Both beneficial and detrimental habits are formed in teh same way.

The way out? You can choose again. You can always choose to create a new habit. How? By performing a new, more workable behavior and repeating it until it is learned at the level still entranced-hypnotised into teh prior less-workable behavior.

We learn in an additive fashion—repetition. A five year old learning to tie shoelaces first performs the motions with adult support and guidance. The next day or next week, the child can do a little more of the behaviors independently. Over time and with practice, the child learns to perform the behavior “all by myself!” This recognition-realization by the child’s Conscious Waking self of its own new capacity and competency
Humans learn towards 99% of everything thru repetition (The other 1% of learning occurs thru empathy).

There is almost no other way for us to learn except thru repeating a behavior until we have “learned it.” Thru repetition, our clay-like Habit Body is slowly or quickly conditioned to record behaviors we wish to store in memory for later playback.

Habits such as walking, talking and job skills—all learned thru repetition. This way we can learn even very complex behaviors like ice-skating and gymnastic routines; or, the lines of an entire theater play.

A habit is learned thru repetition, repeated behavior.

All our habits, good and bad, are learned thru repetition.

All our bad habits are learned thru repetition.

Repetition is the additive process in habit formation.


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