HBB#1 Holistic Neurology, Our Two Nervous Systems

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Vol. 1 of New Directions in Holistic Brain Balance

Neurology as if self-connection mattered, connecting body-mind-spirit, a neurology of personal, choice and personal responsibility.

Q: What is conventional neurology in 2015?

A: Sympathetic-parasympathetic, motor-sensory, central and peripheral nervous systems.

Q: Why is conventional neurology a problem?

A:  Our nervous system is NOT “no-fault.”  Choices and consequences of choices DO matter.  In conventional neurology, choice is irrelevant, personal responsibility does not exist, soul is irrelevant.  No one is ever challenged in any way.  “I think, therefore I am,” soul in the human experience but divorced from body, emotions and biology. 

Becoming aware of your two neurologies can be a big opening to self-awareness, to self-healing and to brain balance. As well, these are common issues in supporting clients.

We each have two nervous systems, two neurologies. The two have closely equal nerve fibers by weight (1907 research). One nervous system is mostly in front and below, our gut brain. Our other is mostly above and behind, our head brain, spine and lateral spinal nerves.

Having two neurologies is a good thing. Like two eyes, two hands, two feet, our two brains can work together, as a team; by analogy, “binocular vision” towards triangulating more healthy decisions today.

Where do our two brains meet? In the loving heart center. If you are only using one of your nervous systems, you’re missing out on half of your natural intelligence.

Much is known about “gut brain, head brain” which can now be reframed correctly and more widely shared.

Beyond physiology, are the benefits for psychology. Two explains, “Why am I of two minds?” It practically addresses, “How do I get my two minds working together?”

Also, puberty becomes easy to describe as a change of the locus of control from gut brain to head brain.

The biggest “wound” in the human experience is our two neurologies are split, separate, isolated, not communicating, not cooperating, not working together.

Individuals can learn how to facilitate inner cooperation, top~bottom. Inner child work of any kind is the biggest support.

Maryann (Mimi) Castellanos’ is a gifted healer, clairvoyant since childhood, assisting clients for decades (HealthyEnergetics.net). ENS~CNS expands on her topic, coupling it with other holistic brain research.

Further, combining gut brain with Conception Vessel amounts to a neurology of self-esteem. Combining head brain with Governing Vessel amounts to a neurology of self-concept.

The author does not pretend to be a neurologist. Conventional brain research is taken into account. All topics here are testable in the domain of one person, with self-testing, Muscle Testing 2.0, of any kind.

In the Three Selves, each of our two lower selves has its own distinct neurology. Conscious Waking Self prefers the cerebral brain, spine and lateral spinal nerves. Immune System Self, inner child, prefers our digestive organs, esophagus and tongue.

The more aware you are about your gut brain and cerebral brain, the sooner both can work together as cooperative teammates.

Two neurologies is the physiology behind John-Roger’s ideal of a thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought.

Some questions to conjure with:

– Which of my two nervous systems is stronger? Is one dominant?

– What strengthens my weaker neurology?

Two neurologies is the foundational physiology for Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) as well as its foundational psychology, useful for holistic health, healing and Energy Medicine.

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