HBB#5 Inner Sunshine, How to Make More Neurotransmitters


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Inner Sunshine, How to Make More;
Assess neurotransmitter production with self-testing;
The simple complexity of our unconscious

Fifth volume in the New Directions in Holistic Brain Balance series.

Who else wants to feel more loved on the inside? Inner Sunshine is a metaphor for this.

Inner Sunshine is our capacity to feel bouncy and “light;” such that, the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” roll off us like “water off a duck’s back.”

Adequate and sufficient neuro-transmitter production is the neuro-chemistry of Inner Sunshine.

I’m on a Hero’s Journey to more Inner Sunshine. Want to come along? This is written for self-testers, holistic practitioners who muscle test and anyone willing to learn Muscle Testing 2.0 with “God as you Partner.’

A “seesaw” exists in our UNconscious. On either end, “misery” and “sunshine” go up and down. If you prefer, picture this as a tug-of-war, back and forth. As one gains strength, the other must get weaker and vice versa. Misery blocks us from making Inner Sunshine. The game of Inner Sunshine is simple: Release inner misery–increase Inner Sunshine.

Increasing neuro-transmitter production is two things:

1) High quality protein and clear metabolic pathways to assimilate it,

2) Willingness in our UNconscious to make more NTs while we sleep.

We make the majority (80%?) of our neurotransmitters only while sleeping. This means 50% or more of how we make neurotransmitters (NTs) is unconscious, in the area of our psyche where “willingness” and “willingness to heal” live.

Guess what? Our UNconscious is plenty smart enuf to block production of NTs if it feels either unsafe to make them; or, does not trust the purposes Conscious Self will put more Inner Sunshine to.

In both the 1980s and early 2000s optimal protein and amino acid supplements did not produce expected NT production in about 50% of individuals. Holistic Brain Balance is about another 25%: willingness in our UNconscious.

Increasing Inner Sunshine, NT production, requires a two-pronged approach. One is iNtuitive Thinking about amino acids, metabolic pathways and the like. The other prong is iNtuitive Feeling, sensing and attending to where in our psyche we have low willingness to allow more Inner Sunshine.

This is the first book written on NTs from this perspective.

The final 25% is addressing the gut and brain microbe biome, a topic begun in the GAPS book (2004).

Find self-assessment experiments here for those who can self-muscle-test (Muscle Testing 2.0). Okay to guess and track your numbers over a period of days if you cannot self-test.

This book builds on the topic of four quadrants in each of our two brains (Vol. 2), which builds on the insight of our two neurologies (Vol. 1).

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