HBB#6 Practical Epigenetics, Best Practices in Belief Change Work


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“Epigenetics” is Bruce Lipton’s word for DNA changes caused by our beliefs—not our genes. His idea of maleable genes is spreading, penetrating more and more deeply into popular imagination.

Over our lifetime, as we change our beliefs, our habits change, even the lines on our palms and feet change. Our face changes. Why not also our DNA?

When it’s possible, permitted and clear, disturbed mental-emotional baggage can be released from our unconscious, all the way down to the level of our genes. This allows our genes-DNA to heal as well.

Given the innovations since the 1950s in belief change work, a summary of Best Practices in Modern Belief Change Work, is timely.

Bruce Lipton updated DNA-change theory. What about methods? Bruce endorses Psych-K’s use of muscle testing for uncovering and addressing faulty beliefs as effective. I hope every Reader will try Psych-K personally. However, wonderful and effective as Psych-K is, professional grade methods offer much more.

Belief Change Work has been popular in the US since Albert Ellis in the 1950s. Since then, scores of Belief Change methods have been innovated:
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
– Touch for Health muscle-testing,
– affirmations,
– NLP,
– meridian tapping,
– DNA-change-work and
– ecumenical spirituality.

These are compatible and can easily be used together for more effective Belief Change Work.

The Hero’s Journey of Self healing is a path of exploring out-dated beliefs and habits, upgrading them to more workable ones, aligned with our highest good and brightest future.

Let’s pack for our Hero’s Journey of Self-healing. We’ll need curiosity and courage to uncover the origins of beliefs no longer working for us. Along the way we’ll uncover and learn from our earlier choices. We’ll clear the recording media of our psyche, erase old programs and re-record it with new habits, beliefs, behaviors, more to our liking.

Self-healers are like Theseus in the Labyrinth hunting for the Minotaur. You decide to find the Minotaur in your own internal labyrinth when you uncover and realize the havoc it’s wreaking inside. The Hero/Heroine decides it’s up to you to go down there, root him out and transform him. Wait, before you jump, you need a method to deal with the Minotaur once you find him. Theseus carried a sword with him. What’s your method of choice?

In 2016 we have many more Tools That Heal. We don’t use a sword any more and we don’t use violence for Belief Change Work.

This book is one person’s method. It’s repeated in four versions, each one more detailed. If you get stuck, find a Healing Buddy or a safe paid coach you can trust and learn from.

Table of Contents, abbreviated

1 – Perceived inability to evolve; Power of beliefs to keep us stuck, a story

2 – Why change my beliefs?
3 – Best practices from 65 years of conventional Belief Change Work
4 – List of known professional-grade Belief Change modalities
5 – What is a belief? What’s a value? An attitude?
6 – We have beliefs on multiple levels
7 – Recent hopeful developments
8 – Multiple Intelligences 2.0
9 – How deep is my issue?
10 – Feeling Real changes we wish to make
11 – Stuck? Try “chunking down”
12 – Want to change a belief? Talk to your Habit Librarian
13 – One person’s Belief-Change Protocol, 2016
14 – Top 20 Most popular self-defeating beliefs

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