HBB#7 Self, Others, World, God, Our Four Categories of Relationship and Support

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The Pattern of our Relationships. Our relationships are highly patterned. Four categories encompass them all: Self, others, world, God. Don’t take my word for it. This comes from one partial line of Genesis 1:1, uncovered by Bertrand Babinet and introduced in Babinetics in the 1980s. Someone told me Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs address issues in these four categories. I celebrate this too.

Each category is one-quarter of our inner-outer support system. How supported do you feel in each category?

Guess what else? Each of our concerns and issues can be viewed as a disturbances with either our self, others, the world, or the Divine.

Every issue we wish to address resolve can be found in one of these categories. This is the benefit of Unconscious Patterns used for self-healing.

This booklet describes each category and simple home experiments to measure your health in each category and how to strengthen weak categories.

S.O.W.G. is perhaps the easiest Unconscious Pattern of all to understand, the gamut, the range of relationships and support possible in the human experience.

Testing thru the categories of Self, Others, World, God, is by far one of the most-used Tools in my Healing Toolbox.

Which category of relationships supports you MOST now? In which category do you feel LEAST supported in?

Guessing or self-testing answers to these questions can provide therapeutic direction, to those looking for direction. It’s applications for personal-spiritual growth appear to be endless. Healthy Therapeutic Direction is always to strengthen our weakest link.

The four categories are especially useful to sort out mysterious-unknown felt-sense (kinesthetic) disturbances. Virtually every mysterious disturbance we feel, falls somewhere in Self, Others, World, God.

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