HBB#4 Forgive from Your Soul, Slow-Motion Self-Forgiveness, the Missing Manual

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Even in 2016, Self-forgiveness remains the forgotten super-hero of growth.

Slow-Motion Forgiveness(SM) increases your effectiveness as a forgiver by clarifying and simplifying hands-on use of forgiveness.

How? It converges the wisdom of NLP, Habit Body and ecumenical spirituality into a sequenced method for self-healers or client support.

In a client situation, Slow-motion Forgiveness shifts more responsibility away from the facilitator and onto the client. The client has to do the counting; and so, is more likely to claim the healing action.

Since NLP, we’ve learned more about habits. We’ve learned we learn everything thru repetition. This means all our issues and PTSD are also created thru repetition. Any issue we wish to reduce or release can be viewed as a habit pattern no longer serving us.

Once we understand ‘repetition creates habits,’ we can use repetition to release them. The easiest repetitive behavior Conscious Waking Self does is counting, so we use counting to delete the repetitions thru which we learned to feel jealous, or abandoned, or angry, etc.

Slow-motion Forgiveness is a good way to go thru inner drama and stories no longer serving us–for the last time.

There’s more detail. Composing an effective Forgiveness Formula is an art you can improve on for a lifetime.

This all works best done with ‘God as your ‘Partner.’ Beginning with a prayer of protection and ending with a prayer asking our Higher Guidance to remove any and all negativity released, makes the process safer and more Grace-filled.

The indivisible smallest units in psychology are one habit and one choice. Each of us as soul balances between our habits and conscious, deliberate choices.

Our internal stories are built on these but not in a 50-50 ratio. Bruce Lipton says the ratio is 95% habits to 5% free choice.

All these learned repetitions together are called our Habit Body. Our Habit Body is run by our Habit Librarian who knows where all our habits are and how many repetitions it took to learn each habit we wish to be free of.

Experiments suggested are for home use. To get the most out of this method, work with a Healing Buddy, where you trade time with each other. Readers already able to self-muscle-test will get the most out of this method and this booklet.

SMF has been field-tested since 2001 with clients, with consistently excellent results. Anyone who can self-test, or who is willing to learn can use SMF. No counseling training is required to do this. Counseling training can only make you better at this.

Healing intention is your greatest Tool That Heals. We activate our soul by attention-intention. This is why everyone can forgive. Be aware of what moves and shifts. With practice self-sensitivity increases.

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