New directions in holistic brain balance-optimization, DRAFT for comments

Given advances made in the TWO Decades of the Brain, 1990-2000, new directions in brain balance-optimization are partly predictable.  How to think about Holistic Brain Balance and research 2015-2025.

Written by Bruce Dickson, Intuitive Healing Coach.  Initial gift session by phone-Skype on request.

Likely course of holistic brain balance next 100 years

I see a strong pattern continuing:  conventional researchers, literature and the public will slowly catch up to innovations achieved in the 1990s and documented in the 2000s.   Over time, 1990s innovations will be shown to offer more insight, depth and understanding towards, more effective practical methods.  1990s methods will continue to expand among holistic practitioners.   In 50 years more self-healers will experiment with these methods.  In 100 years more lay persons will experiment and achieve results the way initial innovators did.

In the next ten years, 12 new directions in holistic brain balance and brain optimization are likely to stand out:

New direction 1 ~ Our waking psyche will increasingly be understood as one-third, conscious and two-thirds unconscious

While not strictly accurate, a simplified two-fold model provides most access and entry for students of brain balance to expand beyond more limited, two-dimensional, color-blind (non-holistic) 1900s psychology.

Conscious-waking self is by design the most limited and superficial of our Three Selves.  However, proclaiming our middle waking-self as our only self, “I think, therefore I am,” will be increasingly seen as a choice, useful at the time, but increasingly detrimental in light of evolving towards a mind-body-emotions-biology model of human experience.   In the light of Emotional Intelligence and Compassionate (non-violent) Communication, “I think, therefore I am” is primarily useful in the history of rationalism.

The narcissism of “nothing else exists but me,” and, “I am all there is,” will be obvious to young persons especially.  Additional and clearer ideas of the Three Selves, the Bigger You, the Bigger Me, will replace earlier more narrow concepts of human potential.  The fear of uncovering Our Many Selves will subside for those with courage to become more balanced, whole and loving.

New direction 2 ~ The limitations of conscious-waking-self will increasingly be discussed

The most limited, superficial part of our psyche, the Decider-Chooser Function will be acknowledged as partial, not having all the answers, and having built-in limitations and biases worth managing.  Our Decider-Chooser Function will increasingly be viewed and evaluated in the context of Emotional Intelligence.  We will view our waking self as multi-intelligent and multi-logical, many intelligences working collaboratively, connecting as best they can.  A dozen or more intelligences appear to be active in waking, human adult psyches, each with its own logic, intelligence and potential genius.  Each is kept distinct by differences in frequency, like different radio stations.  A 3D hologram of multiple nodes will be understood as an easy way to visualize this.

Our Decider-Chooser Function will remain the Captain of the ship, the manager and regulator of all active intelligences.  Decider-Chooser Function will increasingly have the humility to consult directly with other intelligences to gain additional intelligent perspectives.  Connecting with, communicating with, consulting and collaborating with, our Immune System Self will be viewed as Job One.

New direction 3 ~ Video game consoles and smart cell phone hardware architecture will be a major metaphor for our multi-intelligent psyche 

The complexity of our psyche is reflected in hardware and software architecture of computers, video game consoles, tablets and smart cell phones.  Our adult psyche has many similarities to other complex audio-visual input-output devices.  To effect audio-visual input-output, multiple processing chips are used.  In BOTH our psyche and in audio-visual input-output electronics, a multi-logical team of cooperative-collaborative routines, in multiple levels of frequency and tempos (bit rates) is required.

In  waking adult psyches, twelve or more intelligences appear to be active, 12 or more overlapping, interlocking logical intelligent levels, each contributing its unique genius to the whole.  This model is complex enuf to begin to model how and what we  experience in everyday thinking-feeling-behaving.   The exact number and relative strength of each internal intelligence is likely to be unique for each person.  A parallel idea, Howard Gardner’s concept of Multiple Intelligences, proposes this last part also.

Simpler metaphors are not adequate to analogize the range and flexibility we have as educated, waking adults.

While the engineering of audio-video input-output electronics remains only a metaphor for what occurs in the waking adult psyche, recent electronics engineering remains wonderfully approximate to how multi-layered, interactive intelligences must be constructed, engineered and function.

Tho not the primary active level in the waking adult psyche, our physical-material brain will increasingly be viewed the same way, as multi-intelligencent, all logical levels acting in parallel, in concert and harmoniously in healthy persons.

This leads to…

New direction 4 ~ Conscious choice & decision-making will increasingly be modeled as soul capacities

While waking thinking-feeling-behaving is analogous in architecture to complex audio-video input-output electronics, conscious choice-making is not.  Conscious choice-making has nothing in common with electronics hardware–conscious choice-making is analogous to the USER of electronics, who, to some degree, stands outside and apart from the technical workings of thinking-feeling-behaving.

While adult capacity for thinking-feeling-behaving requires a complex model, conscious choice making does not.  Any simple conception of soul as immortal-eternal and contributing the capacity for awareness and alertness, is all that is needed.  Further detail on soul, soul’s individual expression in human experiences and the future of soul when a human experience ends, is beyond the scope of a Holistic Psychology.

We never did have “free will” yet we do have free choice,  Adult freedom to choose will increasingly be viewed as distinct from learned behaviors, learned responses conditioned to repeat from memory (Habit Body).

A simple non-intellectual conception of soul is in concert with, “We are not humans having a spiritual experience, but souls having a human experience” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  This idea has been expanded on most usefully and popularly by University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology programs.

New direction 5 ~ Habit Body will become the model of 90% of our psyche

iceberg-2ness-choice-habit-bodyA 1900s model of our psyche still useful today is the “Freud-Jung-Steiner iceberg model.  The top one-third of our psyche is home to wakeful freedom to choose.  This top one-third is supported by a lower two-thirds.  These are a repertoire of learned behaviors, behaviors conditioned to repeat, our Habit Body.

Richard Bandler says most human learning is acquired thru forming habits.  The simple phrase, Habit Body, connotes even to lay persons how we have multiple levels of habits, a repertoire of habits, a library of habits.  “Unconscious” connotes things difficult to perceive and often impossible to change.”  “Habits”and “Habit Body” connote things we can change, manage, upgrade.

New direction 6 ~ Outside of accidents and trauma medicine, brain health will be measured by relative health and connectivity of four head quadrants

Why?  Because it’s much simpler and easier than any other approach.  “One (mono) brain” model worked poorly; two brain hemispheres model worked poorly–four head quadrants is just right.  Brain balance and connectivity is easy to measure in terms of brain quadrants.

Four brain quadrants, each with variable relative strength,  works really well to model the preferences and behavior of seven billion or more unique individuals.

Current “hard science” says four brain quadrants emphatically do not exist physically except in a hypothetical nature. No argument. Brain quadrants defy the dissection table, every physical measure and so far every electronic device.  While our gut brain quadrants are about 30% independent of our internal organs and digestive anatomy, our four cerebral brain quadrants appear to be 100% etheric in nature, 100% independent of our internal organs and brain anatomy.  This topic is taken up in the seven booklets of Holistic Brain Balance (2016).

Rudolf Steiner was the first to talk about the etheric body “freeing itself” from the physical-material body to enable thinking.  Only recently has Holistic Brain Balance been in a position to clarify this and articulate the Angelic Plan of how our more primitive gut-brain evolves into waking-conscious thinking, a serviceable vehicle for consicous-waking choice and decision-making.

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This site is an “intro to brain quadrants.” Check out other articles as useful to you.

New direction 7 ~ Holistic Neurology demonstrates thinking-feeling arise from our two nervous systems, gut and head brains

Two nervous systems, each with variable activity, in each of four quadrants, are the substrate for all personality typology systems.  A polarity exists between replaying and repeating learned, conditioned behavior (habits) on one hand; and, the other pole of conscious, deliberate choice and decision-making.

Taken together these factors are adequately complex to model close to 100% of all waking human behavior, spoken, unspoken even dreams.

New direction 8 ~ NO physical-material schema represents our waking psyche adequately

Interest in physical, chemical, electrical and genetic explanations for brain function will subside as corporate funded research-for-profit in these areas subsides.

Ungrounded physical-material-electrical speculations will be replaced with common sense.  Waking thinking-feeling will be recognized as neither physical, chemical, electric or genetic in origin or in process. This will permit the return of natural mystery and humility towards brain-psyche investigation.  

Anatomical, chemical, electrical and genetic factors are each valid intelligent levels worth understanding, if your interests require it.  However, NONE of the following, nor any combination, appear to model our psyche comprehensively:

– Dissection table brain anatomy,

– Contrasting capacities in brain hemispheres,

– 1990s “triple-wrapped” triune brain model,

– Bio-electro-chemical reactions, even millions of simultaneous interactions,

– Genes and genetics.

NONE  of the above, nor any combination model thinking-feeling-behaving elegantly.   While none of the above are primarily causative of thinking-feeling; on the other hand, EACH of the above remains a valid logical level in our psyche, EACH contributing its own intelligence and genius.

Only a multi-modal, multi-intelligent psyche model accommodates this kind of both-and versatility-flexibility.

Earlier obsession on brain anatomy per se will recede into correct perspective: our anatomical brain is a valid, limited logical level of brain function.  

Our internal thoracic organs do indeed “add up to” our digestive, assimilative and eliminative functions.  However this “car engine parts model” does NOT apply to functions at the level of our heart, lungs and higher.  

We can look “under the hood” and grasp how the sum of our thoracic organs add up.  We CANNOT do this for internal processes in our heart, lungs and higher in our body.  

Our thinking-feeling from the heart and lungs upwards is NOT a composite of functions of constituent organs.  On the other hand, the “car parts model of brain function” remains very relevant in cases of of brain damage and organic dysfunction.

Electro-chemical-genetic ideas of waking adult function will persist until people grasp brain phenomena as primarily etheric in nature (electricity is one of the “fallen” forms of ether.  The esoteric term “ethericity” will become more common). 

Activity of and connectivity between head quadrants, will increasingly be recognized as primarily causative of thinking-feeling.

New Direction 9 ~ Whole-brainedness becomes the goal of Holistic Brain Balance

All four quadrants of our brain can be healthy; all four can and should be optimally connected; all four can and should work together, as a team; or if you prefer, like the four cylinders of a gas-powered car.

In the new mainstream culture coming, decisions and choices based on what is workable for seven generations or more, will embrace whole-brainedness as an antidote to the self-destructive drama of extreme triple-brainedness.

“Whole-brainedness” has considerable cultural significance. Within it are solutions to the triple-brained stress of late-phase corporate-capitalist-consumer culture. Whole-brainedness is what comes after war and againstness are given up as strategies and tactics, unnecessary, unproductive, unaffordable.

“Whole-brain” thinking is the thinking style of Third Order Science, “What is for the greatest good for the greatest number, in this situation?”

“Whole-brainedness” is the psychology Occupy Wall Street was looking for but was too ignorant of Energy Medicine developments at the time to access.

Whole-brainedness has considerable significance for immunology, the keys to resolving the “wars within” of autoimmune disorders, the immunology of self-destruction. These occur in our UNconsicous, on the level of cell-level-intelligence.

A whole-brained approach is the antidote to the stress and confusion of Our Many Selves internally.

New direction 10 ~ Self-muscle-testing, 20 or more methods, is acknowledged as the cheapest, easiest, most reliable-verifiable form of live brain research

Direct access to sub- and unconscious thinking-feeling (two-thirds of our waking psyche) is relatively–to extremely inaccessible–to physical-material tools and Second Order scientific materialism.  Self-muscle testing elegantly addressed this problem.  As long as we restrict our conclusions primarily to the realm of one person, single individuals, we remain on solid ground.

The inaccessibility of waking activity in our psyche is offset by the ease and low cost of self-muscle testing.  Self analysis and client assessment remain free except for time, limited only by expertise and willingness to do one more simple experiment.  The cost-benefit of assessing brain quadrants with muscle testing is so favorable, competing, sustainable, technological solutions are difficult to imagine.

Synergy: The ideas of Habit Body and head quadrants radically simplifies the assessing and treatment of neurotransmitter (inner sunshine) deficiencies.

Over time, muscle-Testing, 20 or more simple methods, will spread as the primary way to perceive, detect, access, assess, navigate and address brain wellness and dysfunction. Why? Muscle-testing is cheapest, reliable access and has many beneficial side-effects.

New direction 11 ~ Solution-Focused Brief Therapy & Compassionate Communication (NVC) gain popularity for parents and brain balance practitioners

More public practice of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Compassion Communication (NVC) will occur. They will be used as training models and tools for parents, brain balancers and self-healers more generally.

New direction 12 ~ Over time, more holistic practitioners will have access to the two-thirds of our psyche from our “neck-down”

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