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Inner Family using Inner Court archetype names

Holistic Neurology, our Two Nervous Systems

…is the easy entry to Holistic Brain Balance. Every adult has a gut brain and a head brain. Beginning with two nervous systems supports us expanding beyond limiting conventional psychology of the 1900s.

Four brain quadrants is the legacy of Ned Herrmann form the 1970s and his student, Katherine Benziger. Direct access to this content had to wait for Babinetics.

Four quadrants in our gut brain

…is where Babinetics (1980-1997?) started people learning how to directly access sub- and unconscious content using self-testing. New as this was, some were able to take ahold and climb. In our gut brain, our big job is clearing unwanted and excess reactivity. “Cleaning the Aegean Stables” images this, a Hero’s Journey of self-healing, for those looking for this.

Four quadrants in our head

…begun by Babinetics, was expanded on by Healing Toolbox and became the seven booklets of Holistic Brain Balance [LINK] Here we are able to access our unconscious habit patterns of our entire Soul Journey. “Cleaning the Aegean Stables” again images the opportunity to clear unresolved disturbances, an advanced Hero’s Journey of self-healing, for those looking for it.

Q: How do I start?

A: Become a Nurturing Parent to your inner child, the child-within

Success in working with our child within is a good prerequisite for working in the head. Stand-out methods here are:
– Creative visualizations, feelingization (Feel It Real),
– Gestalt Therapy empty chair work,
– Scripts People Live by Claude Steiner
– Redecision Therapy by Goulding

Q: Wait a minute, four quadrants in each of two brains?

A: Correct. Noting major differences between our gut and head brains is crucial. We are learning to think like Angels. Angelic architects of our psyche thought in terms of holograms; and for memory storage, fractal storage architecture. The unlimited storage capacity of fractal systems can be seen on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fractal+zoom+mandelbrot

Q: Are our two brains basically the same?

A: No. They share the same quadrant divisions, but differ in placement of archetypes. Our gut brain is organized in a vertical plane. Our head brain is organized, on a horizontal plane.

Q: Does two brains have anything to do with puberty?

A: Yes! “Who’s driving the bus?,” locus of control, shifts from below to above during puberty. Afterwards, Conscious Waking Self drives the bus. However our gut brain remains the expert on matters of diet, sleep, all aspects of material lifestyle—not conscious self. I consult with my basic self many times daily on all practical matters. So do my advanced practitioner friends.

That’s it.  More on any of this can be found in the seven Holistic Brain Balance booklets.

What’s your best entry point, best starting place for you?
Our Two Nervous Systems overlap 100% with the lower two selves in the Three Selves model. Babinetics used the Three Selves as part of its foundation. This isn’t changing any time soon. If the Three Selves are new to you, check it out.

To Learn More:

– Learn about the Nurturing Parent paradigm from George Lakoff in his books and many interview podcasts. Many people now are stuck in the Stern Father paradigm, feeling unable to outgrow old ways of thinking and move towards Nurturing Parent.

– A Skill Ladder of Self-connection methods exists. These help anyone wishing to re-integrate their two nervous systems more fully. The Skill Ladder is HERE. 

– George Lakoff is aware “Stern Father” and “Nurturing Parent” is exactly analogous to “Old Testament God” and “New Testament God” in the Christian Bible. But Lakoff only uses this as a metaphor, not to sell Christianity. ALL religions are progressing from Old To New.

– To graduate to self-testing, Muscle Testing 2.0, most individuals need familiarity with both their child within and Holistic Neurology.

– No one inside the human experience understands fractal storage patterns very well, so stop trying. What’s worth knowing about quadrants-within-quadrants is this is therapeutic direction, a line of inquiry, if nothing you have tried so far works.

– Ask for Grace. Practice asking for your own Higher Guidance. Practice doing just one more experiment to see what happens.

– Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA.org). This is where some of us are attuning to for our Spiritual Guidance and Protection. If you find something better, tell us.

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