Law of Rumi

rumiThe Law of Rumi suggests your best personal growth strategy is addressing unresolved blocks and obstacles between you and more of the positive quality you desire.

Whenever someone says, “I want to be healthy,” or, “I want more Love,” or, “Success,” I recall what the poet Rumi said in the 1400s:

You can’t go directly after more of a positive quality.

Rumi suggests what we CAN go after directly, is our blocks and obstacles between us and any positive quality. What’s in my way—that’s what I can go after directly.

I learned Rumi’s Law from a live USM evening where a poem by Rumi to the effect of the above was quoted, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself you have built against it” ~ Rumi

Q: Is ALL personal-spiritual growth as easy as this?

A: No. However the Law of Rumi helpfully focuses people on what they can do first. In other words, focus on the “low-hanging fruit.”

Q: What else do we know about “low-hanging fruit” in pesonal-spiritual growing?

A: Most of it is reactivity, over-reacting and under-reacting to life.

Q: What’s an example of “under-reacting”?

A: Choosing not to make a difference when you know it will help; such as, not voting in significant elections.

I believe the Law of Rumi also connects with John-Roger’s idea, “you have to go after spirituality indirectly.” In the human experience, we are authorized to clear up our own blocks and obstacles, our own negative habits even into our sub- and unconscious.

University of Santa Monica Spiritual Psychology program puts it this way, “The fastest way to change something, is to take personal responsibility for it.”

Hot air ballon ballast metaphor

If you like addressing-removing blocks-obstacles to what you wish more of? A second natural metaphor suggests itself.

A human-sized hot air or helium balloon, is prevented from rising non-stop to the stratosphere, by carrying ballast, weights, sometimes sand bags. If you release ballast–weight no longer needed–the balloon goes up. If you release gas from the balloon, you go down.

What takes us up in life is our feeling of well-being, of wellness, of health. Feeling well comes from cell-level-intelligence when its needs are met. Maybe you can say it better in your own words.

What takes us down in life is unresolved, invisible, mostly unconscious, mental-emotional blocks and obstacles. Without training to recognize Unconscious Patterns, most people feel vague discomfort, apprehension or anxiety, at least from time-to-time.

As a person sets their intention to remove unnecessary blocks and obstacles, take responsibility, get support; or even, get trained in a method to recognize and release old patterns, issues weighing down cell-level-intelligence moderate and can be released.

About 90% of the time, releasing a core stubborn issue occurs over time as our issues are highly layered in our psyche.

About 10% of the time Grace is available to release a specific old pattern because Soul and Above perceives you have already learned your lesson on that one. I like to call this a “Get out of jail free card.” How do you get Grace? You ASK.

If you go to a window glass factory, you can find a dozen panes of glass windows lined up vertically ready for shipping. You can see thru 12 panes of clear glass at once. If the glass is clear, you can imagine there is nothing between yourself and a person or object on the other side of the sheets of glass. Reach out your hand and you learn something unseen but tangible blocks you from connecting with what’s on the other side.

In self-healing and Energy Medicine, we’re always looking to connect with a greater felt-sense of wellness, wholeness and Oneness. Each cell is born knowing how to be healthy. However 12 sheets of clear glass can stand between conscious-waking self and health, the natural programming of our cells.

When we remove burdens and heaviness no longer necessary, our cells light up and lift up. They go back to being healthy. The balloon goes up.

Law of Rumi as “working on yourself”

Rumi’s suggestion was a throw-forward to what we now call “personal-spiritual growth” and “working on yourself.” What’s your method? What experiments do you do here?

John-Roger was once asked, “What do you do in your spare time?” His reply, was, “Work on my bad habits.”

Subtraction is the main math process in personal growth

Most people are more familiar with the “additive process” of personal growth: affirmations.

We affirm what we wish more of. That’s adding-strengthening conditioning in our Habit Body. Definitely a time and place for this.

We misunderstand forgiveness in the simplest of math terms. Affirmations are “adding.” Forgiving is “subtracting.”

With blocks and obstacles, subtraction is our goal. It helps to realize this.

This is why affirmations, the analog of “addition” work in such a limited way; this contributes much of the confusion around the Law of Attraction. You can’t add, before you subtract. Subtract first.

How we get hung up on addition

In-utero and after birth, we endure an additive educational process. We add to and grow our physical body, we add to and grow our emotional body, we add to and grow our vocabulary, etc.

As infants, we want this because our psyche begins as a blank slate. To switch metaphors, we are hungry to fill this void.

We add thousands of habits to populate our unconscious. Local family and cultural values and behaviors needed to function in our family and local culture get inculcated. The majority of these have been absorbed in our unconscious by age three.

Because “addition” was our earliest and most memorable ‘math experience,’ we tend to go thru life adding things to our life, hoping that will make us happy.

The “redecorating” analogy

Say you want to completely re-decorate your living room. Before you can bring in new furniture and hang new pictures on the wall, what do you have to do?

You have to remove and carry out the old worn-out rug and old tired furniture; the old has to go first to make room for the new.

Maybe old antique wallpaper has to be physically stripped off to make way so a new paint job can replace it.

“Old has to go first to make room for the new” is true everywhere in our Habit Body, especially in the unconscious.

Why? Because 90%-95% of our consciousness is our Habit Body. What’s that? Conditioning, conditioned responses. You can teach a dog new tricks but first you have to stop reinforcing old conditioning you wish to extinguish.

Our unconscious already understands this. It does not take drive-by attempts at personal growth seriously because it sees conscious-waking self has yet to do the work of changing the old conditioned response first.

It’s healthy to “redecorate” your Habit Body. We even have names for this: “re-inventing yourself,” and “makeover.”

This is easiest to see among musicians. Whether you like their music or not, Bob Dylan and Madonna are two famous examples, who over a lifetime, reinvented themselves several times. Who do you know who made themselves over, that you admire?

It’s also healthy to refresh our Habit Body because our dysfunctional habits are more accessible in the human experience, here and now, than either before we were born, or after we leave our physical body behind.

Now is the ideal time to SUBTRACT, clear, resolve, shed and release unresolved disturbances.

The Bigger You the Bigger Me understands this. It’s only conscious-waking self who forgets such common sense.

Self-forgiveness, the main subtractive process in growth

This is why self-forgiveness can be so powerful; it deletes old conditioned responses no longer working for us.

Forgiveness is the subtraction function in our psyche, the “delete key.”

Self-forgiveness is useful in almost every situation. Even tho, everything Forgiveness deals with is invisible, it still works.

Main discussion: Forgive from Your Soul, Slow-Motion Forgiveness(SM)

The Law of Rumi applied to success

The Law of Rumi suggests greater success appears when we acknowledge, address and subtract blocks and obstacles to our success.

Holistic Psychology says life is not one Game but two, an Inner Game and an Outer Game.

Blocks to our OUTER Game of Success will be more obvious. Most everyone is already working on this diligently because we can see these from the neck up.

Blocks to our Inner Game of Success will primarily be from the neck-down, not so easy to see; in fact, invisible by definition. Subtracting our blocks and obstacles to success in the Inner Game requires education and practice in uncovering habit patterns no longer working for us.

Clearing our bottlenecks to material success happens somewhat uniquely for each individual. Hence the value of having your own Healing Toolbox. What’s in your Toolbox?