Logical Levels 2.0, NLP meets PACME

Logical Levels 2.0 (simpler, clearer, with diagrams)

Logical Levels, simpler, more comprehensive view

(addressed primarily to NLP and Energy Medicine practitioners)

In the 1970s, in psychology NLP the big breakthrus in basic research were not made in academia. They were made in NLP.

What was academic psychology doing? Psychologists in academia were busy consolidating a money machine around professionalizing counselors, certification programs and continuing education for counselors.

Largely left alone in this period, for purposes of basic research in psychology, NLP innovators were more organized, insightful and productive. From 1970 up to around 1985, NLP was the cutting edge in psychology basic research.

VAKOG and Logical Levels

Early NLP literature–either implicitly or explicitly, I can’t recall–said each of our five animal senses are each a Logical Level.

I hope this is part of NLP, it’s certainly the way I took it. Full discussion in the two Senses booklets on Kindle.

Energy Medicine pulls ahead of NLP

In the very early 2000s, many diverse quick-release methods had been proposed, documented, tested and used. So many methods were proposed, consumers could not distinguish between methods. Adding to consumer confusion, no comprehensive holistic theory nor general holistic experimental method was even proposed until 2014.

Consequently, “Energy Medicine” became the catch-all consumer term for meridian tapping, meridian tracing, muscle testing and all other quick-release methods, including NLP.

From a practitioner standpoint, Energy Medicine incorporated self-muscle-testing while NLP ignored this. Consequently, since about 2005, Energy Medicine has taken the lead in basic psychology research.

This article intends to bring NLP and Energy Medicine closer together so they can work more as teammates and collaborators.

What can NLP practitioners and Energy Medicine practitioners learn from each other? One big thing is to appreciate each other’s view of Logical Levels.

The term comes from the NLP side, coined originally by Gregory Bateson.

It appears Logical Levels is a valuable NLP idea which can be stated more simply and accessibly, when informed by Energy Medicine.



Above is Robert’s own LL diagram. See To Learn More at end for one of Robert’s original text versions.

In Energy MedicineLogical Levels has a very different meaning. Why? It starts from 140 years of clairvoyant Theosophist metaphysics. After 1985 these things could be begin to be verified and findings shared among muscle-testing and self-muscle-testing practitioners.

What metaphysical ideas exactly? For example:





The above liquid tower demo connects with the old Eastern idea of soul in the waking human experience has one physical-material body and additionally, several less dense invisible bodies (Imaginal, emotional, mental, mythological).



Considerable consensus exists on this across Buddhist, Theosophical, Anthroposophical and Indian metaphysical systems. The most modern clarity on this traditional model appears in Light and Sound groups. Guru Nanak, a Light and Sound teacher in the 1400s may be the start of written-down literature on this topic.

Not until muscle-testing and self-muscle-testing became widespread among holistic practitioners in the 1980s, was any means short of full, direct clairvoyant perception available to verify the presence and activity of these ‘density bodies’ in human beings.

To return to NLP, Logical Levels is perhaps more accessibly understood as the categories each person’s experience in waking human consists of.

Q: So what? What’s is a model of human beings with different density bodies good for?

A: Acknowledging differing Logical Levels is a key to resolving virtually all communication mis-matches:

– The adult parent tells the child to do X. The child says “Yes, I understand,” and does Q,

– My left hand did not know what my right hand was doing,

– I thought you and I were in concert on this issue–but now it’s clear we disagree. How’d this happen?

– “You say potato i say potato; let’s call the whole thing off” Original 1937 video of this song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ3fjQa5Hls

– [Carlos, any more examples come to mind?]

Familiarity with Logical Levels, especially those possible to verify-validate with muscle-testing, supports untangling mis-matched communication–even within the domain of a single individual.

Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Logical Levels, density bodies in the waking human experience and Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences (1984, et seq) can all get along and inform each other, as I view them.

In the early 1980s, parallel to NLP, Gardner pointed to distinct styles of intelligence:







intrapersonal, and


Consider how two styles of intelligence could view the same external phenomena differently, say attending a funeral or attending a birthday party. An individual strongest in logical-mathematical intelligence would perceive things quite differently from an individual strongest in interpersonal intelligence. Right? Different details would be perceived as meaningful, depending on which intelligence you prefer to view the experience thru.

The insight to keep in mind is no matter how differently two different intelligences view the same funeral or birthday party, each intelligence exercises logic–within its own confines.

Q: Isn’t this example horribly sexist and obvious?

A: The example is deliberately male~female oriented because Logical Levels go far to explain conflict between males and females.

The male experience has its limited range of intelligence. The FEmale experience has its own range of intelligence. These two views sometimes agree, sometimes not. When we view phenomena using BOTH intelligences, much name-calling and sexism dissolves. This is a conflict resolution power Logical Levels have.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences remain relevant to classroom educators of all kinds. Those interested can read his books or check YouTube.

Empathy as

expanding your comfort zone

beyond your preferred Logical Level

Another power Logical Levels have is facilitating Conscious Waking Self to perceive, appreciate and learn from, Logical Levels above and below its preferred viewing point.

The big bottleneck in humanity for centuries now, perhaps millennia, continues to be lack of inner cooperation, lack of acknowledgement, communication and cooperation between gut brain and head brain.

Exposure to Logical Levels–how each level of intelligence has its own logical within its own confines; and how, its intelligence, within its confines, needs to be acknowledged and honored as such, is a key for connection.

If an intelligence above or below your current station perceives you as unsafe and/or untrustworthy, why should they allow you entry to explore their Logical Level and its wonders?

This of course is the archetype of “the rules” for how Conscious Waking Self can enter the Kingdom of Fairie; and, the kingdom of your own Child Within.

In the 1980s-1990s, a large fraction of students learned many NLP methods. Regretably many did not learn how to approach the unconscious in ways the unconscious perceives as safe and trustworthy. Thereby hangs a tale.

Conscious Waking Self has to discipline itself to reduce tendencies to judge, belittle, slander, discredit and dismiss Logical levels foreign to our “home base” comfort-zone Logical Level.

What’s the biggest gap between conventional “hard” science and holistic folks? Lack of acknowledgement and appreciation for differing Logical Levels of intelligence. The Three Sciences we use everyday bridges this gap.

What’s the biggest gap between Conscious Waking Self and its Child Within? Lack of acknowledgement and appreciation for differing Logical Levels of intelligence. Inner Child work addresses this.

Cell-level-intelligence is very much a kind of sub-set of the Inner Child. Individuals who learn to “read” their own Child Within, are halfway to being able to “read” their own cells, tissues, bloodstream and so on.

“Reading” Cell-level-intelligence is a big enhancement to most if not all Energy Medicine methods. Once a practitioner learns to “read” his or her own Child Within, they are halfway to “reading” meridians, acupuncture points, cells, organs, and so on.

Further discussion on this exists in many of the Tools That Heal books.

If you see a way to make this more clear, please comment below.

Sketch of all Logical Levels in human experience

The simplest way to talk about Logical Levels in the human experience is Rudolf Steiner’s sketch:

waking <=> dreaming <=> sleeping

Which connects with

head <=> heart <=> hands

Each of these three-fold conceptions sums up the waking human experience elegantly–if without much precision, the human experience as if seen from afar. This topic is taken much further in several books and booklets including NEW Energy Anatomy: Nine new views of human energy; No clairvoyance required.


I wish I could say Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences or NLP was the next most logical closeup view after head <=> heart <=> hands. <sigh> no such simple sequence is obvious to me.

More precise view of Logical Levels in human experience

For most readers I believe more valuable is uncovering the principal Logical Levels of soul in the human experience. See if you can add or take away from this list:

P ~ Physical, including cellular, meat and mineral. This Logical Level is highly documented in human anatomy.

e ~ Meridian, vital, energetic and metabolic. This Logical Level is highly documented in acupuncture meridians and points.

I ~ Imaginal (astral), ambition, pretending, vague feelings and vague impressions, which can be intuition speaking, imagination. This Logical Level is highly documented in the History of Imagination.

E ~ Emotional (causal), emotions. This Logical Level is highly documented in psychology of the 1900s.

M ~ Mental, mentalizing. This Logical Level is highly documented in psychology of the 1900s.

M ~ Mythological (unconscious upper etheric). This Logical Level is highly documented in Games People Play, Scripts People Live, Why We Pick the Mates We Do, Redecision Therapy. Greek-Roman mythology, super hero stories.


Soul and Above ~ Home frequency of our immortal-eternal soul. Home of all positive qualities. Most negative qualities are corruptions of positive qualities, corrupted by choice and then perpetuated by habit.



Did I leave anything out? In the literature, this scheme is most commonly called “PACME,” using the old Theosophical names for these levels and minus meridians and soul.

All levels above are a succinct sketch of the waking, adult psyche. The sketch seems even more accurate if you subscribe to Bruce Lipton’s idea 95% of activity in our psyche is not conscious and deliberate. About 5% is conscious and deliberate, the part we call choice. The other 95% is described by habits on these other levels, PACME.

Ideally, all these levels above are aware of each other, connected with and working together as teammates.

Any lack of connection between these levels can be described as one or more Logical Level disconnected from one or more other internal Logical levels.

This topic and its history is expanded on in You have FIVE bodies PACME; Spiritual Geography 101 (99 cents)

Logical Levels in healing human disturbances

It’s not only human experience which has these large Unconscious Patterns. Human healing employs these comprehensive, inclusive patterns too. PACME has been used in some Energy Medicine methods since 1985 (Babinetics.com). As of 2017 this asset remains unknown outside small circles of holistic healers and their clients.

Other large-scale patterns of Logical Levels:

Genesis 1:1 has part of one line listing the four major categories of human issues:

– Issues with Self (health, Inner Child),

– issues with Others (in your own Tribe, family, those you see daily),

– Issues with the World (outside your own tribe, foreigners, also customers, also service and ministry opportunities),

– Issues with God (authority, Bosses, ultimately your own Divine Nature within and above).

Guess what? Guess which logical level of issues people in Western corporate-consumer culture have the most difficulty with?

If you guessed “the category most foreign to and distant from our “home base” Logical Level” you are correct.

If you guessed “God,” you are correct. Because about 1948, our own Divine Nature within and above is the least-addressed category of issues in Western culture, we have the least language for it; therefore, the least awareness of and ability to navigate unresolved issues in this area.

SOWG is discussed in full in Self, Others, World, God, Our Four Categories of Relationship and Support

Logical Levels in emotional hurt

The last of the widely useful Logical Levels I learned from Babinetics, the last of widely useful Unconscious Patterns is, the four categories of emotional hurt:

– Feeling rejected by others,

– Feeling disappointed by others,

– Feeling abandoned by others,

– Feeling embarrassed, dishonored, betrayed, obliterated by another or others.

Have I left any major category of hurt out? Yes, two or more hurts can be concurrent in an individual.

More discussion of these in Unconscious Patterns in the Light of the Inner Child and NLP

Paper version:  https://www.createspace.com/6559749


I wonder if what happened in the Gregory Bateson and Robert Dilts eras was something like this. More Unconscious Patterns than anyone could shake a stick at were uncovered and verified.

However due to the lack of any comprehensive holistic theory; and, the lack of any general holistic method, Bateson, Dilts and their colleagues were left to grapple with huge Unconscious Patterns with their intellects alone, as abstractions alone, largely unable to ground them, easily verify and validate them. This is why they gravitated to NLP demonstrations and client work. Outside of muscle testing, NLP and hypnosis are virtually the only other ways to verify and validate invisible changes in the psyche of one individual.

If the above has truth to it, what I suspect happens, is in about 100 years, more people use the Three Sciences and self-muscle-testing. The result? NLP ideas including Logical Levels spread widely because now anyone who wants to can verify and validate these for him or herself.

Love to hear your comments.

To Learn More

Robert Dilts’ more complex and abstract view of Logical Levels is here in text form http://www.nlpu.com/Articles/LevelsSummary.htm

I also consider Teri Gorski’s contribution to our undrstanding of addiction and codependence in the late 1980s as worthy of being on the same historical timeline NLP is on.


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