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This journal began a few years ago exploring topics around Mark Starr’s and Jerry Tennant’s topic Hypothyroidism Type 2, the Epidemic

Cell replication is sex for cells

Cell replication is probably best understood by humans as healthy sex (orgasm) between men and women. Cell replication is as close as cells get to higher realms beyond the physical.

Let’s apply this to mitochondria. They make cellular energy. Making energy (ethericity?) may be the prime time mitochondria are close to higher realms and Angelic activity.

Let’s look at the Golgi bodies. They make some or all of the Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) including Chondroitin sulfate, the most prevalent GAG, principle ingredient of Rerum. Making Chondroitin sulfate is probably the most pleasurable thing Golgi Bodies do.

The above suggests a pattern. In Conscious Self language, the most pleasureful thing to do at the cellular and intra-cellular level is to “follow your instructions” and make the product you are supposed to make, whether this is new cells or intra-cellular products for cell use and export.

In this each cell, each intra-cellular organelle, has its own intelligence (the old word was programming). Its intelligence is very good at making at least one product. Doing so for the cell or the mitochondria, etc, is “nectar of the gods” for them.

Back to mitochondria. This gives us some sense of what mitochondria like and prefer to do, make cellular energy (probably ethericity of a low frequency just a bit higher in frequency than physical cells themselves. Probably not as high as astral frequency but towards this).

Using oxygen is top priority

The body’s use of O2 is THE most basic issue, at the top of all these priorities:

– Air–for the oxygen

– water

– food

– exercise

– touch and affection

Breaking out of our limited view of oxygen use

In human culture now, we live in a mental box about our 02 use. We think only in primitive binary terms of, “I can breathe,” or “I can’t breathe.”

O2 is so significant, our immune system/etheric body probably has multiple sensory pathways to perceive its activity. We’re simply not attending to these, not educated to the additional sensory apparatus we have to perceive shades of gray in our 02 use.

Q: Can’t we simply muscle test our current 02 use against our optimal 02 use?

A: Yes we can. I’ve explored this and find it interesting. I also think there is more.

Q: Why would we need more than muscle testing?

A: Because measuring our current 02 use against our optimal 02 use can only be done with numbers. Numbers are an abstraction.

Q: What is more real than numbers?

A: At this time, the feeling level of our 02 use is likely to be our most-open sensory pathway. In NLP this is the kinesthetic sensory pathway. In Holistic Brain Balance, building on Steiner, we talk about the seven kinesthetic senses “feeling” in all concrete senses of the word. Full discussion in the two booklets on the senses.

Q: What emotions are my mitochondria feeling?

A: Yes, this is the obvious and relevant question.

Are your mitochondria depressed?

If you have studied depression from almost any angle, it’s clear depressed persons do not breathe as fully as chronically happy people. Depressed people slow down their air intake; therefore, their 02 intake.

Habit Body theory tells us every frequency in our psyche is intelligent; therefore, every intelligence in our body can learn. How do we learn? Mostly by forming habits (Richard Bandler).

When we conjure with “depression” as a “habit” in your “unconscious,” keys to work with depression as a pattern begin appearing.

A way forward here is to ask yourself, “Have I ever been depressed?” If you have, have you considered how time you spent depressed, acted as “programming” to your Habit Body, specifically to your breathing and mitochondria?

What programming does experiencing “depression” send to our breathing and mitochondria?

Clearly “being depressed” sends them the message to “slow down and do less.”

How many times do you think you have been depressed in the past year? Past ten years? How about this lifetime?

Counting how many times you felt depressed this lifetime adds up to a number, even if you are estimating.

Now consider how many prior existences you have had on Earth and perhaps on other planets. Do you think you could have been depressed in one or more of those lifetimes? If depression is a recurring choice (experience) for you this lifetime, is it possible you could have been depressed many times in prior lives?

I’m thinking persons for whom depression is a recurring habit pattern in this lifetime, “rehearsed” and “practiced” their depression in prior embodiments, maybe for a long time.

Where do you think unresolved memories of depression, from earlier times are stored? In our unconscious, specifically in unconscious frequencies of our Habit Body.

Guess what else lives, moves and has its being, in the unconscious frequencies of our Habit Body? Our mitochondria.

The above suggests how “depression” could easily be viewed as a habit, an unwanted habit in our Habit Body.

Q: How can I check if my mitochondria feel depressed?

A: I only see two ways to perceive this. One is thru some form of self-testing, such as Arm-length Testing. The other is go to someone who can test you or who is clairvoyant and can see this directly.

Q: Can I use meridian tapping to move this?

A: Probably. When you run out of meridian-tapping-strategies, try muscle testing.

Perceiving depressed breathing in our rib cage

The best text for this is the classic, The Body Reveals; What Your Body Says About You (1984) by Ron Kurtz and Hector Prestera. It’s available for one cent plus shipping online.

The short version of this book applied to our topic goes something like this. If your chest and rib cage is contracted-narrow, this suggests you may have brought unresolved unconscious habits of depression, from earlier times, into this present life. Why? A narrow chest suggests, in infancy, your basic self did not feel safe to breathe fully nor feel fully. Our simple-minded word for this is “depression.”

Be careful not to go overboard here. An over-expanded chest and rib-cage is probably just as dysfunctional as an under-developed chest and rib cage. Wilhelm Reich was the first to uncover the connection between over-expanded chest and rib cage and narcissistic-neurotic tendencies. This is in his still very readable book, Character Analysis (1948).

DANGERS of increasing your 02 usage

Significant dangers exist in healing your 02 usage and mitochondria, some of the same dangers as taking dried pig thyroid supplements.

The main danger is as soon as your cells receive more 02, they begin detoxing.

You can prove this to your self by lying down and hyper-ventilating for ten minutes. When you feel tingly, this is your cells detoxing.

Q: Yes, that’s Rebirthing and related methods. Why did these fade away?

A: They were not interested in, nor following, adequate and sufficient safety measures. This is discussed directly below.

The more unwanted debris and toxins your cells wish to unload, the SLOWER you want to detox.

Our cells live, move and have their being in our unconscious frequencies. These frequencies are intelligent. They are simply so far away from and foreign-seeming to where we spend most of our time, in Conscious Waking Self, we know little about them; unless and until, life impels us to learn about them.

What we forget is our cells carry not only unresolved physical toxins and heavy metals but unwanted habits imaginally, emotional, mentally and mythological. These will also begin to release as you raise your 02 usage.

For safety’s sake, please always ask for the Light of the Traveler and your own Higher Guidance, in Soul and Above, to fill, surround, protect and guide you in any healing action. Even more specific, please ask any detoxing process proceed only at the rate my physical body can handle, for my highest good.

How I’m healing my disturbed mitochondria

I’m sure many ways to do this. Here are methods I’m experimenting with. Comments invited; conversation welcome.

I forgive myself for unwanted depression at the level of my mitochondria #1, #2, #3…

I forgive myself for unwanted mitochondria mutation #1, #2, #3… (See Mark Starr’s Hypothyroidism Type 2, the Epidemic).

I forgive myself for unwanted mitochondria aberration #1, #2, #3…

I forgive myself for depressing my mitochondria, the first time I depressed them, 2nd time, 3rd time, …

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