Personal sessions

bruce-dickson-headshot-300pxSeveral ways exist for me to support you walking your own Journey.  Schedule a Holistic Brain Balance session.  I work as a Health Intuitive.  Call 626-627-0296 to schedule a 30-40 minute initial session for $25.00.  Each session starts and ends with asking for Light, Love and Sound from Soul and Above. This is for your protection and for mine.

Then we work on how I can support you on your concerns guided by your own Higher Guidance because that’s the easy way.

See below for more detailed description of sessions. First calls taken at 8:00 a.m. PST. Last phone calls taken at 9:00 p.m. PST. Scheduling session times Call Bruce at 1-626-627-0296 or email at HealingToolbox -att- gmail  com

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To arrange a session call  1-626-627-0296

Money Back Guarantee

Every session has a money back guarantee:  If after the session you feel your time was wasted, you can request a refund, minus any PayPal fees, within 24 hours.

~ Disclaimer ~

Bruce is not a doctor and does not diagnose, treat nor do therapy. Nothing he says should replace what you’re told by your doctor or therapist.  He simply has decades of experience using Tools That Heal and has found some  workable methods worth sharing.  Together we create custom healing solutions to clear blocks and obstacles to your health and success.

What we do together in sessions

Testimonials ~ now on own page HERE I ask for Guidance and protection for both of us. I ask for your own higher Guidance to be present. I ask you what you wish to work on. If we need more clarity, with your permission, I can communicate directly with your immune system and your own higher Guidance. These two are the experts on your concerns, not me. I’m the delivery boy. Often the need is to release negativity oppressing your cells. Slow-Motion Forgiveness often works. Once freed of interference (static), your cells bounce back to being as healthy as they can be. All Healing Toolbox methods are based on the Three Selves and protection of Soul & Above.  All methods I use are verifiable with any kind of muscle testing.  Money-back guarantee on all work, within 24 hours. Skype: SelfHealingCoach in PST timezone between 8 am and 9 pm ~ Bruce [at] Arcadia, CA  91006.  I can also see clients at Gateway, WLA, on alternate Thursdays.

Are you safe to work with? I follow both the Law of Spiderman and the Law of Gentleness.

What’s a session like? ~

With your permission, I speak directly with your immune system and your own Guidance, to learn what’s oppressing your cells.  Your own immune system knows the most effective way out of your health concerns, so let’s talk directly with her.  Your inner child and immune system are functionally equal. They are the expert on your physical body–not you, or me, from the neck-up.

Everything I do is teachable as long as you take up self-testing in some form and practice within the context of ‘God is my Partner.’

More biography and list of my teachers is HERE

What’s an “Intuitive Healing Coach” or “Health Intuitive”?

Holistic practitioners skilled at perceiving and translating Messages from the Body support indiviuals making new healthy choices. Health Intuitives simply have more Tools That Heal in their Healing Toolbox, than most people; and, more practice using them. The Law of Rumi says we can progress by uncovering and removing blocks and obstacles to health and success, even to soul transcendence. Your own Highest Guidance sees your blocks and obstacles more clearly than I can; so, we work the session from your Highest Guidance. We use my 30 years of practice in the field as a resource to get you unstuck and moving up again.

Professional Credentials & training

Bruce studied with Rudolf Steiner College, John-Roger, Touch for Health, Caroline Myss and Bertrand Babinet. – Best Practices in Self-Healing ~ training system and book series, 2012 – Master in Spiritual Science, 1996 and all three years of Doctorate classes, Peace Theological Seminary, 1998-2008. – Breakthrough Parenting Instructor Certification, 2004. – Self-Healing Facilitator certification, 2006 – Masters in school counseling, Loyola Marymount, 2003. – CA Teacher Education courses completed with honors, 1992. – Waldorf Teacher Training, 1986-88, audit 2001. Each person heals uniquely. Let’s get you unstuck and back on track towards your goals, dreams and passions.

Healing Toolbox supports anyone on their own Hero’s Journey of Self-healing.  Anyone interested can begin taking their own baby steps.  Wellness and Oneness are the goals. Supporting clients is the most fun aspect for me.  What would you work on changing if unconditional love was your life partner?

Walk no path that does not loving on it, at the beginning, on the way and at the end ~ BD

Bruce’s personal story of building his own Healing Toolbox

Around the year 2000-1, life was good, unresolved issues were not pressing on me. I had already taken most of Bertrand Babinet’s classes and all the PTS Masters and Doctorate classes that existed in 2001.

I was in career limbo, near the end of my Waldorf adventure, in Santa Cruz area working with a group of wonderful parents, on a school that never opened. In Santa Cruz I encountered and assimilated Katherine Benziger’s work on the four brain quadrants and grasped how it expanded what Bertrand had done. I had no pressing issues on my front burners, no children of my own. I had no spouse and no local friends to hang out with. Very few if any MSIA people were within 100 miles. My day job as a substitute teacher was wearing thin but still flowing.  My living expenses were low. So for six-12 months I had the luxury of asking daily, “Is there something I can clear today?” This led me to a wonderful inner clearings and releases, not every day, but almost every day. Asking for spiritual assistance and working on my own issues was workable for me.

It was very heartening to me to have connection with Beings outside of me, bigger than my waking-conscious self.  This was the start of connecting with a Bigger Me, who had an interest in me and my issues. When asked, often playing a game of 20 Questions, this larger part of me could lead me to the single best thing to clear in this day. I could get to this, address it, and begin to move varied issues.

This demonstrated to me the effectiveness of my Toolbox and the Tools That Heal I had accumulated. I was honing my Tools That Heal and learning my craft, being taught from within.

I began to learn, “Bruce, we can see the next issues possible, permitted and clear for you to address.  We see them lined up for you, for your highest good. All you have to do is show up, ask, listen, learn, take aim, and ask effective questions. Just do one more experiment.”  Another way to say it is, the door was open; all I had to do was walk thru it.  This period was wonderful practice in learning to relax. I didn’t have to know much. Willingness to ask was the larger part. As Maryann Castellanos has since said, “You don’t have to know; you only have to ask.”

This period was constant training in asking effective questions, following wherever they led. I knew enuf not to become too enamored of ‘Sherlock Holmes thinking.’  I was becoming and Energy Detective but the brand seemed too egotistical for me, too much “addicted to what I am allergic to.” Instead in the realm of self-concept, I took this training period as practice with ‘God as my Partner.’

I was applying Healing Toolbox Tools to unresolved disturbances at a great rate but the endgame was not to become Super Healer. The endgame was removing blocks and obstacles to how I connect with the Beloved. Each day was another opportunity for me to look for repressed, hidden, cloaked and disguised disturbances. There seemed to be no lack of these.

After about a year, the response to “Is there something to clear today?” evoked no response, which I always take as suggestion to, “When in doubt, don’t do.” My life became less a matter of “digging” for things to clear. I like how life brings me what I need to work on. I don’t need to dig.

Bruce has office hours on Thursdays in Irvine, CA at