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Since 2001, I’ve seen clients professionally and facilitated live events as a Health Intuitive.  Holistic Brain Balance, Slow-Motion Forgiveness; and, using ‘God as your Partner’ have been my focus.

I support people on their Hero’s Journey of Healing by connecting them with their own Higher Guidance.  I can show you how to practice this.  Then we explore your concerns from this perspective. We uncover and clear blocks and obstacles we find.

Need study materials?  20 books in Best Practices in Energy Medicine, 7 books in Holistic Brain Balance, 40 videos, and hopefully more live events to come.

More generally, more methods for self-healing are being shared publicly than ever before on Earth.  This means the Hero’s Journey of Healing is more accessible to more people and more are looking for these Tools That Heal.  An Energy Medicine Skill Ladder of methods exists, about the same as the Skill Ladder of Self-connection Methods.

Anyone wishing to begin home experiments in self-connection can do so.  New experimenters who experience success with one or more methods may become self-healers.  A few of these will pursue professional training in one or more methods; in addition to keeping their own psyche clear, they will assist clients to do the same, as possible, permitted and clear to do.

I predict more holistic practitioners will grasp and practice the Law of Spiderman and Law of Gentleness.  These facilitate healthy empathy and healthy boundaries for healers and coaches.

All of us benefit from “working on their bad habits” like John-Roger modeled.  Best Practices in Modern Belief Change Work are now summarized in Practical Epigenetics.

To whom it may concern, the best Psychic Self-Protection comes from intending ‘God as your Partner,’ whatever your chosen method for home experiments.

Why?  Because “Karma flows to its releaser.”  Our limited ego is all too happy to claim itself as the healer so negativity released flows towards the practitioner.  This is not optimal for healers and coaches.  Your own Higher Guidance in Soul and Above wants the best for you. Start there; end there.

20 books on Best Practices in Energy Medicine

Looking back, I guess I was born at the right time and participated in enuf of the seminal developments of holistic healing and belief change work that I ended up having a good perspective to describe the history of methods and the evolution of methods up thru 2015.  No one else was covering this.  I had the time, so I did it.  Now anyone interested can find basic curriculum for energy schools useful across many methods.

Balance on All Levels PACME+Soul

Energy Medicine sprung out of Humanistic Psychology (1955-1975). However after 2002, Energy Medicine burst beyond all conceptions of humanism as conceived in the 1900s. The “wound” of the lack of:

  • A comprehensive holistic theory, and
  • A general holistic experimental method

became a pressing issue to resolve.  People had been thinking since the 1990s, some new, quantum science paradigm was required.

As is often the case, the answer was not just over the horizon, but directly behind us, at our feet.

In 2014, Goethe came to the rescue. Goethe’s holistic science from 200 years ago, updated into today’s lingo, supplies both missing pieces above. Goethe’s holistic science and method informs and supports all holistic health and healing activity; including, Energy Medicine methods. Goethean Holistic Science is the supportive science holistic healers were looking for.

The heavy lifting connecting all the dots is done.  Find it in 2016 book, Balance on All Levels PACME+Soul.  Available as a 400 page book, as two volumes and in eBook sections of mostly three chapters.

Did you know we use Three Sciences Everyday?

The major significance of Goethe’s holistic thinking in our post-2012 world is this. Within Goethe’s approach, using modern eyes and language, we realize everyday we are using Three Orders of Science. This realization is more aligned with parenting and women’s issues than “hard science” ever was.

Galilean-Cartesian-Newtonian “hard science” wants just one science and wants to be King of the Hill in science, an approach highly aligned with Patriarchy, win-lose dominator thinking.

When we expand our thinking to Three Sciences, hard science falls naturally into place as Second Order Science. Its focus is on physical-material plane survival and lifestyle comfort. Anyone reading this willing to stop using indoor plumbing or hot running water? I didn’t think so. So BOTH are good; all THREE sciences are natural categories of adult thinking.

Live events

Bruce initiated and co-founded the WLA Holistic Chamber of Commerce with Camille Leon in 2008.  A list of 60 other live events he created is HERE.

Recent Media appearances

  • Dr. Karen Kan radio show, Sept 2013
  • Justin Elledge radio show, June 2013
  • Oops, I didn’t keep earlier radio records.
  • List of 60 live public events delivered is HERE.


Walk no path that does not have love on it at beginning, on the way and at the end.

A hero’s journey of self-healing begins with using what’s already in your Healing Toolbox now.  Start with self-connection, kindnesss, compassion, honesty.

Everyone heals uniquely.

Wherever you are now, is a good place to begin.

Seven billion ways to muscle test exist. One or more of these is yours.

Not everyone has the karma to become a healer working on clients yet everyone has something they wish to heal.

An excellent event is many small details done excellently.

While self-muscle-testing is the modern way to expand self-awareness, its time of general public acceptance is 100 years from now.

What’s most timely for most people now is live, face-to-face sequences of safe, fun, social, interactive group process intending personal-spiritual growth.

Progressive leaders and organizers don’t seem to have noticed their Progressive audience has evolved from “issue driven politics” to the needs and concerns of Cultural Creatives.  So far, Insight Seminars remains the primary or even only org addressing Cultural Creative needs directly and effectively.

Testimonials from professionals

That session was so wonderful! I really felt a big shift – something radical happened. I’m experiencing a sense of lightness and psychological clarity that seems in some way completely new. Much gratitude for your contribution to my well-being.
D.G. staff person at

What Bruce has created is nothing less than a Waldorf school curriculum for healers, a good thing! ~ Maryann Castellanos, the Issues in the Tissues doctor at

Bruce is an expert in self healing ~ Samuel Kiwasz, Community Synergist/Educator,

Friendship. You have brought great relief and release to my life… ~ Barbara Berg, author, Ring Shui: Move your rings; change your life

…Thanks for making a difference in my life!

Warm Regards, Lorna, (professional intuitive coach)

I have done a lot of energetic work with many healers, both giving and receiving, over the last 30 years. Bruce has a very unusual and unique view into the client and approaches ‘clearing work’ with much greater insight and clarity than most. His many years of experience amount to a large treasure chest of techniques. He can work very fast yet with extremely effective results. At his prices, he is a real bargain for the service he offers. I would certainly recommend his gifted balancing, clearing and healing to anyone.

Be happy, joyous and well! Sherwood Duane, Intuitive Healer

Testimonials from clients

Dear Bruce, I feel deeply touched by your time and love. I feel great today, like some weight has lifted. …
A poem inspired by this moment and dedicated to you:
Colours divine, pure and true,
Loving breath that embraces you.
How sweet is a moment that opens the gate
And allows some peace to meditate.
Meridians flowing from the earth to the sky,
Healing and liberty from God’s holy eye.
Blessings to those who walk the path of love,
For they have earned the rite to fly as a dove.
Love and Light,
L.M, London, England

Hi Bruce, thanks for your help. Today I was much happier and I got some students to be responsible for their own behavior. Cheers! ~ Margie, Special Ed teacher

Bruce’s “Inner Child” phone session was excellent. He guided me through several hidden mental and emotional blockages. I find myself now, in various life situations, spontaneously using some of the techniques he taught me to be more fully open to the joy of the present moment. I find Bruce to be a wise, skillful, and loving “Light worker” who is doing his part in helping mankind emerge into the great Golden Age that we are, even now, entering into.

With full love and respect… Jim Martineau, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (professional tennis instructor)


Questions for Bruce

  • Why do you say, “The Meaning of Illness is Now an Open Book”?
  • With explicit permission from callers, Bruce can muscle test them long distance; therefore, callers can for support and we can begin to both assess and work on solutions together.
  • How do we build a bridge to our body’s own wisdom?
  • What are Messages from the Body and how we learn to listen, interpret and use our pains to our advantage?
  • What physical things have you healed in yourself?
  • What are the TWO Games of Success in Business and why must we learn to play and get good at both games?
  • Who is Island Man and why are we so disconnected between neck-up and neck-down?
  • Why do you say, “Each person heals uniquely”?
  • How did 19th century science stop evolving? Why is Goethean Holistic Science the  easy way for science to evolve?
  • Why and how whole-brainedness, is the most likley psychology Occupy Wall Street was looking for. Why whole-brainedness is the strongest solution to planetary problems in the post-2012 world.
  • Which water is best?  This dilemma is easy to achieve thru muscle testing: which water raises the frequency of your blood?
  • What is the NEW Energy Anatomy?

Newsworthy topics I can speak on ~

  • The rising fequency of the Earth, how it’s affecting individuals, how to respond to it.
  • The need for individual and local self-reliance now; including, self-healing methods.