Skill Ladder of Self-connection methods (& Energy Medicine methods)


For anyone who wishes to, a Skill Ladder exists anyone can climb.

The ladder metaphor supports anyone using it reaching a higher level, more difficult to reach unaided.

Wondering where to begin your own self-healing experiments? A clear Skill Ladder of Energy Medicine methods exists. The lowest rungs are available to anyone and everyone. Each person can climb up or down as they wish.

Persons wishing to take one more step forward on their own Hero’s Journey of self-awareness and self-healing can find a way up using this Ladder.

The endgame is finding simple, safe, small, comfortable, daily, home experiments you can do at home and with friends and/or organized groups.

Climb up or down. You find your own comfort level. What’s your next level of comfortable challenge?

The labeling of each rung on this chart will continually change as methods and teachers come and go.

As much as possible, the Skill Ladder embraces the full range range of methods, techniques arts, running the gamut from exercising simple five-sensory percepts, all the way up to, out of the physical body soul travel.

Why do we need a Skill Ladder now? We didn’t before the 1970s. So few holistic modalities existed and so little excellent, peer-reviewed literature existed, few people were climbing up.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Applied Kinesiology and Touch for Health became the grandparents of a few dozen modern Energy Medicine arts, techniques, methods. Since the 1970s, the number of holistic healing methods, from all origins, has grown to 300 or more. Each year a few more new ones come and a few more old ones are lost.

A ladder helps us avoid overwhelm and to organize which methods scale to my natural talents and life expeience. A ladder shows how self-healing methods rank in difficulty to learn and achieve meaningful results. Beginners can start on lower rungs. Health professionals can begin higher; and, perceive what their next level of expertise might be. A Ladder encourages step-wise, meaningful progression upwards.

Q: Are higher methods automatically more effective?

A: No. “Effectiveness” can only be determined in the domain of one person at a time. Plants and herd animals we can treat as groups. Human beings each heal somewhat uniquely.

Q: Why do you emphasize “experiment”?

A: No learning without experiments. No experiments, no learning. Babies learn thru experiments.

Find full discussion in Balance on All Levels PACME+Soul.

The whole apple cart of conventional science, 1850-1960 is overturning in light of the Three Orders of Science we use everyday, Chapter 20 BOAL

How will your children’s children learn science? Not by having their heads stuffed full of facts. They will be being encouraged to ask questions, to ask more questions and to ask more precise questions.

Q: Do I have to become a scientist to practice a self-healing method?

A: No and yes. No, you do not have to get a college degree in chemistry, don a white lab coat and peer into a microscope all day. Yes, in that if you wish to take more baby steps on your own Hero’s Journey of self-awareness and self-healing, you cannot do tomorrow all of the same behaviors you did yesterday. You must experiment, make small baby-step changes towards your goals and projects.

In real life the Hero’s Journey is gradual, baby-step by baby-step, improvement. Trying to do a few things today a little differently than yesterday, according to your goals, preferences and pleasure.

Q: Who can get the most value out of an Energy Medicine Skill Ladder?

A: First, anyone with strong motivation to acquire skill in self-healing and/or client support. As you might expect, the largest fraction of these folks will already be holistic counselors, practitioners, coaches and healers.

Second, those looking for a new self-healing method to experiment with. Are you already skilled at EFT and wondering what’s next for you? Use the Skill Ladder to navigate to a new method which seems do-able for you.

Lower~higher rungs polarity

Methods on the lower rungs require the least natural talent and least practice time to get effective results with.

Lower rungs emphasize sensitivity in and through your physical body and five senses. Here we practice perceiving tangibles we can feel, hear, see, smell, taste and touch.

Our five animal senses are not “lesser” in any way in my experience. Advanced creative visualizations used to uncover and heal or sub- and unconscious rely on just these five categories of sensory images.

The most basic self-healing techniques require nothing more from beginners than doing–and noticing what happens. The lower rungs develop self-sensitivity.

Methods on the higher rungs require more natural talent and much more practice to get effective results with.

Higher rungs emphasize sensitivity and responsiveness to invisibles and intangibles.

Q: Do skills accumulate going up the Ladder?

A: Somewhat. Methods at higher rungs incorporate skills on lower rungs variably.

It won’t surprise you to hear individuals mastering methods high on the Skill Ladder, practiced many of the skills on the lower half of the ladder first, as part of their schooling.

Tangible vs. invisible concerns

A natural break exists at self-muscle-testing. From self-muscle-testing on up, we are dealing more with invisibles, things not visible with only animal eyes and anaimal senses.

When dealing with physical toxins and pollutants we cannot see or sense, we protect ourselvs with gas masks, hazard suits and so on.

At muscle testing on up on the Skill Ladder, we begin considering real things unseen as equally real to things tangible to our five animal senses.

How are you going to protect yourself from unwanted invisible energies you cannot see or sense?

Q: What are Best Practices in this area?

A: Begin all your experiments by asking for God to be your Partner. Participate in if this appeals. Full discussion in Self-Healing 101! 2nd ed.

Towards the top, energy invisible to conventional eyesight, increasingly becomes the subject in itself. Higher rungs require increasing perception of invisible energy in your self, around you and in clients, if you see clients. Sensing energy becomes more than ‘incidental phenomena;’ energy itself becomes the subject.

Still, it all comes down to: What kind of experiment will you do next?

Going to a practitioner and paying money is one kind of an experiment. The more self-healing experiments you can do your self at home, the further your money goes.

Dedicated self-healers try various methods at home: yoga, meditation, meridian tracing, muscle testing, etc.

As in learning to play any musical instrument, the more experiments and practice time put in on a method or process, the more music you can play.

Q: I thought intention was the only real healer?

A: Your willingness and intention to heal is demonstrated in how many experiments you do how often. As John-Roger says, a person practicing a lower frequency spiritual exercise more often, makes more progress than an individual with a high frequency exercise who practices it infrequently.

Will you do one more experiment today?  Tomorrow?

Q: What happens if I don’t practice any method?

A: Your personal-spiritual growing tends to be abstract, conceptual, intellectual, from the neck-up only. That’s great if you wish to strengthen your mind from the neck-up.

If as an adult, you define personal-spiritual growth as more Oneness, more whole-brainedness; then, the intellectual approach can only take you so far, up to the Mental realm, no further.

Since we are ultimately soul, not mind, all of us have to leave our mental development here on Earth when we leave the body after our last breath. More practical to develop our soul awareness because we take this with us when we go.

Why not simply try a method comfortable for you and learn how it works for you?

If you put in practice time with your method, it chips away at your blocks and obstacles to healthy flow PACME+Soul. The Universe rewards doing.

Q:  Are all methods equally safe to practice? No.

A:  No. Each higher level requires clearer and clearer personal boundaries, increasing psychic-self-protection, personal and professional ethics.

As each healer practices uniquely, each healer and self-healer protects themselves uniquely. “Psychic-self-protection” is crucial for our immune-system-self to feel safe and trusting. More discussion in Adequate and Sufficient Psychic Self-protection: For Healers and Energy Medicine Practitioners

Skill Ladder of Self-Connection

Imagine a second ladder parallel to the first, a Ladder of Self-Connection Methods and Techniques.

This second ladder displays methods of deliberate two-way communication between conscious self and basic self, between Waking Self and your Child Within. At the high end, it shows methods where High Self bridges down to join Conscious Self and Child Within.

Self-connection embraces a huge range of methods, techniques and arts. They run the gamut from exercising bodily, sensory awareness, all the way to soul transcendence. On this ladder everyone who wishes to can find safe, comfortable home experiments to do. Each experiment you do is a step forward on your Hero’s Journey of Self-healing.

Now imagine these two ladders on top of each other. Not much difference is there?  They are virtually identical. If you can suggest more useful distinctions, call me.

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