Skill Ladder of Self-connection methods



For anyone wanting self-connection, a Skill Ladder exists anyone can climb.

Why a ladder?  A ladder metaphor helps us avoid overwhelm and encourages slow, step-wise progression.  A Ladder encourages step-wise, meaningful progression upwards.  Start on lower rungs, work up to higher rungs. 

In personal growth and transformation, the big issue I see in the world today is people struggling to identify; and then, consistently practice, at least one form of self-connection. 

Q:  WHY is this a big issue?

A:  As more people experience the Outer World as disturbed and unsupportive of truly human values, they try to go inside to their own Inner World–but there’s nothing there. 

For many people there’s nothing there unless and until individuals practice some form of self-connection on a regular basis. 

Q:  If I learn how to heal myself, do I then have to heal others?

A:  No.  Our main job here is to take care of our own self first; be available to serve others, share our overflow with others. 

What most of us seem to be in dilemma about is, “What can I do to offset the massive out-of-balance I see in the world and people around me?”  

Self-connection is perhaps the biggest key here.  If I connect with my self, I am likely to demonstrate to my family, coworkers and friends the value of self-connection, the value of playing the Inner Game of Life. 

Most people seem susceptible to corporate media tracking us into giving all our attention into the Outer Game of Life.    If you wish more balance in your own life, if you wish a balance between your Inner and Outer world Games, only you can do this for you.

The Good News?  A clear Skill Ladder of Self-connection methods exists.  The low rungs are accessible and available to anyone wishing more juice in their Inner Life.  Feel free to climb higher or lower until you find your comfort level.  

Q:  What if later I become bored with my chosen method?

A:  This signals you are ready to try the next higher rung up.  The only wrong way to try something new is–not to try at all.   What’s your next level of comfortable challenge?

The endgame method of self-connection is identifying and practicing simple, safe, small, comfortable, home experiments on a regular basis.  All the methods are generally more fun and productive done with friends and/or groups.  We need each other to heal. 

Q: Are higher methods always better, more effective?

A:  No, not necessarily at all.  What you want is “workability” a Michael Hayes idea.  If I can pole vault over a 20 foot horizontal bar; and you, are pole vaulting for your very first time, what the expert does may inspire you but is not relevant to you finding and taking your own baby steps–so that later–you can pole vault over the 20 foot mark. 

The  “effectiveness” of each self-connection method can only be determined individually, in the domain of one person at a time.  Plants and herd animals we can treat as groups. Human beings each heal somewhat uniquely.

Q:  What if I have some serious health concern I have to heal?

A:  Self-connection will be necessary sooner or later to heal.  Since the lower rungs are all easy and cheap, why not start here?

Q:  How do I know when to try a higher or lower rung?

A:  When you feel bored with your method; or, your own willingness to heal says, “I’m willing to risk doing something different.” 

My guess is the thousands of people who have tried and found success with EFT-TFT,  Brain Gym and Qi Gong tapping and restorative movement “recipes” are the most likely large pool of people ready to progress up their own Skill Ladder of self-connection.  What’s next level seems do-able for you?

Lower~higher rungs polarity

Lower rung methods require less natural talent, less whole-brainedness and less practice time to get effective results.

Lower rungs emphasize sensitivity in and through your physical body and five senses. Here we practice perceiving tangibles we can feel, hear, see, smell, taste and touch.

Our five animal senses are not “lesser” in any way in my experience. Advanced  visualizations used to find and heal internal health concerns rely on just these five sense category images.

The most basic self-healing techniques require nothing more from beginners than doing–and noticing what happens. The lower rungs develop self-sensitivity.

Methods on the higher rungs require more natural talent and much more practice to get effective results with.

Higher rungs emphasize sensitivity and responsiveness to invisibles and intangibles.

Q: Do skills accumulate going up the Ladder?

A: Somewhat. Methods at higher rungs incorporate skills on lower rungs variably.

Individuals mastering methods high on the Skill Ladder, practiced many of the skills on the lower half of the ladder first, as part of their schooling.

Tangible vs. invisible concerns

A natural break exists at the middle, at self-muscle-testing. From self-muscle-testing on up, we are dealing more with things invisible to only animal eyes-senses.

When dealing with physical toxins and pollutants we cannot see or sense, we protect ourselves with gas masks, hazard suits and so on.

At self-testing on up on the Skill Ladder, we begin considering real things unseen as equally real as things tangible to our five animal senses.

Best Practices for protecting yourself from unwanted invisible energies you cannot see or sense begins with asking for God to be your Partner in every experiment.  See more at if this appeals.  Full discussion in Self-Healing 101! 2nd ed.

Each healer and self-healer protects themselves uniquely. “Psychic-self-protection” is crucial for our immune-system-self to feel safe and trusting. More discussion in Adequate and Sufficient Psychic Self-protection: For Healers and Energy Medicine Practitioners.

Towards the top, energy invisible to conventional eyesight, increasingly becomes the subject in itself. Higher rungs require increasing perception of invisible energy in your self, around you and in clients, if you see clients. Sensing energy becomes more than ‘incidental phenomena;’ energy itself becomes the subject.

Increasing your self-connection comes down to: What kind of experiment are you willing to do next?

Going to a practitioner and paying money is one kind of an experiment. The more self-healing experiments you can do your self at home, the further your money goes.

Dedicated self-healers try various methods at home: yoga, meditation, meridian tracing, muscle testing, etc.

As in learning to play any musical instrument, the more experiments and practice time put in on a method or process, the more music you can play.

Q: I thought intention was the only real healer?

A: Your willingness and intention to heal is demonstrated in how many experiments you do and how often. As John-Roger says, a person practicing a lower frequency spiritual exercise more often, makes more progress than a person with a high frequency exercise who practices it infrequently.

Will you do one more experiment today?  Tomorrow?

Q: What happens if I don’t practice any method?

A:  Your Inner Game of Life will be less rich.  If you don’t want a more 50-50 balance between your Inner and Outer Games of Life–why are reading this? 

We are ultimately soul, not mind.  Why not simply choose a method comfortable for you and learn how it works for you?

Q:  Are all methods equally safe to practice? No.

A:  No. Each higher level requires clearer and clearer personal boundaries, increased psychic-self-protection, increased personal and professional ethics.

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