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gut-brain-head-brain+bg-hi-resSummary of the model used in Holistic Brain Balance

In the 1970s humanistic counselors and therapists found the inner child model of immediate, practical use for working with clients.

In the 1980s John Bradshaw popularized the wounded inner child aspect and made it a national topic. Thousands of people joined and received benefit from 12 steps groups, on a wide range of addictions.

Bradshaw’s Inner Child was almost identical to the Inner Child used in Humanistic Psychology 1.0: My child within is sad, mad, glad, was wounded or not, neglected or not, needs this or that. I call this the “monolithic” model of the Inner Child*. Compared to the additional insights gained later thru muscle testing, in many senses the Humanistic-Bradshaw model was “one-dimensional.”

Then what? Inner Child did not evolve. Except among those psychology professionals continuing to use it with clients, attention to the child archetype faded. It failed to progress, to evolve.

The general pattern of how ideas evolve is clear. General, “monolithic,” one-dimensional concepts, evolve towards more specificity, more fine-grain detail and more language.

How was the Inner Child going to evolve towards more observable detail? How was this going to happen? Where? By whom?

Looking backwards grants us 20-20 vision. It appears the only people who could have evolved the inner child archetype were a few Energy Medicine innovators using muscle testing; especially SELF-muscle-testing, in new ways.

Looking backwards, it also appears the natural evolution of the inner child archetype was always going to be acknowledging we have TWO brains, gut and head.

Converging gut-head brain concept; and, the finer grain of muscle testing, was always going to lead to uncovering a quadrant system in each of our two brains.

This expanded model of our invisible psyche permits observing and exploring how our outer habits, behaviors and comfort zones, track-back to the unique character of retained memories in our quadrants.

Why four? Why not seven, 12 or 16? Because our etheric body naturally diversifies into four expressions. A four-foldness is the most natural expression of the human etheric body**.

The four-foldness phenomena was first observed and documented by the ancient Greeks in their system of four archetypal elements, Earth, Fire, Air-Metal, Water. Rudolf Steiner was the first and last modern master of this. He was partially succeeded by his student, Ernst Lehrs, in Man or Matter 3rd ed. 1985***.

Once we grasp how etheric phenomena EVERYWHERE express in multiple expressions, we begin perceiving the logic of quadrants in our psyche, a natural expression of our human etheric body.

The above is NOT how Bertrand Babinet innovated the Inner Family. It is however, perhaps the clearest shot for those who wish to study the Inner Family now.

The four quadrants in our etheric body, each with characteristic strengths, weakness and intelligence, correspond smoothly with the four archetypal roles in a nuclear family:

Earth ~ Mother archetype (think sweetness)

Fire ~ Child archetype (Steiner’s Sanguine temperament)

Air-metal ~ Wise accepting Grandparent (mentor role)

Water ~ Father archetype (think cold ice, raging waters, hot steam)

The above Inner Family correspondences were originated by Bertrand Babinet in Babinetics, in the 1980s. See where a few materials are still available. A promised 2016 eBook of his 1997 Inner Family book may yet materialize.

Why two brains, gut and head? Our gut brain develops most from our first breath until puberty. It’s main job, our first psychological task, is building self-esteem.

Potential confusion comes at puberty. Locus of control switches over from gut brain (theta) to head brain (beta and alpha). Our main psychological task becomes building and refining self-concept.

The yin quadrants on the left in our gut brain become the two yin quadrants in the back of our head. The YANG quadrants in our gut become our executive ability in our head brain, in the front of our head.

Our gut quadrants are in a vertical plane. Our head quadrants are in a horizontal plane. Two brains at a 90 degree angle to each other, evidently heightens potential for self-awareness.

This field has its own science, First Order Science, science in the domain of one single person at a time. Self-muscle-testing is its most reliable, cheapest, easiest experimental method. Self-testing can be used to navigate and explore all these invisible, yet highly patterned, phenomena.

Why explore? Mostly we look for unresolved sub- and unconscious disturbances in our two quadrant systems. Why? Because when we resolve them, we can ask for Inner Sunshine to take the place of old patterning no longer workable for us.

As often the case in science, talented amateurs, working outside the Establishment, working with reliable, dirt-cheap experimental methods, uncover a scheme as simple and awesome as etheric quadrants with fractal storage.

So it wasn’t the Inner Child model could not evolve. Rather, it could only evolve by a few holistically-inclined persons using self-muscle-testing to explore the sub- and unconscious in greater detail. Bradshaw simply didn’t have the tools.

Believe me, this was not easy to see from the 1970s looking forward, from only Touch for Health. From 2016 looking backwards, it seems obvious.

Footnotes ~

* The monolithic “one-thing” inner child is also in Transactional Analysis, The Three Selves, dowsing: a child, is a child, is a child.

** Outside of the human psyche, the Chinese FIVE element system is likely more descriptive. When the human psyche transitioned from five to four elements is an academic historical question.

*** 3rd ed. much preferred over earlier two editions. A big book, I recommend only Parts One and Two. Part Three will only be of interest to those with an Anthroposophical religious bent.

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