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Bruce is an expert in healing and self-healing ~ Samuel Kiwasz, SacredFriends.com

I already feel more oomph in my cells, less achey. I had enough energy to go to Kirtan tonight; this was unexpected 🙂 Thnk-u!  Am lifting out of sadness of loneliness & just reaching higher to the light & calling in higher serving connections! thku for everything today I am deeply grateful! ~ T.H. Bodyworker, Venice, CA

That session was so wonderful! I really felt a big shift – something radical happened. I’m experiencing a sense of lightness and psychological clarity that seems in some way completely new. Much gratitude for your contribution to my well-being.
Dorrit Geshuri, staff person at www.baynvc.org

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So great to talk to you yesterday. I really feel a huge shift in my energy. I am so grateful to the universe for connecting us. And grateful to you for helping me. I love what you do. Very few ‘healers’ (so to speak) have an effect on me. You are the real deal. I absolutely will ‘sing your praises’ . I would love to meet you some time. Also, where did you learn to do what you do?  Many blessings, Adele

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I have always been a very balanced being with very little if not any health problems. Recently I found myself becoming dizzy for no apparent reason. I just assumed it was something which came along with the “cold” I had at the time and that I would just have to ride it out.
       Bruce was able to quickly see into some other energetic based issues that I would have never considered. Not only was it simple for him to recognize and correct, it was very easy for me to sustain and expand upon.
Bruce I am very grateful to have had a moment with you.
Blair Darby, Producer of Color-Sound-Dance events.

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Thank you Bruce! I’m moving ahead and I believe in Spirit guiding me. I’ll be talking to you soon. Here’s $45 plus $80 extra for a future session!  L.S. Santa Monica

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After a brief powerful telephone session with Bruce my life long struggle with debilitating menstrual cramps has finally ended! Since teenage years I would be out of commission for 2 – 4 days a month. I was delighted to enjoy the holidays and be pain free for that “time of the month.” I can now schedule clients and social engagements all month long with no worry! Thank you, Bruce! I am forever grateful for your healing gifts!
Orna Banarie, Life Purpose Coach, Professional Hand Analyst, GPS for Your Soul!

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Dear Friends,
I have watched Bruce Dickson grow in his ability as a healer over the past 12 years. There are very few people that I know of that are as committed to the healing process of self and others as he is.

Bruce has mastered the art of kinesiology and applies it to get to the core issue that is most present in the person he is assisting. He is able to check and see how that issue became rooted in the person and where in the body it is lodged. He then masterfully helps the client get in touch with the disturbance and release it.

In my most recent healing session with Bruce, he helped me get in touch with a part of my body that wasn’t being loved enough. I filled that area with the energy of a beautiful baby swimming in water that was glistening with sunshine. This brought on a deep state of joy and laughter that gave me a feeling of inner contentment. Needless to say, I was left with a feeling of wholeness and balanced reintegration.

Bruce is committed to the healing process; if you are too, then he may well be the person you seriously consider working with.
Celebrate life, Samuel Kiwasz
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From a Zaadz.com member:
Why Get a “Reading” When You Can Get a Healing?
~ ~ ~ POWERFUL! ~ ~ ~
Bruce Dickson is the REAL deal. How can you know? You can feel it; I mean REALLY feel it. I do not know too many people who can create a sacred space in a phone conversation; butBruce can.
Any nervousness or reluctance I had was immediately checked at the door by Bruce’s open, unguarded and non-judgmental presence. This gentleness allowed my ego to feel safe enough to basically sit down and shut up long enough that authentic transformational work could happen.
Aided by The Light, Christ, and any and all willing and supportive Spirit participants, Bruce is able to zero right in on your primary issue as Spirit sees it to be. In my own case he was able to help me connect-the-dots between my faith, serious illness in my life today and the emotional traumas of childhood. He showed an impressive wellspring of knowledge about how the non-physical manifests in the physical as well as an outstanding ability to talk to, and really act as a mediator with the teaching spirits from the other side.

After a brief overview, he deftly, patiently, guided me through a series of exercises to work on healing some of these past wounds. By the end of the conversation he had triggered a watershed of emotion in me and I definitely felt a positive and profound shift in my being. I have felt like there has been a fire alarm going off inside my body chemistry for over fifteen years. I do not exaggerate when I tell you that Bruce showed me howto turn off the inappropriate fire alarm in one phone conversation.

I know I still have a great deal of work to do before I am completely well, but at least I feel like for once I am on the right track. I plan to continue doing the exercises he gave me as well as continue working with him in the future. I have been to therapy this was more than just talking. I have had readings before. This wasn’t just a reading. It was a healing.
Needless to say, I would highly recommend Bruce Dickson!
With Gratitude, Lynn Lennon, (in Virginia)

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Bruce’s “Inner Child” phone session was excellent. He guided me through several hidden mental and emotional blockages. I have found myself, in various life situations, spontaneously using some of the techniques he taught me to be more fully open to the joy of the present moment.

             I find Bruce to be a wise, skillful, and loving “Light worker” who is doing his part in helping mankind emerge into the great Golden Age that we are, even now, entering into.
With full love and respect…
Jim Martineau,  Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (professional tennis instructor)

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I’ve found working with Bruce to be a true healing experience that has brought many positive changes into my life. I’ve found Bruce to be very patient, insightful, attentive and very present. Working with him has brought me to a completely different level of reality where I am able to understand the cause of imbalances in my body and how to correct them, using just a few tools and techniques designed for self correction/healing. I am very grateful for knowing Bruce Dickson and am very blessed to share his gift of medical intuition.
M. S., W. Hylwd. (personal trainer)

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