Who’s Bruce ?

bruce-dickson-75px-iconI stand on the shoulders of many giants in healing, muscle testing and how to love.  See further down for my teachers.  

Leaving Lake Wobegone, Bruce’s biography

bruce as a teen-low-resI often wake up feeling it’s Christmas morning, multiple wonderful blessings coming my way.  I try to leave all my clients with a similar feeling of moving forward into their day.

My childhood in suburban Pennsylvania, Glenside, PA, was a string of blessings. I was a magical child of some variety, not as clairvoyant as some, for sure.  About 15 neighborhood children lived walking distance, enuf for us to play traditional children’s games like Baby in the Air, touch football and Red Light; which, I often was the organizing leader.

Once when I was nine, I was playing with two younger children, age five around a single-family-dwelling suburban home.  I had a  simple orange cape I tied under my chin and could stuff out of sight in my pants pocket.  I invited the two children to walk clockwise around the single-family-dwelling house where we were playing.   I ran  counterclockwise  the opposite direction around the house.  I furiously put on the cape.  When I met the children one direction I wore the cape.  When I met them the other direction, no cape.  I convinced them–for a short time–there were two of me.

bruce_as_a_child175pxAnother time I convinced younger children the odd-shaped safe piece of glass I was holding was really ice, frozen in such a way it would never unfreeze.

I did this not to deceive.  This was to inspire their sense of wonder and possibilities.  My goal was  to see how far I could draw these two children into a more magical view of life-as-lived-magic.

<sigh> I wish more adults were as wiling to entertain how life-supporting magic can be their Partner in life, as easily as those five year olds.

My church background is Presbyterian and Quaker. I attended Quaker private school grades 4-12. I was in the Library Society and played soccer. In high school the librarian at my school co-taught the Sunday teen group at my Presbyterian church. When I went on my own, I lived among the Life Center houses, Quaker communes in North Philadelphia, the people who laid on railroad tracks to stop delivery of nuclear materials. I considered them my peer group but my style of expression was more managing food co-ops than protesting.

My Mother, Betty, was hostess and librarian for the Philadelphia Parapsychology Society for 20 years while I grew up. Meetings of 100 people were at our home.
I was too young and too shy to participate. I grew up outside in the woods creating tree forts, stick forts, underground forts and snow forts. When I was not out in Nature, I was inside reading H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Edgar Cayce, Ramacharaka (yoga), Bigfoot, Ramacharaka, Max Heindel and Besant and Leadbeater (Theosophists).

From several angles I am a late bloomer. “If you want to play the blues, you have to pay your dues.” The wisdom I’ve earned seems very worthwhile. Andrew Harvey put this in more modern terms in his “sacred activism:” Before you can commit and be effective as an agent of change in political action, you have to have your heart broken. Once you have your heart broken, you can be an effective and persevering Starfish Flinger. Before having your heart broken, it’s too easy to be a do-gooder or just be angry (paraphrase).

My Mother, Father and brother and I were all early “makers,” do-it-your-selfers, creators. My mother sewed some of her own clothes, made original Halloween costumes for her and my father and built several wooden cabinets herself. My brother mastered making car seat upholstery (not easy) so he could buy old cars, fix them up and resell them. I made comic books, a 64 page offset magazine in high school, tape recorded sound collages, made 8mm movies, both live and animated, narrative and experimental.

Even as a teen I tired of my mother’s psychic phenomena, UFOs, Bigfoot, mental-physics and Silva Mind Control. Psychic and New Age interests seemed like of the same.  The real gold of self-connection and heartfelt encounters with others was clearly not lying on the ground or dropping from the lips of gurus.  In high school I began embracing tools to heal our unconscious, practical  body-based psychotherapies and what we now personal-spiritual growth and intentional community.

The concepts and lingo of body-based therapies, Gestalt Therapy, T.A. and later, NLP were easy for me to pick up and understand. I read very widely in these fields in the 1970s. I underwent massage, Muscular Therapy, Bioenergetics, anatomy, posture and nutrition work; all helped get me more grounded. I worked doing Muscular Therapy and Reflexology in Philadelphia for a few years at three health clubs. Following my mother’s interest in dowsing, I became skilled dowsing my own health issues.

Healthy intentional communities remain a huge draw for me. I lived at several and started two urban ones. Food Co-ops too, I worked in two, one of which I helped found. I just began some volunteering with the Arroyo Food Coop.

In the early 1980s, I enjoyed working for Whole Life Times Magazine and Expo and another large expo company, BabyFair. A high point for me was being Show Office Manager at the Pasadena Whole Life Expo. Like comic books earlier, this was another high-turnover industry difficult to find my own voice in or any career stability in.

rsc-sign200pxThe Waldorf teacher training showed me I had tremendous strengths as a teacher. I spent ten years as an itinerant Super Sub teaching academics thru storytelling, puppet shows, magic shows, singing, drama and art lessons.

Alas, a Waldorf teacher career was never in the cards for me. I am built for teaching adults, not young children.  The permissive parenting I grew up with made it hard to set boundaries for discipline with young kids. In astrology, my moon is “balsamic,” “empty,” the opposite of “charismatic. I’m more influential with adults than with kids.

During all this, my healing quest in my own unconscious continued. I remained acutely aware of issues I needed to address, where I needed to reform and upgrade my behavior, habits and memories. Healing the inner child was very big for me, the right direction; all of John Bradshaw’s material worked for me; yet, John’s approaches primarily address and heal the sub-conscious.

In the 1980s I understood my main unresolved issues were mostly Unconscious.  Words to articulate my suffering were hard to come by even in books.  I was stuck.  Talk therapy of the 1900s remains mostly inadequate to reach our unconscious. Only some of USM and Solution-focused Brief Therapy seemed timely to me.

After exhausting conventional, humanistic and holistic (muscle testing-dowsing) literature and approaches, I knew there was much further to go. Up to 1985, virtually no language or methods had yet  been innovated to access our deeper unconscious levels, where my issues were. Something new and radical was needed; what was it?

BertrandAround 1985 I met Bertrand Babinet and his methods, Babinetics. I took his trainings and shared with other students. After taking the Masters in Spiritual Science from PTS, I “caught fire” around 1998. The key was realizing I could communicate with higher Beings who could see my issues better than I or anyone else here in 3D could see them. I blossomed into a practitioner who could address my own unconscious issues at increasing depths and could support others in their Hero’s Journey thru their unconscious A cornucopia of new innovations began coming to and thru me. I began rapidly solving many of my own life issues under my own steam. My forward progress was possible because of my willingness to connect daily with living, unconditionally loving spiritual Beings; who were in turn, willing to be my Partners in my self-healing. The language we used was largely the Inner Court and self muscle testing. My body was the bridge for these healing conversations.

In 2001 clients began showing up wishing assistance with their problems. I had solutions to offer. I asked inside for guidance on what kind of training I needed to see clients. Ideally I wanted an apprenticeship doing health intuitive coaching with clients. Since there was no such thing in the year 2000, the answer was “do one hundred successful sessions in a row with people.” It took over a year to complete this apprenticeship. Repeated successes gave me confidence and time to sort out and document the interface between me, Spirit and a client.

I continue today to clear up my own unresolved issues because on the other side of each is more inner sunshine. The most effective self-healers I meet are all lifelong learners.

Since no one else seemed interested to do it, I decided to write the first comprehensive general textbook on the three selves. A first draft took from 1991 to 2007.  I had to live thru what I was talking about. It was 600 pages, too big to publish as one book so it became You Have Three Selves; Simply the clearest map-model of the whole person, vols. 1&2; The Habit Body; An Owner’s Manual; and, The Inner Court; Close-up of the habit body. All are on Amazon-Kindle-Smashwords in paper & eBook forms. Some of the eBook editions do not have all images and diagrams.  Adding images to eBooks is a PhD in desktop publishing.  Jutoh program has made my life simpler here.

After completing Balance on All Levels PACME+Soul and the seven Holistic Brain Balance booklets, I’m happy to say I’m free of my major writing karma.  I look forward to producing more live public personal growth events with the look-feel of Insight Seminars, as much as possible.  This is what I think is most timely for most people now.

If you get stuck, give me a call 626-627-0296.  Initial gift session by phone-Skype available on request.

Bruce’s hero’s journey, short version

Many people wonder, “What is my Hero’s Journey?”  My “call” came quite early, in high school.

By highshool life had told me I was internally dis-connected; most people were more internally connected than I was; so, I had some inner work to do.  Tho very much in-my-face, my symptoms were sub-clinical.  I wasn’t acting-out with drugs, sex or rock-n-roll.  By senior year in high school, I was already actively scouring self-help and psycho-therapeutic literature for keys to untwist, untangle and redeem unresolved unconscious disturbances.  Stlll working on this.

HealingToolbox is partly a paper trail of what worked for me on my Hero’s Journey of Self-healing.  I invested 15 years in Waldorf teacher training topics and practice; so, it was natural for me to develop what amounts to a Waldorf-methods aproach to self-healing.  Another trail is blazed for anyone interested to follow.  The more people walking their own Hero’s Journey of Healing, the better for all of us.

Despite 100 years of conventional psychology, in the early 1980s, we still had almost no Tools That Heal for direct perception and communication with our unconscious.  All we had was inner child dialog, visualzations and the mostly untapped potential of muscle testing. Beyond these methods, there was only direct clairvoyant perception, gifts received at birth few have. We also had no comprehensive holistic theory nor general holistic experimental method.

Readers may know Transactional Analysis (TA – I’m okay; you’re okay) began in the 1960s living rooms and church basements with MDs teaching housewives and talented amateurs.  This happened again in the 1970s with what later would be called Energy medicine.  I and other progressive experimenters, lay and professional socialized, met holistic practitioners, took their classes, read hugely, did our own home experiments.  Some of us practiced on friends, wrote up reports and kept practice journals.  I guess most successful pioneers do this.  One fruit of this is Best Practices in Energy Medicine; 22 books; including, Balance On All Levels PACME+Soul (2016).

What’s next?  InsightSeminars.org and anything like it are what is timely for humanity now and Cultural Creatives specifically.  So gestating something here and looking for allies is what I’m up to now.

The best solution is always loving 

Chron list of earlier Healing Toolbox live public events 

All events avoid all lecturing, making room for safe, FUN, hands-on social games and exercises.


Oct ~ Self-Connection 101 at Alta Dena Healing Arts Center
July ~ Pasadena Church of Truth guest presenter, “Self-connection” may be the new “spiritual,” methods for home use.
June ~ Pasadena IONS group, “Practical Epigenetics, Belief Change Work in light of Bruce Lipton and muscle testing.”

Bruce’s prior events, most-recent on top, not including Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

SMHAS: Team Healing with ‘God as your Partner’ with Sandra Beddor, D.C.
Learning Garden: Plant Communication: Hands-on with “Kinship with All Life”

Healing School at School of Multimensional Arts & Sciences (SMHAS), Costa Mesa (Org. Cty.)

July ~ Success Kinesiology for practitioners
July ~ New Energy Anatomy class
July ~ Learn to self-test, Five ways to self-test HANDS-ON
June ~ Team healing: Healing with ‘God is your Partner’ with Maryann Castellanos
March-June SMHAS Board member. Next event expected Jan 2012


Nov ~ Agape Health Festival, Sat. Nov. 5th, producing team member and presenter.
Oct ~ Healing Toolbox Live, home in Torrance
Oct ~ Letting Light In, clearing Blocks to Our Loving, home in Torrance
Sept ~ Change any Bad Habit TONIGHT, home in Torrance
June ~ Holistic Consults in Torrance
Mar ~ Holistic Consults in WLA studio
Mar ~ Holistic Consults at Gateway, WLA
Feb ~ Winning at the Inner Game of Relationship, The Path, Torrance
Feb ~ Holistic Group Consult #2, Creative Chakra Spa
Jan ~Tea Time for the Soul with Lin Morel. MDR
Jan ~ Line Up Your Inner Game of Success for 2011, Path, Torrance


Dec ~ Ask a Health Intuitive TONIGHT, The Path, Torrance.
Nov ~ Talk with your immune system TONIGHT, ISC Center, Long Beach.
Nov ~ Follow Your Heart to Wellness, Group Consults, pilot project
Nov ~ Orange Cty. Dowsers: Deviceless Dowsing & Your Habit Body
Sept ~ ISC Long Beach
Sept ~ Team Telecall with TWO medical intuitives
Aug ~ The Path, Redondo Bch: Ask a Health Intutitive TONIGHT.
Aug ~ Team Telecall with Maryann (Mimi) Castellanos
July ~ The Path, Redondo Bch: Ask a Health Intutitive TONIGHT.
June ~ Flowers for You, Riverside: Change Any habit TONIGHT.
May ~ The Path, Redondo Bch: Ask a Health Intutitive TONIGHT.
Apr ~ The Path, Redondo Bch: Your are a column of Light–and how to use it
Apr ~ Ask a Health Intutitive TONIGHT, The Path, Redondo Beach
Mar ~ Ask a Health Intutitive, The Path, Redondo Beach


June ~ Healthy Bodies, Healthy Homes, Chakra Spa
Apr. ~ Yin, Yang & YOU at Bushwillows, Tujunga
Apr. ~ Self-Healing 101! Booksigning+playshop at Rancho Mirage
Apr. ~ NLP with LOVE (TM) at Spa in MDR
Apr ~ Forgiveness 101 at Parliament of World Religions
Apr ~ Hands-on Self-Healing Club at Gateway, a Portal for Growth
Apr ~ Games to Improve Your Business Game, Holistic Chamber in MDR
Apr ~ Life & Wellness Ctr., LA, Hands on Self-Healing Practice Group
Mar ~ Forgiveness 101! at MasteryCircleLosAngeles.org, Beverly Hilton Hotel
Mar ~ Hands-on Self-Healing Practice Group at Gateway
Feb ~ Self-Healing 101! at Creative Chakra Spa, Marina del Rey.
Jan ~ Bushwillows 10-noon then appointments.


Sept ~ With the able patnering of Camille Leon, we began Westside Holistic chamber of Commerce meetings in the Santa Monica Quaker Meeting.  After two years, I sold my share to Camille for $1.00 and lifetime membership.  Currently I attend metings of Pasadena Chapter.

Nov ~ “I can feel it!” playshop at Yoga Groove Studio.
Aug ~ Three hour playshop, El Segundo.
Mar ~ Gateway event
Mar ~ Cooportunity, Food for Thought Series.
Feb ~ One/Miracle Center, Orange-Tustin.
Jan ~ Home of Angie Burgess, Studio City
Apr ~ Heart & Soul Healing Arts Center in Pasadena.
Feb ~ Heart & Soul Healing Arts Center in Pasadena


Dec ~ The Awareness Institute, Corona.
Dec ~ Home of Angie Burgess, Studio City
Dec ~ Heart & Soul Healing Arts Center in Pasadena
Nov ~ Heart & Soul Healing Arts Center in Pasadena.
Nov-Dec ~ Weekly Health Intuitive class at Learning Light Fdn.
Dec ~ Light Touch Healing Center, Mid-Wilshire.
Oct ~ Light Touch Healing Center, Mid-Wilshire.
Oct ~ Home of Berti Klein, WLA.
Oct ~ Home of Cindy Scheckel, Pasadena.
Sept ~ LivingTemple, Huntington Beach.
Sept ~ Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy, Pacific Palisades.
Sept ~ Forgiveness 101 at Learning Light Fdn, Anaheim.
Aug ~ Awakenings Bookstore, Laguna Hills.
Aug ~ Interacting with Spirit, Learning Light Fdn. Anaheim.
July ~ Muscle Testing Practice Group, Hypnosis Motivation Inst. (HMI), Tarzana.
July ~ Muscle Testing Practice Group, Learning Light Fdn., Anaheim.
June ~ Muscle Testing Practice Groups, Crystal Dreams, Torrance.

Jan-June ~ Falling Into Joy!, SHARE Self-help weekly event.

Love Club 2007

Earth& Sky Lodge: Love Feast!
“You Don’t Say!” Non-verbal communication for singles and couples.
Producer for “Intimacy 101” delivered by Rina Daley.

My teachers, standing on the shoulders of giants

Bertrand Babinet  http://babinetics.com

michael-hayes-100pxMichael Hayes  http://awaketolove.com/

Marshall Rosenberg  https://nvctraining.com/


rudolf_steiner100pxRudolf Steiner  www.steinercollege.edu/‎



mc-maryann-8kMimi (Maryann) Castelanos  http://www.bravocoop.com/




Sally Anne Ostler (no site)

lin-morel100pxLin Morel  http://linmorel.com/
John Bradshaw  http://www.johnbradshaw.com/
Fritz Perls  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritz_Perls
Caroline Myss  http://www.myss.com/
Bradley Nelson  http://www.drbradleynelson.com/
Shewood Duane (no site)
NLP, Bandler-Grinder (no one site to recommend)
Real People Press  http://www.realpeoplepress.com

Wisdoms I’ve grown on

You don’t have to know; you only have to ASK ~ Maryann (Mimi) Castellanos

Asking for the Light, asking for the loving to be present, can be enuf by itself, to address a negative situation. This may sound bizarre~if your only reference point is materialism ~ Maryann (Mimi) Castellanos

Your heart is a magnet. Pulling in Light rather than pulling in drama makes life easier and more enjoyable ~ Mimi (Maryann) Castellanos

Rudolf Steiner’s topics of Waldorf education and etheric formative forces are clearly related to the inner child.
John-Roger’s insights into the Three Selves and emphasis on “always use Love all ways,” continue to be shining lights for me.

The best preparation for an uncertain future is healthy self-connection, making friends with your own intuition; for those interested, learning to self-test.  Any success you have in healthy, deeper self-connection tends to generalize globally to how you solve problems, everywhere in your life.

Each person heals uniquely. Let’s get you unstuck and back on track towards your goals, dreams and passions.

The best solution is always loving